Old Dog New Tricks Let It Be April 7, 2020

Video about it being another day, another dollar


  1. may would like to finish high school it free it once a week at the local high school book in dont be shy may then do a 6 month course at tesda it only a 6 month course have new skills what about it may buy the way you have to a test at tesda deal or no deal age dose matter at the free high school the working life of woman there now not 35 it now 65 like man there is life after this job

  2. Hey Paul – I think YT income is a little unsustainable especially in the future. IMHO it would be a better idea to help her get a more ‘useful’ skill set and/or buy some relatively affordable life insurance – Just a thought since you seem to care!

  3. Hey Paul i remember last time i watched you and your fiancรฉ was afraid to be on cam, but todays thumbnail i thought you having some very unhealthy relationship with some Anime school girl from Japan. Oh boy what a jump and quick. You killed brother.

  4. Paul just give her $10 a month to put in bank it adds up to $120 a year not much but it beats nothing at all or add extra when you can so she can pay for your burial maybe

  5. Paul good for you and Mae. It’s good to hear about nice things happening to good people. I was thinking Mae is probably around 24,25. No matter she is one fine lady.

  6. congrats on monetization. with baby maes work ethic, great personality and cuteness she should seriously consider starting a business. good luck and stay well!

  7. Hey there Paul. Congratulations ๐Ÿฅณ on the monetisation of your channel!!!! I liked the way you sincerely thanked Google and YouTube in the middle of the video while scratching your nose with your middle finger. Please keep the videos coming. โœ…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

  8. Paul I told you YouTube will monetize your channel so congrats Paul the money gravytrain is rolling in soon for you. Good times ahead enjoy. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Wouldn’t even consider starting a business in the Philippines. That’s just me! I’m retired and don’t want to get tired. My net income of a little over 4k US a month and that is sufficient for me. The only catch is getting access to my pensions in the US without worrying. Can have all the money in the world but if you can’t access it, it’s all for not!

  10. Good morning you two……well, all is well here in NE Texas…so far.. Crossing my fingers, it’s all around us now. So many have died, needlessly. You all take care, this crap is nothing to take lightly.
    God Bless

  11. Very encouraging video !! Well done Paul and Baby Mae getting the ok from YouTube to get the $$$ coming in. Every bit helps. Great to know that you both acknowledge God and pray to Him. He certainly has the right answers for us. Take care, God bless from Chris in Australia <><

  12. Paul, congrats on making income! I feel the same way about my Judith and our 3 kids, I have Americanized them with a lot of food and fun stuff to do, I am lucky I bought a house and repaired every thing plus had a couple insurance policy not much in America but here when. Cross the river she will have a couple million peso, a home paid for and a new car paid for I told her every filipino man will be after her for her assets and ass but if she is conservatives he should make a few years, I would not be no where else paradise for this old man!!!
    Big Daddy Richard

  13. Wow cool deal Paul. Congratulations. Now build that damn chicken a pen.of u could marry her. Some how. She could get your retirement. That would set her for life.

  14. I know money is a major issue there, but online sales is the way to go. If you can find a product cheap there and can ship it at a reasonable cost itโ€™s an option. I often thought, Iโ€™d I could ship some of the Mahogany furniture that is cheap as chips there I could sell for 4x times to price here. But there has to be something you can sell online to other Asian countries from there quite cheaply, you can get a Ecommerce website done and hosted there for little or nothing,. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช

  15. This is great news this also is up there when you got the news about your Son at Christmas you my friend made my day !!! Baby Mae looks maybe 24 great couple hope to see you on TIK TOK CELEBRATING GOD BLISS

  16. Oh Paul! Youโ€™re such a beautiful and a gentleman. This is by far the best video content that youโ€™ve done (in my humble opinion). You are a very considerate and loving man who knows how to look after your woman. My husband is 12 years senior than me and he helped to bring out the best of me…youโ€™re doing that exactly to Baby Mae and itโ€™s commendable to men, of any age who thinks about the welfare of their partner and loved ones in life. I admire you for that. X

  17. Paul some thoughts about leaving Mae in a better place. You might consider prepaying final expenses and also look for some budget friendly life insurance. Just some thoughts.

