Old Dog New Tricks, Comments, Questions, Chickens April 9, 2020

Baby Mae and I Answer Viewers Comments and Questions

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  1. Hey Paul… I like all you guys video’s , Gio n Reekay. Keep up the good work. I live in Thailand n retired. I love Thailand a lot but thought about the Philippines. Maybe one day .. I know we will get that stimulus check so enjoy, we all earn it over n over .

  2. Women in America want to get Married but they don’t want to be Married and have to answer to any man. DISCLAIMER: not all women are like this, just the ones I have dated. HAHA

  3. The difference for me is American women dont value the traditional rolls.
    Many American women are emascilating and just plan rude.
    Filipinas seem to hold onto family values

  4. Do not try to own a bussiness here. It will fail and you’ll end up owing everyone and be in trouble. Don’t go into a partnership with anyone either. Keep your money and just budget.

  5. I worked in Alaska for four years, as a mechanic at a fish cannery in Dutch Harbor. About 60-70% of our work force was From the Philippines. The women were beautiful, and very shy. Fell in love with the whole thing, although I never got more than a few words out of any of them. Have never been able to have enough money to go there. But Iโ€™ll retire at the end of 2020, and hope to clean things up here, and move there. The prospect of living on a tropical paradise island, and finding a beautiful lady like Mae. Well, it gives me hope for the future.

  6. My motivation, I don’t want to miss my life. I’m in my 40’s and work 6 months a year and spend 6 months in Asia(6 week rotation). I consider myself half retired now when I’m young enough to enjoy it. I can only do this if I’m spending half the year in less expensive countries. After a couple years in Thailand I’m just looking for somewhere different.

  7. Paul I want to applaud you for wanting to get a life insurance policy to insure Mae’s financial security when the Lord decides to call you home. I get so disgusted with some other YouTube expat vlogger’s both living and dead that just string their “girlfriend” along without thinking of their financial security after they pass. These girls are not disposable items like a used water bottle, they are human beings that made the decision to commit to their expat boyfriend. That’s my 2 cents and I hope you continue to enjoy life and maybe we can meet once my wife and I move to the Philippines.

  8. Oh boy old man talking about American woman is going to get you in trouble again talking about the feminist American women get you in deep trouble They are going to boycott you

  9. I love the chichken ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess the suggestion of including the chicken in the background sounded like a good idea in writing but now actually seeing it in the background doesn’t add much to the video content, maybe nothing at all ๐Ÿ™‚ Great vlog nonetheless ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I have never been so excited to watch commercials on a YouTube channel before….LOL….Congratulations on your monetization…..I know it’s been a long time coming….

  11. Thanks for the video..you are 100% correct about keeping your charity to yourself..they tried to deport the guy on Foreigner in the Philippines for doing charity work..I will also do like you are doing far as helping people after I arrive because I don’t want to do anything to upset the filipino government..can you believe I had my ticket to the Philippines and I was supposed to leave first weekend in April.. I have been studying the filipines for over three years..I love America but it’s not a place to be if you are older and don’t have at least $60k a year retirement income..it’s very depressing to be over 60 and living in USA especially if you are not rich..I know some people who do have a good monthly retirement Income and all of them are miserable with their lives..from what I have seen,money really doesn’t buy happiness..๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  12. Hi Paul your spot on in your thinking, the mind set of Asian women and the quality of life you have there I’m a firm believer of live in the country that treats you best. It’s commendable your thinking of Mae when you pass on, with setting up insurance policy as payout after you pass on, it brings to mind a lad I met in Thailand and got to know very well he purchased a number of Condominiums to rent out and was very successful at it, when it came to signing off on the finial contracts it was suggested by his Thai solicitor in the presence of his Thai partner to make a will leaving all to his Thai partner in the event of his death, his thoughts on this Death can be arranged he sacked this solicitor, as he was not acting for his clients best interests you do not want to be worth more dead than a live. rather than taking out an expensive policy maybe let Mae take out a loan that you pay for, let her purchase some land or apartment for rent you get to see the benefit while your still around.

  13. Regarding why I am moving to the Philippines. I live in the US and retired just this year at 71 years old. I can’t afford to retire in the US. That was my first motivation. During this time I met a Filipina on a Christian dating website, we met this last December and I am moving to the Phils in July (God willing) and we are to be married…..

