OK Pensionne House: Budget Lodging in Dumaguete

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  1. I wish i could travel that light lol. I need 1 BIG case and 2 carry ons for us lol. Im definitely gonna try this place for few days when im there. How much notice do you need before i get there so we can hangout and chill so you can share more good advice.

  2. Have you done a review of Southview Th Chinese Hotel a couple miles from Robinson’s? Just got back. Stayed there 7 days while they were fixing tiles in my place. Been to lots of places here to Cebu but this place was really fantastic. 999ph SUPER CLEAN FREE BREAKFAST wifi that worked entire time. Great staff. Newer aircon I could go on and on. I don’t mind paying more to be super comfortable. For me this would be a pass but good to see you again.

  3. I have stayed in rooms a lot smaller than that, for more money… Courtyard looked like something from Marrakesh… Great bargain, and centrally located to… Good find, Henry…

  4. How I envy every video you post.  I’m a C1 Quadriplegic constricted to a
    ventilator 24/7 all my nurses are Filipinas that’s why I’m still alive because
    they treat me like family rather than a patient.  I have been a Quadriplegic for almost 30
    years and as soon as I was able to move from the Hospital I moved into a group
    home with 4 other Quadriplegics all of them have passed away because they
    either have had severe infections or other reasons I’m the highest level Quadriplegic
    they ever encountered yet I moved out on my own over 20 years ago nobody
    thought I would last a month with out there lazy American nurses but I fooled
    them all. 

    I would actually adore living in the Philippines because both my parent’s have passed
    due to cancer but I never lived with them they retired in Arizona
    and I’m in California. 

    Is there any way possible I could move there?

  5. Reekay, thanks for the heads up on this hotel. Dumaguete is on my visit list in January. Location wise it would appear to be fairly decent, and the addition of a hot shower is a big plus. Good luck to you on your travels, my brother. You are gonna LOVE Thailand. I know eating Pad Thai in Thailand was on your bucket list. If you are in Bangkok for a bit go to the Victory Monument and you will find boat noodle restaurants that will make your head spin.

  6. i have been watching many videos about dumagete and most hotels seem to be nice 3 star hotels…great deals for the budget minded traveler but seems the city (town ) does not offer any luxury hotels like in mactan cebu or makati

  7. I would much rather stay at the Bethel guest in right on the Boulevard ….they have studio rooms available there for 1000 pesos with a very nice view of the Ocean from your room and each floor has its own balcony and the rooms are spotless with excellent wifi connection …its within walking distance (2 blocks) from the pier or if coming in by plane they will pick you up at the airport for no charge and there restaurant is good and affordable with room service ….the studio is perfect for 1 person but the have a 1 bedroom room and that one is 1200 pesos

  8. Hi Reekay.  I hope all is well with you.  Someone would look normal holding the bag down the hall and out of the lobby.  But some one lugging a bag locked to the hotels table would not go unnoticed.

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