  18. Show here Instagram get an insurance policy start a small business. You should know better than putting all your eggs in one basket.

  19. Great video Paul I hope everything is going to work well for you and your girlfriend and also I think if you would show more a little bit around not just your apartment but outside that would bring more interest and other viewers to your channel.

  20. Congrats Paul,happy for ya buddy๐Ÿป,some good words there๐Ÿ‘,will continue too support ya.
    Take care both of you๐Ÿ˜Š

    Mae dont look 34, I was thinking ๐Ÿค” mid 20s.

  21. Congrats Paul, I wish you and baby mae good health and happiness. I feel the same way for my future wife. To leave them better off than they are know. A small business in a foreign country, would be for the native person.

  22. Congrats, The way I understand it the google adds are paid based on where your views are. American with a CC watching pays better than a Filipino. Mai needs to understand this and cater her videos toward Westerners, English, etc. Not that she doesn’t but targeting the audience that pays will be important. For the record I don’t have a YouTube channel and am just talking outa my butt.

  23. Baby Mae looks early 20s, congratulations on getting monetized, Paul you look so comfortable in front of the camera, stay safe you 2 ๐Ÿ˜ท

  24. Good video. Great idea on an expat owning a business there. Please cover this fully as I plan to do something similar. I’m also considering dual citizenship. My understanding is that you cannot own more than 49%, and a Filipino has to own the balance, but I might be confusing that with some other country. As to leaving Mae better than you met her, I fully agree with that sentiment. Teaching her skills is priceless. I totally agree with the teaching the person to fish idea. But of course – it presumes there’s fish there to fish for, meaning that getting her monetized on YouTube is not necessarily going to continue to be a money-maker as technology and trends change.

    Which segues into this: I know that while you’ve stated in the past you had no plans to marry her, I would suggest you reconsider, though not necessarily immediately: leaving her as your widowed wife gives her your SS check every month. That’s no small potatoes in P.I. Her YouTube channel may or may not stay successful. But the SS check will seriously smooth out the bumps when things go south financially for her. I understand the fatigue of when things go wrong with a relationship, and there’s no need to rush into it: 3-5 years would be a reasonable time test of the relationship, but I wouldn’t give up on the notion.

  25. Annette Funicello??? Was that your first crush? I think you have done better in your old age, than you did with that crush! LOL Baby Mae is the best choice for you! We done old dog! Hold the cock? Whammer Jammer man. Great wisdom, less is more. Freedom from worry, there is no replacement for that! Thanks, again great content!

  26. Congratulations on the financials from the channel which is long overdue!!!!
    Your moral compass is spot on as regards baby Mae future ,but, i believe there’s alot more years in the old dog yet!
    As for your lovely girlfriend I thought 26 , but, its so difficult to gauge when you get older.

  27. Paul the plastic chicken is a character, don’t hide it. Make it visible for your followers, myself included. ๐Ÿ˜Š I’m sure others would like it.

    Why don’t you put it on top of the sofa chair behind you? So that it could be in the background while you do the talking. The background is plain anyway so the chicken would make it a bit ‘colorful’. You need little upgrades, Paul ๐Ÿ˜Š

  28. Hi Paul and Baby Mae. Love your channel and watch it a lot. Paul, we are about the same age, and are in similar situations woman wise, except that I live here in Israel with my 35 yr. old beautiful and lovely Filipina wife. BTW, congrats on the monetisation, hope it brings you some nice extra monthly income. May I propose that you check out if Baby Mae will be entitled to receive your social security pension if you guys marry, that’s what I did here to ensure that my beloved will have a regular income when I’m no longer here. Also your teaching Baby Mae a set of communication skills is great also, here I’m assisting my wife, who is an RN in the Philippines, to attain local accreditation. Keep up the good work, you’re both wonderful human beings ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  29. Hi Paul and BM. Thank you for the tip on using xoom on a past video. Western Union is closed in Laguna and needed to send money to my wife’s family in Laguna due to the quarantine. Sent money via xoom to a bank inside there barangay. Easy to do, saved the day. Thanks Paul, hope all is well.