  14. Watching all of the advertisements and like the idea of the life insurance for Baby Mae. The heat…. man I would probably have to live northward and I can tell you are like me a creature of habit and comfort in your zone and probably wonโ€™t move. If you want to kill me place a device under the commode by 4:30 for I will be there. LOL Relationships…. man I am not sure what to do there kind of beat up from the feminazis and like being by myself for a while. Retirement date…..is dominated by how much I want to have to include my comfort levels. You really raised my ears when you talked about waiting on the check to arrive. That scares the crap out of me. LOL I am hoping 65 will not be too old to enjoy my time there in the Philippines for that is the optimum plan of comfort. Back to your video the kid thing, when already neutered is a tough one. Quarantine is great with my fur babies. They donโ€™t complain and do what I want to do. LOL …My motivation to retire in the Philippines has more to do with gender roles and getting back to my comfort zone of how I was raised. I feel it is important to know what bathroom we should use. LOL ….Hopefully this wasnโ€™t too long. Love you both. Erik

  15. Within 10 yrs, I’m leaving the western society, to try to find a quiet life in SEAsia. I’m 56, and tired of working for less and less retirement benefits, so, I feel I have to find somewhere else to live. Western women are, as someone already put it, so full of themselves, so thank you, but no thank you, ma’m. Just try to survive this outbreak first.

  16. 8:58 Demonitized. I think it started to really going downhill in the 80’s when women started wearing shoulder pads to look like linebackers at the office. But, that was before my time in the dating pool.

    I think the original idea was to teach women to be independent(I’m going to ignore that I think large corporations had a hand in this to get more workers and lower labor cost). That sounds good, right? The problems came in the poor application of the idea.

    Women have always been these highly valued creatures sought after as marriage partners and bearers of children, exempted from military service, treated with chivalry(holding the door, materially provided for before the man), you can’t physically harm a woman, etc. Those things largely didn’t go away, but they added a few other layers of preferential treatment(I’m thinking quotas in institutions, preferential business loans) and the idea that you don’t need a man to succeed. That last idea became perverted from an idea of independence into the idea that men were keeping women back or holding them down. Men were thought of as oppressors. That idea plus all of the specialness listed above created a perfect storm.

    (As an aside, the statement ‘a woman can do anything a man can do’ is a silly premise. That tries to divide the world into 2 people. The world doesn’t work that way. Any person is going to be good at some things and bad at other things. Other people are going to be good and bad at different things.)

    I find it amusing that the idea of becoming independent is used to vilify an entire half of the population. Independent to me means becoming an independent person, not some sort of group identity fight, but what do I know.

    Anyway, so far this is all about public life, but it extends to private life. As a man, when you are out in the world, you are dealing with confrontation after confrontation. It’s pretty relentless everywhere you go. Daily life is stressful. There’s posturing, passive aggressiveness, overt aggressiveness, the exertion of power, just people trying to piss on you all day long(at least here in the northeast US). When I get home, I want relaxation, love, kindness, and friendship, not more aggression. Unfortunately, with American women aggression is what you’re going to get. My last girlfriend was aggressive and violent.

    I don’t really blame them. Female happiness levels in the US have been falling for years. They were sold a bill of goods like everybody else. The feminist revolution was supposed to solve all of their problems, but it only solved the problems of the people who devised and orchestrated the plan. There’s also a strong link between the rise of hormonal birth control and all of the effects we’re noticing. With that said, that’s not my problem. I have to live for myself and seek my own purposes and fulfillment and happiness. That’s where the Philippines comes in.

    Mutual respect, love, partnership, kindness, family oriented. That’s what we seek in a Filipina. From a practical perspective, I’ll take tampo over a screaming nightmare every day of the week.

  17. It’s best to write a Will that has BM as the beneficiary of your life insurance and any other items you want. Find a capable and willing executor of your Will that will ensure she gets what you desire after you’re gone. You said that you don’t like on-line sales but try http://www.selectquote.com I’ve had a life insurance policy through them for many years. They are recommended by Dave Ramsey. If you don’t know who Dave is, do a google search for his credibility. I hope this helps.

