Old Dog New Tricks Retired in the Philippines Chikaa Chikaa Time with Baby Mae April 24 2020

Old Dog New Tricks Chikaa Chikaa Time with Baby Mae April 24 2020

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  1. I went ahead and subscribed to YouTube Premium because I found out that vlogs I sub to will automatically get paid without me seeing ads. Something for guys to keep in mind to help support the smaller channels without doing Patrion

  2. I retired 2 years ago at 62 and i been here since then i love it. I worked 15 years overnight at Walgreens in Miami, Fl. The last 5 years i was miserable, heslthwise diabetic, high cholesterol and high BP and since i came here i feel alot better.

    Concerning the stimulus check the last report starting May the spcoal security will start receiving. Since i worked for 6 months in 2018 before i came here so i check get my payment link and it show a deposit on March 15 to closed account. So i am waiting a letter my sister’s home so i can call them. Good luck you 2.

  3. Hi Paul, since I intend to come over once the flights will resume, one suject I am interested in, and you, I guess have some experience about it, is steps to take before comming over: air bnb, hotels, prices, flights, locations, etc. Thanks!

  4. Hello from Vegas. I love your personality and humor. Your channel is going to be big in this genre. It seems to me that I know of you from around here I just can’t place it. Anyway, best of luck. I’ll be watching.

  5. if you are gunna make cooking videos,make sure its about real food.there is a tv cooking show here called masterchef,where cooks compete,but the food is more about creating stupid looking artworks than it is about feeding people lol

  6. Paul, if you wear a speedo on Maes swim suit channel that will bring even more viewers there. It will definitely help to bring more viewers if Mae wears her bikini on your channel., . If Mae adjusts her bikini on either channel it will surely bring more viewers..

  7. what’s with the chokin and coughing? a little oral goin on before airtime? lol 😂
    is that why the joke? y’all sound a little frisky early on!!!
    so you dipped into SS early. that’s totally cool if you’re ready to hang it up and get started on your next chapter in life.
    just depends on timing as far as i’m concerned. if you can hold out till 66 or 67 it can mean an extra 400-500 US on your check per month.
    waiting could be a bitch if you’re already 62 and want out!!!! believe me i understand Paul. i was lucky enough to wait till 66 and get that extra green.
    no regrets here!!! ☮️😷🍺🌴

  8. Old Man 👴 Dog 🐶 Your channel is on fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 Keep up the great 👍 entertainment 👍 We all love ❤️ a good laugh 😂

  9. I can’t wait til this coronavirus is over…. It’s really holding up the content I can create. We just got extended until May 15th here… Not happy at all. All the best to you and Mae. Sending love and good vibes from Marla and Fred in Southern Mindanao ✌🏻brother.

  10. Hi Paul great video,keep em coming. You asked what video’s we would like to see. I would like a up date video on past guest. My number one intrest was Buzz and his new filipina girl friend.Expat finds love in the Philippines

  11. Mae can you do a video on negotiating prices at the local market, how can a Foreigner avoid higher pricing. Can you provide your Expertise on how to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables. I see you looking at different foods but, you never explain how you choose the right one. I wish you and Paul the best.

  12. How about getting a extension on your visa how’s it done? Can it be done in Dumagette or do you have to go to Cebu will airport grant if when you first come to philippines and if so can I get a one way ticket or return date for 3 months?

  13. For me the health benefits were fantastic. When I was living there I looked younger and felt younger and had much much more energy. And that’s why I’m heading back ASAP.

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