Old Dog New Tricks, I Read the News Today Oh Boy April 5, 2020

Just a little video about this and that

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  1. Sears!? I was a MOUNTgomery Wards man or….boy! (better name also lol) There is a simple exercise (Chinese) if you need a routine before turning in…helps and does burn calories. Trail Runner……what else could one Think of….555

  2. Paul, your intro had me on the floor laughing so hard. Slapping the old salami with a Sears catalogue..lmao! Your videos just keep getting better and better. My plans for the Philippines were cancelled this year, but next year I’ll be checking out Dumaguete with a friend when this all blows over. We should meet up for a beer. Just leave the Sears catalogue at home.

  3. Paul’s it’s a serious virus 🦠 my wife’s a icu nurse and she’s now a patient in the icu been 7 Days Monday with fever and got pneumonia on top. When you love someone and can’t even go to the hospital to see them. You feel so helpless they feel same. But it’s being alone is hard no matter how. I understand I’m ok being buy myself before now all I can do is cry feel good unable to cry then the waterworks come again. Dealing with ptsd on top. But I was told she is boing better thank god and prays from strangers on Facebook and word of mouth. Still not out of water but holding on for positivity my friend.

  4. Hi Paul. Call me skeptical but I cannot see the conservative folks at the World Health Organization endorsing the record attempts you referred to at the beginning and end of the video. Thanks for the video though. 😃

  5. Good to see and hear from you again Paul, when are you going to “guest” on the cooking channel, and more importantly, when do we get to see you do a Tik Tok dance haha .?

  6. Hi Paul,
    Hope all is well with you and Baby Mae. You had mentioned that Baby Mae is having migraine headaches and a little tickle in her throat.
    I know that all of us (worldwide) is sort of at a standstill because of this virus. However, once this ordeal has passed..and with all due respect to you…perhaps you should take Mae to a hospital clinic to have her headaches examined. I’m not suggesting anything is wrong..but it’s worth being checked out..as well as the tickle in her throat which could just be acid reflux which “over the counter medication” can be prescribed for that. Really Paul..no need to worry ..we all have enough to think about with this Coronavirus. I hope that you didn’t mind me bringing that to your attention. Wishing you and Mae all the best…and especially with her cooking channel. Please take care.

  7. I love you guys and your videos. There’s nothing better to do but start the day watching your video and lots of laughter. During such crucial times you still have and share your awesome sense of humor. God bless and be safe.

  8. You guys turned a dark day into a day of sunshine. Enjoy both of you for your humor, and the simple straight forward approach to your videos. After this crap is over, you have a place to stay here in Chiang Mai. Take care, be safe.

  9. I think with the current financial crunch. A video about your budget and how much you could reduce it and still have a comfortable lifestyle would be cool. Kinda a how much wiggle room does your 14/1500 budget leave and where you could cut corners if you had too video. How much cushion you think a retiree should leave in his budget for exchange rates and other issues. I don’t mean emergency fund, I know you already did that video. I mean how much wiggle room in monthly budget for unexpected expenses do you think is reasonable.

  10. you’re hitting a weight plateau because most of the loss was water weight. Just keep with it and don’t worry about the numbers. You should be more concerned withbody composition than weight.

  11. Hope your back starts feeling better and thank you for the shout out Paul really nice of ya to do that for me hope this goes away soon so we can get back to some kind of normal

    1. I always screw it up when I try to put up a link, senior citizen alert. I have a link on the channel art with Mae and company in bikinis and I think that one works, thanks a bunch!

  12. Paul, you will never get OK’d by You Tube if you continue to talk about 0:40 ” whackin off ” , but never stop, never ever stop whackin off . I’m sure some guys out there whack off about Baby Mae.

  13. Definitely looks like you are feeling better. You two do make a great couple. Always wishing you both the best! You forgot to mention one more probably outcome from the quarantine. You’ll figure it out in about 9 months 😉

  14. Thank you Baby Mae for interviewing this guy named Paul! LOL You should let Paul know that he has panache and should start his own you tube channel! LOL Love you both! Erik the K9 Companion

  15. Paul! you make my day! Im stuck here with my suppose to be my X and now we are trying to get along, its like a long good bye I live in hawaii and get to the beach, thats all . 2c

  16. Paul go to clickbank.com and get your personal affiliate code to promote one of the popular keto diets. You showing it works and having a good size audience – man your leaving money on the table. I also did a quick search for green screen software. The first one I looked at had an affiliate program. You see where I’m going? Let me know if I can help you with getting it started. Hi Baby Mae great light hearted content, we need that. God bless

  17. Bless! You two have a great rapport, I’m genuinely happy for you both.
    Back in the day it was the littlewoods catologue lingerie section , apparently 😂

  18. So, given the current circumstances, and your direction… do we wash the hands before or after the new world record? You guys are always hilarious. If Baby Mae knew what you were talking about half of the time, you might be in her doghouse more often.. or maybe its a nice place too! Thanks again.