  18. As far as the checkpoint, you are right on. I went out one day to shop and got to checkpoint, no social distance coming or going and waited for almost an hour as the sticker or temp pass was not available to go into town. We all had to wait for someone to get them or get more ( the temp. pass for Dumaguete). Stores were very busy and crowded. Line to get in and long line to check out. One good point is you can freely move around Valencia 7 days a week, shopping limited but many items are available. Also found out double on scooter is okay as long as family or household member.

  19. I am going for the heat, although I am married to a Filipina here in Ireland and so as she has lived here while we both need to work, i have decided in 10 years when I retire we will built our house in siquijor where we bought land and live there on our pensions, I donโ€™t think we could live the life in retirement that we live now with the cut in income, but we could over there, so staying in the manor of which we are accustomed is the motivation. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ชโ˜€๏ธโ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ„๐Ÿป

  20. I think life insurance will be cost prohibitive. Average life span for an American male is 78 years old so based on averages you got 13 years left. Insurance companies are worse than the casinos when placing odds. A $50K policy would run you $320 a month just for them to get their money back. If you pass earlier then they really lose. Let me know!

  21. Absolute best assurance you could give Baby Mae is to pay for her to learn a skill so that she can take care of herself. Maybe health & fitness, computer tech or advanced cooking techniques. And for God’s sake teach her to drive a motorbike whether she wants to or not. She needs to become self sufficient and not have to depend on anyone. IMHO!!

  22. Old lawyer here with a question, putting life insurance on yourself in a 3rd world poverty situation, isn’t that a little bit like putting a bounty on your head? And just remember nobody collects unless your dead. I would try to arrange it so that those around me have a reason to keep me living. I always said to my clients, “when I give you free
    advice you don’t listen because you have nothing invested, so then you get in trouble and I have to charge you
    the big bucks.”

  23. Keywords: “life insurance” “pull the trigger” “execution”..LOL…NEVER let anyone know your worth more DEAD than ALIVE!..especially in the Phillipines! Experiance: married to a “flip” for 7 years! LOL

  24. Like you said, it was like GroundHog day here. Met someone wonderful online 2 1/2 years ago and will retire there to be with them. A new chapter in my life.

  25. Baby mae, some of the American women feel they can take care of themselves so why do they need a man. I have traveled to South America and the Caribbean. Women in these areas seem to know how a man wants to be treated. The American women I have been involved with. Because there is very nice American women. But I have found no American women 10 years younger is not interested in a older man.

  26. she really does look 24-25 amazing, congrats! my girl is the same, Filipinas are so cute. I want to marr again and forget the past mistakes

  27. My first interest was the weather and tropical scene. When I met my girl friend online and we met and hung out on my first visit to Cebu the difference between the culture of the USA and Cebu was obvious. She has the personality traits that I connect with, she is very loyal, honest, and resilient. She has over came events in her life without the resources that are available in the USA . I am very impressed with her accomplishments and attitude. She is 30 years younger then me and very beautiful inside and out!! She is like wise very proud and impressed with me, she is very loyal to her family and friends, I have found this very attractive. I am active in life, I like to lift weights and use to compete at powerlifting at 56 years of age. I have always dated younger women then myself and I like to because they keep me active and feeling younger. I know that is good for the mind, soul and body. So for me my first reason for wanting to visit was the weather, scenery and adventure. I will retire in 16 months and plan to retire in Cebu with my Filipina girl friend, the weather, cost of living, friendly people and a girl friend who has everything that I have ever could of imagined !!! I am glad you tube has finally seen the light and appreciate the honest videos that the two of you do for all of us. And I will do my part and watch the commercials lol !!! Best wishes to the both of you !!!

  28. Motivation going to the Philippines is to get away from the rainy Covid-19 hot spot here in Tacoma WA. More so for my wife to go home and visit her family in Mindanao. We have been to various locations over there each time we go. So we try to pick new places each time and try new things. Long term is thinking about retirement and possibly getting a place there.

    What’s the motivation for foreign guys to marry filipinas? You nailed it with the attitude of the american women. The shift if roles for the women to be the self reliant and finding the man to be unnecessary. Men need a woman that needs him and vice versa. I have found most american ladies try to confuse the roles of men and upsetting the balance that God made for us. This considered “old fashion” and completely politically incorrect to have a notion that each has separate, but different roles but they compliment each other. This made the decision to marry a filipina and easy one. Plus they are kind, loving and very beautiful as well. She is my perfect pasa-wife. I hope this helps answer your question and finding you staying safe and healthy.

    p.s. the citizenship is 3 years living in the US after getting permanent status residency.

