Old Dog New Tricks Life During Wartime Getting past the Recession June 10 2020

Old Dog New Tricks Life During Wartime Getting past the Recession June 10 2020

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  1. Recession ? im a small general building contractor in northern wisconsin .. no shortage of contracts . larger contractors booked for 2021 … help wanted signs everywhere …all job types / levels …

  2. It will not be a deep Depression. We are beginning to open up and we have added over 2 1/2 million jobs. Vegas has opened and things are getting better. I am here in Vegas the roads are filling up again and small stores are beginning to open. This situation in this country was more of a plandemic. Many states are waking up.

  3. ALWAYS have a Plan B. I started an online business in 1994 and watched it grow beyond my wildest dreams. Then, the 2008 recession hit and I watched it slowly die over the following 4 years until I just threw in the towel. Luckily, I had started a second online business right before the recession hit. That business actually appealed to people on a budget (broke). It exploded and, although the margins are much smaller, it grew into an even bigger money maker. Of course, moving to Asia where things are cheaper in 2005 certainly helped. The lesson? ALWAYS have a Plan B.

  4. Good Vlog. I had a dark time in my life too. If I could go back and change it would I. No, because my girl (Ne) would not be sitting behind me now, I knew the Philippines was in SE Asia but I couldn’t have found it on a map until I met her. I cane here for only one reason and her name is Ne, I had a lot of things too, A whole more things then now but I wouldn’t give her up for all the things in the world. I am happy now more then I have ever been in my life, Enough said. Ron

  5. Hi Paul, very powerful clip. I’ve watched a number of your videos and I can relate to many of them. Sometimes I feel like we are kindred spirits except you chose the Philippines and I chose Vietnam. Stay the course my friend! Enjoy life and I really believe sometimes “less is better”.

  6. Hey Paul,
    As ever yet another fantastic post.
    I don’t know how many pedantic peeps watch these videos but just as a heads up the word “irregardless” doesn’t exist as such…
    Anyway apart from that I view life as being 99.9% luck ( good n bad), starting at birth with skin colour, gender , nationality etc etc, so on n so forth.
    I’m a year or so younger than you, relate entirely to your story.
    I learnt very early in life not to spin the only IF, I WISH, etc etc stories…

    Stay safe , stay you


  7. 👍👍 Isn’t it great for the soul to appreciate what one has? Isn’t it great to smell the roses? Isn’t it great to be grateful? 😃 Nice video once again Paul.

  8. Great Perspective regarding keeping it positive. My 2 cents – I don’t believe the recession is going to be a deep or long term, the Media is hyping this for political reasons. The stock market is almost back to pre-pandemic levels. The stock market is people betting on where they believe the economy will go, most Americans believe the economy will rebound quickly. Over 2 million jobs re-added last month is another good sign. People should keep their heads up and keep positive and things will turn around. (Cup half full approach)

  9. Good video Paul Kinda going through that now also , 61 unemployed , treading water and the sharks are circling. But with all that I m still lucky because i am able to collect unemployment for now . Still a possibility to go back to work ,but kinda doubtful . Just trying to make it to 62 and retire and move there to be with my wife anyway again good video . I think the message is , you might have to go through some bad stuff to make to some really great stuff

  10. Sound like you have found some peace and satisfaction in what truly matters, simplicity and being with like minded loved ones.
    I personally have grown more through struggling than I have the easy times, just had to hang in and work through the pain.
    Once we get the basic needs met (safe shelter, warm, fed and loved) in life all else is BS.

  11. Yep Paul, groundhog day. Sitting at my desk right now, zero interest in what I’m currently doing, thinking about do I want to get a storage unit and keep a bunch of stuff before I move overseas or do I want to just liquidate everything. I’m fortunate to finally be considered essential lol so I still have a job plus a couple of retirements. Fortunetly I have already lost the house in 2010 so don’t have to worry about that lol. I guess I’m just waiting for everything to open up at this point. Hell I don’t know lol. Day at a time.

  12. Paul! United States is not in a recession! I promise you! Arizona is hopping!!!! Stock market is way up! Unemployment went down 2.7 million jobs! I went thru 2008,lost everything! 15 days from foreclosure! I prayed hard and overcame it all! The governers need to open the states they govern….. To the people hurting hang in there….. Its just rough water, this will pass too!