  30. I think you ought to rename . DAISY MAE YOU DON’T look like Papa Yokum So I guess DADDY WARBUCKS FITS BETTER. And your Cock could be better named SCHMOO. Showing my age but I hope you had a liking for Lil Abner and Al Capp.
    I doubt it had a effect but I had sent a message to Google tryin to get you monitored and suggest you have your devoted fans do same but you said Twitter was the way to message them. Be fun and you do smile

  31. I thought you were going to say, “I’m the old dog, she’s the new trick.” (thanks for reminding me about hitting like Like button; everybody else, you too!)

  32. Monetized, thatโ€™s great but wait until they see your โ€œwanna hold my cock?โ€ comment! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  33. hi old dog loved your first comments money is not every thing i had every thing and lost it now i more happier than i ever been in my life i hope one day when this virus is over i like very much to visit you

  34. Mae,,, you are very beautiful and look a lot younger than your years,,, if I didn’t already know your age I would say about 23 years. (Happy Days)

  35. Great vlog, as usual, Hay, don’t worry about pissing a few people off. I have been known to do that myself. If u tell the truth and don’t sugar coat everything U say u are bound to piss a few people off. I have had Internet problems with it being super slow. I ordered high-speed fiber optics but the lockdown put the brakes on that. That is why I am late watching this video. Keep up the great work the both of U, Ron

  36. Hey Paul and Baby Mae !! Enjoy your videos. Both of yours. Like your channels. So happy for both of you. Just wanted to say Paul I am not gay but I really like your hair !! Best hair ever !! And I was thinking Baby Mae was maybe 28 or so. She looks younger. And Baby Mae, 34 is NOT OLD !! Take care both of you. Be safe. Wash your hands often. And pls wear a mask outside.

  37. We are ecstatic that the door was finally opened for you Paul. As far as Baby Mae goes she has a good man who is also a man of his word. Again you have turned lemons into lemonade. I hope we can all meet one day. Your faithful follower…. Erik …….Oh and to answer your question Baby Mae could easily pass for a young lady in her twenties.

  38. As to stating a Business in the Philippines I refer you to an answer Richard Branson gave to the question of starting a company (and he has started many)… When asked “How do you become a millionaire running an Aircraft company” he replied start out as a Billionaire… on average 70% of new business fail in the first 10 years, most go bankrupt much quicker. Good luck either way.

  39. The missing video ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. Congrats on the monetization, couldnโ€™t have happened to a better guy/channel. Your laughter and humor are infectious and Iโ€™m always looking forward to your posts. You and Baby Mae have come a long way in the past several months and I hope over time you both have a nice little check coming in from your monetizations. As always stay safe and stay fit.

  40. Good luck to you both and great that you think about the future Paul—silly question—I know nothing about USA Social Security—-does a wife or defacto partner of years of standing receive any benefit at or after your demise. Luckily with my Superanuation pension, my wife will get 5/8 of my indexed pension for the rest of her life even if she has another income

  41. Good luck to you both and great that you think about the future Paul—silly question—I know nothing about USA Social Security—-does a wife or defacto partner of years of standing receive any benefit at or after your demise. Luckily with my Superanuation pension, my wife will get 5/8 of my indexed pension for the rest of her life even if she has another income

  42. Here is the answer to your question about monetization of specific video or not: In the Internet era, advertisers have the luxury of being incredibly specific about what content they choose to advertise on. They do this by targeting content with โ€œkeywordsโ€ that identify news or content they want their ads to appear next to, or alternately identify content they donโ€™t want to be associated with. Be well, be happy, be free.

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