  29. The question that Baby Mae,asked you Paul about why asian girls over American girls,pretty much feeling the same as Paul said,for myself most of my life,early 20s I’ve been with around asian woman. Why Philippines over other asian countries mostly the language and yes the cost. I’m looking at it the same way having let’s say 2k a month wheres it going too go the fewest differently not in the states,been there quit a few times,longest was 1 month. I guess one of the biggest worries is health insurance, yes I still feel good for my age.And another is find a beautiful philipna too settle down with. I guess kinda like what Paul’s done, and a few other guys I follow on YT. Anyway always enjoy your Vids Paul& B mae. Take care you too๐Ÿ”.

  30. I agree with Baby Mae, you are not too old to have a baby. My good friend is 71 and married to a filipina in her mid 30s. They have a one year old child and she is a blessing to both of them. They are so happy.

  31. Hi Paul and Mae. Iโ€™m an American woman and absolutely agree with your comment on American women. Iโ€™m very unusual I suppose however, keep on being happy.

  32. My motivation to come to the Philippines……It all started back in 1969 while serving our country in Cuba, Okinawa, Hawaii and California (all near tropical climates). It wasn’t till the last few years of my service that I saw winter again. That blizzard of 1977 in northern Indiana/Ohio made me start thinking, there has got to be a better place to live/retire, my life was so much enjoyable in warm climate areas. I have gone through many of life’s stages married/raised kids/divorce and now remarried to a filipina. My wife is close to having enough quarters (paying into social security) and age to qualify for social security and both of us are ready to take that big step in crossing the Pacific together. In the back of my head, I’m still nervous in making the move due to various medical problems that may arrive as we age. I have gone through cancer twice and just weeks ago I had a bowel blockage……would I still be alive if I had been living in PI during these illnesses? Questions…questions…questions.

  33. Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait till I can retire! You have a great attitude and your honesty is very refreshing. Too many vloggers claim to be “Experts” about the Philippines and how to retire and meet a beautiful girl. You tell it like it is, an older man will never be able to date and start a relationship with a girl as young and beautiful and honest and caring as most pinay’s.
    You the best and just donate and do charity on your own. Anybody can do this and it doesnโ€™t need to be on a channel.
    If you and your girl get married, you need to get her a green card and live in USA for her to get your SS. I agree with you and don’t want or feel having a baby is the answer.

  34. Why I came. Neneng (G/F) If someone would have told me the day before I met her I was going to move to another to be with a girl I would have said U r nuts. I have been asked why when looking for a G/F I chose a Filipino. I wasn’t looking for a girl & I had never met any kind of Filipino before. A Filipino girl found me. After chatting on Messenger for 11 months 10-12 hrs a day. I was here. We have been together day and night for over a year now. It was the best thing I ever did in my life. Sometimes it is best to go with the flow.

  35. Another great video Paul. I was introduced to my fiancee’ by a friend. I had just returned home to the US after a brief vacation and doing some charity work in the Philippines. I wasn’t looking at the time. She reached out to me on FB and we have never looked back. We have been together for 8 months now. I have traveled to Cebu to visit her and her family twice and we have also vacationed together in Thailand. The best relationship that I have ever been in hands down. Women in the Philippines are typically Christian, English speaking, very loving, kind, respectful, beautiful, feminine and grateful for the smallest things. Our age difference, 55 and 32 and it has never been an issue. We are currently going through the K-1 process. I went from just going through life to living again.

  36. If you have mentioned this on another video let me know. I would like to know what kind of visa you are on there? Do you have to do those “visa runs” I have heard about or are you some kind of permanent resident?

  37. That’s my only reason I have against age gap relationships. Is taking away the natural opportunity of young Filipina of having any children. Even if the Filipina says it’s okay, “we won’t have children”. It will still haunt her for life. But you are correct Paul, somebody our ages really shouldn’t be having a child. That’s where having a young Filipina that has children already is much more fair, in my opinion. And there is plenty of beautiful young Filipina’s with a child or two!!! Like I said, this is only my personal opinion.

