Old Dog New Tricks, Two of Us, Quarantined! April 3, 2020

Baby Mae and I review our days leading up to and during the Quarantine

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  1. You can’t get infected from cooked meat. You need to eat it raw to get infected. This is like a script from “Contagion” look up that movie if you haven’t.

  2. I cant believe your being such a “racist!” Calling it Tom Hanks disease. SHAME on you!! Glad your feeling better. Be glad when things get back to normal! Sure hope the bad guys aren’t paying attention to what can shut the US down! Take care and don’t get too bored! Dave H.

  3. Glad you two are ok. I’m home too, trying to get some projects done. Been trying to hit all of Mae’s vids and give her hours and likes. Hang in there.

  4. Paul, If you want a business it has to be in the name of your girlfriend. All you can do is pay for it and reap the benefits of the income.

  5. Hahaha I was thinking of BBQ bat dinner tonight my self with few red horses and you both are invited. Sense of humor saves each day 😀.You know the saying Paul Man’s got to do what a man’s got to do….that saying is so true when it come to a piece of paper and going out grocery shopping. My advice is do what you need to do. Cheers Paul and Baby Mae. Stay safe.

  6. Hi Paul…I am trying to loose weight as well by eating more salads and it works for me. I want to lose maybe 30 lbs. I am 6 foot and I want to get down to maybe 175lbs.

  7. Paul,., when is the tentative date the quarantine will be lifted in Dumaguete? My GF will be traveling from Dumaguete to Cebu whenever is lifted.

    1. Garth Robinson I have been busy with some administration in my office since returning to Australia but I do have one or two projects in the pipeline for YouTube. I might publish something in the next two weeks. 😃

  8. Thanks to Paul/Mae for spreading joy through your videos to my home in N.C. USA 🇺🇸. you two are always sooo positive n uplifting to us here living “sheltered in place” You n Mae definitely enhance each others life sharing genuine happiness. Prayers to your home for health,safety n wellness 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  9. Paul, I can’t take it anymore! All your videos just sitting on the couch! Do anything like tour your apartment. I’m a big fan but you make it tough to watch your videos.

  10. Hey Paul and Baby Mae, glad to see you are finding ways to stay amused and smiling while under lock and key 🙂 Hope your tummy improves – maybe you should eat more of Baby Mae’s cooking instead of beer and bat bbq ? Keep us all up to date on what adventures you get up to, and what movies and books you get into. Stay safe, and heal as one 🙂

  11. Been in Buisness over 48 years, my self starting off aged 14 growing and selling flowers. Been a coffin maker most of my life as there is only 3 sure ways of making a good living in buisness. We all must eat, drink and die, get in to any of these buisness and your made for life. The secret is never buy a buisness just copy it but let no person ever know your profit line or then they will copy you and you now have competition. Never show your wealth infact dress down don’t ever buy flash cars or houses. Doing this will make you a secret wealthy person. I know as I am that man.

  12. Good Man….Hey, You are motivating me…I am off the wagon (Keto)….two things: scarf dem sardines! Omega 3’s and becareful of Fructose is some fruits-still carbs and it goes to the liver and can be harmful but only if you eat a lot…often such as my Fav Watermelon. HEY! haha Keep Baby May out of spandex doing exercise might be wise! Kidding May B. May is a gem …not soo common! Abuse of a women or guy is not good…yep-caution there. Paul, I am with you-my experience with big Brother G….is that they can really be a Bully! They can or have added the amount that I have paid for items on the net-taking a cut…lol they need my money…..You two have a great healthy day! I will race B.May for a good Keto meal!……………..When you can do so…walk your steps..if not the magic 10,000steps..start with much less….fitbits are fun and on E-bay for 50 bucks or less. w even GPS.

  13. Thanks for the great video! I’m glad you’re feeling better coz I miss watching your videos….I especially the ones with Mae and you together. You’re so cute together. I love your humor and positive attitude. You’re one of the best vloggers. Congratulations on your weight loss Paul…God bless you two and stay safe.

  14. Glad you’re feeling better now Paul, thanks for the update. I enjoyed Mae’s little dance and laughed at your comment. Maybe Mae can do a little bit longer dance video, or a video of the keto meals that she makes for you. Stay safe Mr slim and handsome, and Miss TikTok. Thanks for making my afternoon brighter.

  15. Have to get some of those little bottles of Yakult for the tummy. I will have to send you the Lily Munster recipe for Bat Ghoul-ash…LOL Keep the video’s upbeat as you always do! Both of you stay safe and healthy!

