Old Dog New Tricks, A Day in the Life Philippines March 29, 2020

I Chat with Baby Mae about this and that on the Old Dog Channel before we start our day

Mae’s cooking channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ_5ACJdQRwThEHiWCZJX4w


  1. When are you going to wear the pink ears Paul. We’re all waiting. They will match the bike and it is less likely people will mingle with you. You are in a safer place than USA at the moment.

  2. Hey Paul just wanted to ask if you would put a shoutout for my friends place in Valencia its located above 7/11 the name is “SPICE CAFE” a really great guy but bussiness is slow he is open for takeout and delivery. Food is great.
    Thanks and keep us all upbeat through this trying time.

    1. I remember that place featured on Ms Vie’s diary channel. It had funky decoration and great looking food. Perhaps Paul could do a takeaway from there but he has Mae’s cooking so he may not.

  3. Paul Humor and jokes makes it fun to watch your YouTube channel. Elton John scooter package of course got to have that no doubt about it. Red horse cheers Paul.

  4. Good to see you’re back. I was looking for yesterday’s video. Thought Mae tied you up before she left yesterday 😝😂👍

  5. Haha yes you’ve really started something now Paul, your life will never be the same. Wait until you are the invited guest on the main channel, you will really know where you stand haha.

  6. You two look very wholesome and happy together. I like a good laid back video with you guys just shooting the breeze and taking story. Ofcourse Paul’s laugh also helps me to remind myself not to take things too seriously and to laugh also.

  7. Hey guys, I will go to Baby Mae’s channel and just open a tab and just push play and use auto play function for her video play list and see if it helps to rack up some minutes n hours. Like I’m laid off, so why not right. Peace.

  8. paul. You are paying too much for your house.. I have US friends in Bacolod who have large housees in the country with pools, not shared for 20,00.

  9. Old dog don’t use thumbnail for all video. For example this video thumbnail is ugly and unattractive better u use the video itself as thumbnail or use screenshots from the video for it …..the video itself is clean and high quality why u use blurry old photo ? Not good

  10. im in uk, we are not allowed to just go for a ride. police everywhere, stopping motorists, asking where they are going, if its not an essential journey, you get find, £60

  11. Paul, after listening to updates, they are finding that the airborne issue seems to be the most prevalent form of transmission. Social distancing of 6 feet was once again emphasized. Of course, washing hands with soap for 20 seconds, sanitizer, hands away from face are all critical, as well.
    Thanks for the updates! “We heard the news today”! Oh boy! Enjoy seeing Mae’s personally shine!

  12. Old guy……ouch
    As an old guy, I resent that.

    BTW……Baby Mae, you got a sister Who is available… and likes old guys?

    Obviously I did not resent it that much.

  13. I smile through every one of your videos. Great job. Could you turn off the fan during filming or would you roast? It’s creating white noise that competes with you and could cause some people to bail, especially those using earbuds. Just a thought. I had to refilm an entire video yesterday for the same reason.

  14. Daddy Paul, your video’s always give me a smile. I don’t think there is a greater compliment than that. Have enjoyed your content for quite a while now and always look for your new creations as they are always fresh and full of fun. Keep it going! We love the openness and the frank and hilarious content.

  15. Storyteller and now add joke teller to the repertoire. You nailed the Elton John package gag.
    You must be determined to stay unmonetised with the little side stabs in every video haha.
    I can hear the man-buns now ‘he’s still at it tsk tsk hmm’. And the little ‘hi YouTube’ wave priceless.

  16. If the chicken 🐔 is gay name him Faygo….hehehe like the soda Faygo….Which way did he go? Which way did he go? He went for FAAAAYYYYGOOOO! LOL Paul do you remember that commercial?

  17. she is so sweet paul. you guys are like burns and allen. enjoy how you are together. thanks for the videos. I hope baby mae can earn some pesos for her cooking channel since your channel cannot qualify because of your pink scooter. lol. thanks for the laughs

  18. Lovely baby Mae is the furthest you can get from being a Thug….does she know the meaning of what she’s wearing in front of her subscribers? Its a shame the western urban influence has permeated the good hearted filipino people without them knowing it….bad enough the west dumbs down to that level…dont let the filipino culture become tainted.

  19. Update Thailand bullet scam
    We are so happy to share that Michael arrived h in Cleveland Ohio from Thailand this weekend (Saturday, March 28, 2020). Thank you so much for your prayers & support. We send our love and prayers to everyone in these unusual days amid recent COVID19 concerns. Thank you again truly & stay well.

  20. My luck Paul, I just got a hot new live- in gf and now they tell me I have to stay indoors and not touch anything. WTH am I supposed to do?

  21. No new videos? Are you going to be collecting unemployment? No,no, no, you can work from home 😂👍🇺🇸

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