    But your situation Paul, is a little different. Because Baby Mae is 35. Usually by 35 women have a child or two. I’m very glad you and Baby Mae have each other. I think your very good for each other. And Paul, your are by far a much better man than most that I have seen with young girlfriends or wifes in the Philippines. Your both lucky to have found each other (but I think god may have had a hand in that!!)!!!

  38. Here is the name of my life insurance company: Clements Worldwide Insurance and my policy is written by Lloyds of London. I believe Clements has offices in New York and Washington DC. They should be easy to find with a Google search. Hope this helps…

  39. Its strange isn’t it that YouTube and Google are so offended or disturbed about people discussing their honest feelings and depression if they’re experiencing or have experienced it. All the health care professionals and psychiatrists say it’s a very good thing to be open about all your emotions. So are YouTube and Google against suicide prevention hotlines and discussing it with someone in order to reach out and get help?

  40. Not am expert but I think that at your age, you’re insurance is basically trading dollars with the insurance company. You may be better off buying an annuity with survivors benefits no greater than what you get during your life, to avoid creating an interest in your death. Another possibility would be to place the money in monthly payments into a trust, giving her in keeping you alive as long as possible. Texas trusts are “bulletproof”, lawyers can’t Rob it. Good luck.

  41. The simple answer to Mae’s question “what is the difference between Filipina and western women” – generally about 50-75lbs lol. A more serious answer would be western women have the “what can you do for me attitude” while Filipinas have a “what can I do for you attitude”. As for SS I think you have to married 4 years then the wife can get a percentage when she reaches SS age.

  42. at your age, it will be very expensive to get a policy that is worthwhile. probably just as easy & worthwhile to open savings bond account in her name , not yours. i had life insurance but the amount i opened it for ($10000 was a lot back then ) when i started is worth next to nothing now , so i closed it & transferred the money to superannuation

  43. Ok Paulio an Maeday, this is your best video so far in my opinion. You 2 are awesome together. I told you before why I want to go to the Philippines. I’m 57, good health, retired but working. Don’t want to work anymore. Can live good over there. Don’t need to live like a king, just want to not want. But the main reason is I don’t want to be the invisible man anymore . Maeday, I am very proud of you. As I know Paul is. It has been an honor to watch you develop and come out of your shell. Great questions and your interview skills are improving. Paul the weight loss is improving your appearance bro. Looking younger. Keep it up you 2. Peace Jim

  44. I never had an extended family.
    Because I don’t have any children, as I age it would be nice to have some family to keep an eye on me. At this time, I’m healthy. Look about
    56 years old. Going there
    This year. I am a fan of both of

  45. Hi Paul, Typical YouTube: โ€œ life is only worthwhile living on โ˜€๏ธ Sunny Days…. not!!! Life has ups AND downs . You canโ€™t just brush everything you donโ€™t approve of , under the carpet!

  46. Hey paul and Mae , been to philipines 6 Times now. Was in your area last march. Plan to retire in nuvali south of Santa rosa. Someplace where I don’t have to worry about being politically correct , or worry about offending the sensitive ppl. Someplace I can still say merry Christmas to ppl. Can’t wait to go there again. Looking forward to the upcoming business video.

  47. Totally respect your position about charity
    The biblical world view on the subject is that the left hand should not know what the right hand is doing. God want us to treat the least of those as one would treat GOD himself. Totally respect. Giving without telling anyone and expecting absolutely nothing in return is one of the beat gifts we can give our selves. The trick is ya can’t tell anyone at all.

  48. Paul: Remember that monetization also has to do with suitability for advertisers. I think THAT’s why YT might not like your “Suicide and Depression” video. I hope they only demonitize that one & let you collect for the popularity of your other videos.

  49. Life insurance you will find is very expensive at our age. Better to have a small Savings account with Mae’s name on it to where if you die, she would auto get it. She can pay for your end of life plan and have a little left over. Trouble is is that as we get older, our health goes down hill and we seem to spend it all on medical stuff before we die leaving not very much. Nice that you are thinking about Mae. I bought a house for my wife in the Philippines (paid off), a separate savings account with my/her name on it and an Philippines bank account (dollar/peso) for expenses in case I kick the bucket real fast. Plus my wife can get my SS for she does qualify when she gets old enough.