  16. Hi Paul,, Just a couple of observations from what you talked about,,, Re: interviewing people about domestic violence,,, DONT do it or show it, like you said there are two sides to every story,,, and it could come back on you later,,, so please don’t show any footage about that,,, its in your OWN interest. Re:Don’t get complacent about the virus,,, here in the UK we have an even higher mortality rate than China at the moment,,, and its rising daily,,,to date its over 3700 dead and over 39000 infected,,, and the worst has yet to come,,, so PLEASE don’t be complacent about it,,, STAY IN.

  17. Your channel is such
    a breath of fresh air.
    Other vloggers are
    going on about how
    evil this or that
    government is.. you
    on the other hand..
    Paul you see
    the big picture..
    life is short..
    you’re with an
    incredible lady.. you
    got it made and
    you know it! 😁

  18. You should just name your scooter “Gay” and paint it on the side of the gas tank. That way you are merely stating a fact: your scooter is named “Gay”.

  19. WOW! Another great vlog. I follow all his vlogs & often watch them twice. He is one of the good guys that tells it like it is. All his vlogs are; funny, entertaining & very informative. Paul keep them coming. Ne (G/F) & I never miss them. These trolls who give U a thumbs down are idiots how could anyone not like this vlog. Ron ,

  20. Great opening humor. You got a thumb-up just based on that.
    The pass in the video was displayed correctly, as was your shirt – not backwards. Some phones do that ’til you set them to “do not mirror.” I have no idea why “mirror” is the default.
    I like Mae’s glasses. They’re cute. Her thumbnail photo was hot, too!
    I live in the states, but have a pinay e-girlfriend. Don’t know if we’ll ever meet. I’m retired make it OK on my income. I don’t think I could support her and her two very nice boys here. Living in the P.I. is not an option for me. So, I just send her some money now once or twice a month. I use Paypal & Xoom. They’re reliable, easy and instant. The money goes directly into her bank account & she gets a notice via text. I’ve sent a little more since the quarantine.
    Glad you two are well. Stay that way!

    1. @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks: If I can get to feeling I can support her and her 2 boys, I’ll visit to meet them and stay a month or so.

      If I do, I’ll be sure and let you know. She lives in a province… down south I think. She tole me but I forgot. I know it’s far from Dumaguete. She lives in a very small house of cinder block with her two kids, her grandma and a (very cute) niece.

      Here’s her page:


  21. I would say if possible and cannot think why b Mae couldn’t do this, just open up a ‘ B Mae’ savings account with a ‘legit’ bank. Prob solved, yes?

  22. Hey Paul, try coconut or almond milk (not coconut water) in your coffee. It’s better for you than dairy.
    I’m 72. I think we’re about the same height and weight (5’9″ 172 lbs). I know how hard it is to lose. I was 210 at my highest.
    As to buying a business, now’s the GOOD time to buy, if you do so wisely. Remember, “Buy low, sell HIGH!” It’s always risky – and takes a lot of time and energy – but you stand to lose less if you buy low! Probably good, as someone else said, to buy in Mae’s name or make her a major partner. Check the law.

  23. Seems everybody is an expert on nutrition. Trust me when I say this. There is no and I mean No science to back up what is the best diet for weight loss, anyone who says there is, is a charlatan. But where there is science, it shows the human body can not use fructose, it goes to the liver and because it can not be used it turns into fat there and can cause fatty liver disease NFALD, and the rest is sent to fat cells in the body via triglycerides, high triglycerides are associated with heart issues. So eating fruit should be a big no no. Keto is great if done right, carbs kept under 50grams. Finally, as I said there is no science on best diet for weight loss, but there is only one type of food that gives you all the minerals and vitamins the body requires and that’s animal products, the availability of vitamins and minerals in plant food is about 10-25% at most but the toxics which prevent us absorbing the rest of them are so harmful that the 25% max is just not worth eating in the first place. Milk is good if you can tolerate it, but cream is a much better option. And yes, I am an expert. I just won’t say in what… 😂😂🇨🇮

  24. I forget to say, the protein requirement best agreed on is about 1 gram or less per kilo of body weight, the rest of your diet should be healthy fat, from fish, eggs and meat. Coconut oil and avocado here and there. Sardines great to give you the calcium you need , lots of vit c in organ meat. Carbs block vit c from being absorbed, so when you eat low carb or none, you get all that is available and that’s as much as you need, high vit c a myth, it’s because for the SAD diet, a huge quantity is required because it’s blocked by the all the sugar in the processed food.

