Old Dog Answers Questions About Older Women, Personal Information, and New Tricks on the Horizon

Old Dog Answers Questions about Older Women, Personal Background and New Tricks on the Horizon as I live in Dumaguete Philippines.

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  1. Hey buddy, I’m from LV as well and I met Gary Teets several years ago in Phuket and I stayed in his hotel. Anyway, watching you for several months I felt that I knew you from somewhere. I just KNEW you were in the car business. You have a great channel and are on fire. Cheers!

  2. Hey Paul, how does one go about getting health insurance over there? I guess you can get medicare now that you are 65, but how do you get if you’re 57 or so? How much do you think it might cost a single guy?

  3. Boring? NO. You have a very easy going style that is quite nice. Maybe charm and realism to your conversation, you don’t say do this and that, but LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO ME, and the wise will learn from it, and the others……

  4. Don’t feel lonely I always say I took early retirement because I retired at 62. U R correct I took an early SS retirement at 62. So kill me. I haven’t seen a lot of American women here but I haven’t been around tourist areas as much as U have. Oh, yea two ex-wives as well & a Filipina GF, We have been together since I arrived at Cebu AP a year and a half ago. Good blog. Gio must not have shown up yet I haven’t chatted with him today but I saw he was active on messenger. It could be because of Ging’s bad tooth. you two should do a video together it would be great. Locked down in Davao City. Ron

  5. Hi Paul
    You got it the college of acquired Knowledge going through life and just thinking I feel well accomplish as you should and Everyone that know it pertains to them.
    Touche, Paul to all our lessons in life bless you for the longevity for another 30 to 40 good healthy and interesting years.dont forget Jack Lalane .

  6. I spent over 20 years in Riverside Ca. After I retired from the Marines I did the real estate thing there until the crash. I will be retiring “early” at 62 as well. I can’t wait.
    Congrats on the 13k 🍻

  7. Hi Paul. I often find it interesting to hear people’s life stories and yours was no exception. Please say hi to Gio for me. Cheers from Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘

  8. Valencia??? Sounds like a place I know in Malta……..but, hahaha….they have water
    Yeah just another old guy (like me and most of us here) out after the young women and MONEY…hahaha…yeah, all these young women have MONEY
    You believe that, I got some ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to talk to you about……hahahah

    God Bless

  9. Is Funny that you mention about older women or just women going to the Philippines and getting together with some young guys, because I used to joke with my coworker about that,I used to say if got the Philippines can I get a young guy ??? 🤣🤣 since he is from the Philippines

  10. Great story, Paul. I say 65 was my sell buy date. At 75 I hope I haven’t reached my use by date.

    I just rented a house for $120/mo. My new gf, Erica, is out getting “stuff” for the house.

  11. Hi Paul. My name is Jerome Mostero from OC, CA.
    I am a recent subscriber and enjoy your jovial and warm presence!
    I would like to connect with you and ask if you would discuss a topic related to many of the subscribers on your channel.
    It would benefits them as well as you. I work with about 50 Filipino’s in my industry and they are wonderful people.
    I followed you on Twitter as well and hope you are able to send me a message to: Jerome@OneLifeIns.com
    Also, you can visit me and my family on Facebook: Jerome and Jennifer Mostero

  12. Interesting tales….none of them tall! Got a question here: what about older guys (50 and counting) coming to the Phil who would prefer a companion in the same age bracket?

  13. Keyes Auto Mall on Van Nuys Blvd! 200 Bucks for Rent! Today it would be 2000 bucks for rent. I bought my 1st car at Keyes Honda back in 1999. Keep up the good work here and stay safe. I am glad you will do some Livestreams in the future. It will be an adventure.lol

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