  50. every one wants to tell there story. so here’s mine with my phpina sweetheart maria. pure hearted. I have inherited assets my extended family are hoping to get there hands on. im in love with maria. she is an angel. I see bm has the same attributes. so nice. I have adjusted who gets what dependent % wise. im very happy, even if my love doesn’t quite understand. my ingrats will be shocked..love you guys. god bless

  51. Have missed a few vids due to an operation blah blah blah, but am now back in the saddle, so to speak. It’s always a real joy to see both of you. Gonna have to go back and see the ones I missed. Glad I don’t have your Dumaguete heat here during my get-well period!

  52. When you consider a savings plan for you partner, please do avoid either universal or whole life insurance programs: total ripoffs. If you want a pure life insurance plan, get a term life plan. You might also consider setting up a mutual fund account with Baby Mae as the sole beneficiary. Many financial companies allow a small monthly contribution after setting up the account with usually a larger amount.

    About why I come to the Phils, firstly, I enjoy the adventure of traveling, and of course, when a single man comes here, it is really tough to avoid meeting and enjoying the delightful company of the country’s women. I though, am not looking for a LTR or marriage, and that is not a problem if you’re upfront with the gal.

    Concerning the problems with the checkpoint, the Philippine government tends to overburden a task with far too much red tape and complexity: you see it everywhere in Filipino society. They don’t do the bureaucracy thing very well.

  53. Always a laugh watching your videos Paul, so thanks for brightening up these boring days at home always. Baby Mae, like many Filipinas, is so sweet and humble. People ask me why I like Filipinas so much, I always answer โ€œ how long have you gotโ€ ?

  54. In response to all the reasons why I would consider retiring in the Philippines. Do you remember all the reasons you named off? My answers are yes yes yes yes yes yes & yes.

  55. Paul I hope you don’t get offended by this…….I’ve unsubscribed from your channel. I like you and your great sense of humor but I can’t take any more of Baby Mae. I’m sure she is a good mate for you right now but,,,,,,, Hope you continue to enjoy your time in the Philippines and that your channel keeps growing. Thanks for some good insight on life there.

  56. If you were married she could get a portion of your SSS once she is at American retirement age, as long as she doesn’t remarry. I lived 3 years plus in Cebu area and enjoyed it for the most part. It is kind of a give and take situation as I’m sure you know. I have moved back to USA and filed for k 1 Visa for my GF there. It went without a hitch really but it did take over a year to go through and was not cheap. We now are thinking of moving back and possibly settling in the Valencia area if all goes well. Yes, like your self she is half my age and like you said that would and never could be accepted here in the states. We constantly get looks from mostly the older generation. Most older men here are alone and not knowing what we do, is that if your alone in the Philippines it is totally by choice. In the past I was married to a woman my age and so glad I traded her in for a newer model. I have no regrets and looking forward to the easy life that the Philippines has to offer and get back out of this rat race here in the USA. Maybe our path will cross once I get settled in there. Keep the smiles, and peace out.

  57. My motivation would be the same as Pauls. Paul seems to be very level headed and seems to make good decisions so I would not second guess yourself too much.

  58. These two are wonderful. Love Paul’s honesty and integrity; the kind of guy anybody would get along with. Best of all is his laugh – never fails to make me laugh. Keep well over there.

  59. I am sick and tired of the way my country is going. I am from the UK. I don’t know where i am going to go yet, but i have to get out of this place it is no longer my country

  60. I’m in US, Been married to a beautiful Filipna for 6 yrs. best decision of my life… will be moving there in a couple of years.. 95% of American women have lost the biblical meaning of marriage

  61. My motivation to come to The Philippines is people. Most of the people in America are โ€œaffectedโ€ by money. Most are fake although they are just victims of the society really. To much completion amongst Americans.
    Then you have the woman thing that you and countless others have expressed……

    The nicest, kindest people Iโ€™ve ever met are the people of the Philippines.

  62. Sad but many expats don’t think about a future for their Filipina,
    Unless they come to the states I believe 5years and get green card they will have no claim to SS or retirement benefits,most are left with nothing!
    By the way Mae you look 20!! Paul you should change the channel name to Lucky old dog!!

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