  19. I wish I was like Mae and didn’t understand the whacking off comments😂…You two always make me smile just being yourselves..😃…You said that in the beginning you and Mae fought when you met…what did you argue about?

  20. Also because of this quarantine situation going on sadly people with some form of disability like bipolar disorder commit suicide. It was in the news recently that a 34 yrs old man with bipolar disorder has committed suicide coz he could not take or handle this quarantine situation. It is very bad and sad☹️

  21. In 9 months time theres going to be 5 million corona babies.Multiple homicides.Divorce rate through the roof. Where i live we have shop lifters on suicide watch ffs lol. The streets are so empty i seen two pedos trying to abduct each other the other day lmao. sorry for the dark humor NOT lol

  22. I want to see Mae stand on her head, ummmmmmm what else, o yeah u 2 have so much fun together on camera, it should be illegal !!!!!…. besides that I seem to be in a funk also…. seriously so many stupid people, usually kids out side in groups , and some who think this is exaggerated and or fake ! Anyways just pray for my family and friends to stay covid 19 less…And the same for both of you Paul and mae…. later kids !

  23. Another home run Paul..starting with the intro!!!-) I made notes of what to comment on but just started giggling too much to focus on much. And that’s a truly welcome and timely thing right now… or anytime actually!Thanks to both of you, love you both…(I could sign off”former world record holder”) but I’ll leave the humour to you guys. You are so good at it!-)

  24. Paul, your personality and outlook on life has helped Baby Mae come out of her shell showing more of her Beautiful soul and personality! You both benefit and complement each other. Thanks for the video! Stay safe!

  25. I’m just getting a lot of cleaning done in my shop if this goes on long enough I’ll have it all done.I may even get my mancave done.Thanks for the great vids.

  26. Loving Beatles reference
    my man.
    So anyway nobody is
    whacking off here..
    the wife (aswang)
    is working from
    home indefinitely
    (ask your girl the
    meaning of aswang 😆)

  27. Paul, if you can go to the app store, download an app called “Pluto TV” you can watch TV just like satellite TV for free. I also subscribe to that channel you told all 5 of your subs to go check out.
    The chicken soup looked very good, but the cat crying took away from it all. Now I can never eat chicken soup without thinking about cat. Great channel.

  28. Yep………….you gotta love yourself………………many people don’t and never will and that’s why they take it out on other people including the one’s closest to them…………………..I am 70, never married and no kids, lived in my house the last 42 yrs. by myself but dated many many women over those years…………..I have no regrets and get along just fine with who I am…………….this pandemic has had no real effect on my daily life and I am glad for that……………I have been a mix of a lifelong Boy Scout and a Prepper (WTSHTF)…………….I’ve been prepared for a day like today

    1. @Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks ……tnx…………….and I’ve been to Duma & stayed in Valencia while there………..bought food there at the Hyper-Mart and enjoyed Forest Camp, etc

  29. Unhappy with yourself? Agreed. Worse, it’s self-confirming because if you don’t like you, other people are going to pick up on that and not like you either. Lots of people don’t do well with introspection because it requires tools and work. And self-honesty.

    And glad to see Mae is joining you on your videos now. Good Job, Mae!

  30. lmao paul. mine was 1,000,000 bc with Raquel welch lol You guys are really good together and very funny. thanks for the light comedy stay safe!!

  31. Another great Vlog both funny yet informative. You asked what will guys be doing while quarantined I put it this way I have a feeling 9 months after the quarantine is over the Filipino population will take a sharp increase. Ron

  32. whacking off?????
    not when i have a hot pinay wife to keep me company!!!!
    not in this house.
    and why would you suggest that while sitting there with your babydoll!!! i don’t get it!!! i guess the joke is on me. lol 😂

  33. your intro included other statistics but i’ve heard that domestic violence and abuse is way up with everybody stuck in quarantine.
    not a problem here. we’re lovebirds!!!
    and you guys are a hoot.

  34. Greetings from California to you and baby mae…..love these chats to hear your thooughts and love your guys sense of humor….we also chuckle too….be safe……keep chatting with us….youre sooo funny…keeps us laughing with you guys….thanks for sharing….😄

  35. Fun & cute, like conversing with friends.
    Suggestion: Why not route the mic cords inside your shirt or blouse? They won’t get in the way, and it looks more clean and professional.


    Magandang gabi po!

    PS She calls you “Daddy Paul?” At first that caught my attention. Now it sounds cute.

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