  13. All good points, It is hard when something happens that is out of our control and we are suffering from nothing that we did. But we can react to this in two ways, allow ourselves to let the situation tear us down or allow the situation to make us stronger with more resolve and be a stronger person. Of course we don’t see this when we are in the middle of it but in hindsight. A character builder for sure. Thank you Paul…..I like the gay looking scooter on your tee shirt….LOL

  14. If a person,can not be honest with their own self..you will never be happy with another person in the picture..fact…good video…keep it real ….

  15. Another great video Paul. Our lives seem to have some parallels for sure. In 2007 I was making a comfortable 6 figure income selling real estate here in California, then 2008 hit, and the wheels began to fall off…Like you, had the recession not hit, i’d probably be at home, walking on egg shells whenever the wife (now Ex) was at home, and the thought of retirement in the Philippines would have been a remote dream. Today I am 2 to 3 years from retirement, I love my job of the last 6 years, and best of all, I have a plan for the future…Thanks again for giving folks good things to think about!

  16. I really respect your ability to truly empathize with those of us who are suffering. I can tell you have suffered greatly, and you are a great inspiration to guys like me. You just hung in there, barely, but you did … and you didn’t see the light, but you kept putting one foot in front of the other, and little by little, things got better. And the fact that you realized you could be happy with less, and that the trauma you experienced in 2008 might have a silver lining. The same thing happened to me in 2008, I lost a business, all my savings, my health (yes, Xanax, panic attacks, arms numb), my career … but just like you, I realized many years later that the recession might have saved me, in some ways. And I hope I can live overseas, like you, someday. I am going to take early retirement too.

  17. Hello, paul the problem here is no one is paying there rent car payment’s mortgages and so on for the last 4 months. How long do you think the banks are going to play house and friend I will tell you not for long.No one person or President can fix it the fix is working bite the bullet and get out there. Keeping cities closed because some liberal dumb ass want’s votes will not work the Philippines will suffer in a huge way why because OFW will not be working. I will be there to retire as well in 4 yrs I have homes there I invested 7 yrs ago and planned well but look without your health and some sort of income your f–ked great video sir be well

  18. I think you may have heard wrong. Yes the economy is hurting a little but we are opening back up and only the states that are run by the Dems are hurting the most. Most of the country is making a come back.

  19. Thank you. It was nice to hear a bit of your story. You show up as an authentic guy, a quality that makes your videos good. I’ve been in Asia for 10 years now, currently Bangkok. Once boarders open I’m going to re-visit people I’ve met over the years. I have two friends in Bacolod City I want to go see. I plan to visit Dumagetti as well (I think that’s where your live). If all that happens it would be great to meet. I’ll buy lunch.

  20. Concratz you know now the amerikan dream is a nightmare. Same in all west countrys. To be spoild is not a faver for to be a god man or women. The one who die Whit love in the heart is the winner. Its that simple.

  21. Bet most of these guys are living in Blue states. Some of these states are making things worse for people just to improve their political stance. Real shame we have governors making it difficult for their residents just for an attempted political gain. Here in Florida things are almost back to normal. Wishing all the best in these difficult times.

  22. Hey, Paul, it seems we had the same epiphany at about the same time. I was realizing yesterday that, despite the crap that happened to me (at approximately the same time you were washed out to sea), I am happy to be where I am right now. I don’t have any romance in my life, but everything else is good, and maybe, someday, the romance will happen, too. In some ways, getting old sucks, but in other ways, life is very good!

  23. Hey Paul…I empathize with all the guys you mention in your above post…i have been visiting the philippines regularly every year since 2014…I spend 3 months each visit.. I try to visit twice yearly at least since i have a fiance’ there in Zamboanga…She has been trying to finalize an annulment for more than 3 years…frustrating…This last trip last March of course was canceled because of the Covid…so now as many have experienced it may well be 2021 before i can visit again….I have been to Dumagete…i enjoyed it there much more than Zamboanga…i enjoy your vlog…W. Abbott

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