1. Paul will You please research or check into the dating site Christian Filipina for Us. It looks as though it is a scam! What are your thoughts?

  2. My suggestion on the scooter is to remove the bodywork and check all he electrical connections for the wiring being pulled out. When you hit the rock it might have overstressed a connector. Since it’s fuel injected losing power to the computer shuts off the fuel pump and injectors even if the switch appears to be on. If that fixes it i’ll send you a bill. But the suggestion about the gas cap is an excellent thought. The cap should have a check valve in it so air can come in the tank but fuel won’t spill out if tipped over. Should be maybe 3 screws on bottom of cap holding it together. Put cap in a sandwich bag and poke screwdriver thru to remove screws. That way when you separate the halves the internals won’t shoot out under the kitchen stove.

  3. I would suggest to anyone that’s not interested in what Old Dog New Tricks (Paul) has to say don’t bother to watch. Hey it’s a free country last time I checked

  4. No ECQ in America Pauly . All things being equal I have more freedom to move around here in the States. And better pizza and cheese burgers. 😆 lol Keep the good vids coming.

  5. Paul I so enjoy your blog I look forward to visiting the Philippines for a 28 day trial before making that big decision to relocate Paul are you fiends with Bill and Louise W

  6. Hi from Riverside, CA. On your motorbike try an old Army trick. But your gas in a container then fill your bike at home using a chamois to filter your fuel. I would add an in line fuel filter also. You will have water or other things in the fuel over there.I also agree with the other viewer that it could be a vapor lock problem.
    Love your videos.

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