    1. Make sure to fry bacon in butter only and fry eggs in the bacon fat. Have cream in your coffee, brekky of champs 💪🏻🇮🇪. The lies about cholesterol Scare people into staying away from so much fat but it is the fat that’s healthy. Just a quick fact. The body produces cholesterol, it is the most important thing in our entire body, if it was bad the body wouldn’t produce it, there is no such thing as good or bad cholesterol, there is only cholesterol. The rest is a myth. Research Ivor Cummins. He is an leading expert in it. He is also a Paddy 😂🇮🇪👍🏻

  25. If your name wasn’t in the title then people would think it was Baby Mae’s channel. Incidentally I looked on Facebook and both Silliman and A.C.E Damaguete hospitals have said that all quarantined staff have been tested and given the all clear after patient 39(the first case on Negros Oriental.

  26. In Norway they want you to stay in your county and if you have a cabin even in your own county it is forbiden to go there. Next week i will og to another county to buy a used motorhome if its in good shape and you can use them as long as it’s in your county. I would like to make a daytrip to Sweden for shoping, some things half price like cigaretts milk chicken coffee and a few other things. The border is at most times unmaned but not sure now kinda reminds me of my time in Surrey BC i was in Blain or Bellingham once a week or if i stayed the weekend it was usually in a parking lot at a tavern the one i went to is where Tammy Wynette got her career going if i remember correctly, There was a news paper klipping about her on the wall in the place. By

  27. Another great video…I really like that you are both comfortable in your own skin, and don’t try to be someone you are not…Continued good luck on the MaeKito diet!

  28. Hey Paul and Mae ! Check out Intelligence-US series, seven days old series on youtube,Burn Notice, Miranda-Brit Com, Monk, Wings, White Collar

  29. Is there any value in bringing a car from the states to there? Do you know anyone who has done it? It looks like about $4K to bring one. That seems like a good price for a “paid-for” car that i already have. Only concern is parts? Jeep? Might be a topic, along with bringing any other stuff from the states/west.
    Keep up the work, you guys are doing great!

    1. Scott the Philippines is very strict on the importation of vehicles. They can only be a couple of years old. and the customs fees can be high ! However they do have Jeep here along with Ford , Chevy , Toyota , Nissan and others

  30. Hey Paul & Baby Mae I just watched you 2 on the couch and I thought it was a super video. Don’t pay any attention to the one dude that is tired of you all on the couch. I don’t guess he was listening when you said you were confined to your apartment? You all balance each other out really good. Tell Mae that I sent her another “card” in your Pay Pal account. I’m fasting to lose weight also. I’m 233 and I want to get down to 200. I’m also diabetic, turn 73 in 2 weeks. Yes just like you I love snacking at night watching you 2 in Dumaguete . Later, Dean.

  31. china says its so rich, they can now pay us back for all this sh^t , and if they do not shut these wet markets , we will isolate them like n korea

  32. Thank you for making me laugh. You are a lovely couple and my wife and I really enjoy your content. I’ve watched many videos, but have not commented. Thank you for giving so much of your story. It is appreciated.

  33. youtube all working from home now , no cubicles
    if u bored , add me on facebook for a video chat, richard thoroughgood. but only if u get bored cos i know u have an exciting life

  34. Hey Paul! Glad to see Mae is 1,200 for her channel. It continues to be fun to watch her numbers grow and her happiness with seeing the channel do well! I also don’t understand why your channel isn’t monetized yet with Utub. I watch other channels that are monetized and are far, far more “racy or borderline” than yours. Although I agree with you about your channel “staying true” to your viewers without advertising interrupting your narrative. I’ve appreciated your prospective for the past several months I’ve been watching. One of my favorite videos of yours is the one you did on why you missed the Philippines after visiting Vietnam. That was a classic, funny video! Thanks, Scott Portland OR.

  35. Can’t wait to see Mae baking. She will be able to learn to broil too so a lot more cooking experiences and expanded abilities. The cooking learning curve will expand exponentially 😁😁

  36. Really love your show!! I’m here in the US, but applying for a k1 visa for my Filipina fiancé. I’ve learned a lot from watching your channel. Thank you for the service your doing. You have a great sense of humor too, and I can really relate to that.

  37. God move staying put…..it’s surreal here in the US….you watch it unfold on TV and it’s like watching a movie.
    The numbers just keep rising…..every day a new record is set for most new cases and deaths…..
    You are from Las Vegas right? Bryce Harper just donated $500K to LV as well as Philadelphia specifically to fund the fight against the virus 🦠

  38. Hahahaha in Gensan 60 is elderly I was shocked when I went to SM an they wouldn’t let me in for grocery shopping. Now the gf has to do all the shopping. I really enjoyed shopping to talk with all the girls.

  39. Been sick on Keto diet? No wonder. It is the scientifically-proven path to sickness and death. All-cause mortality rates are through the roof in multiple peer-reviewed studies. A high price to pay for a slimmer corpse. Especially when there are HEALTHY ways to lose weight.

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