Officially CLOSED: Bangkok’s Ghost Tower

Another video full of fail, attempting to reach the top of Bangkok’s notorious Ghost Tower.

Thank you for watching and your support over the past month, seriously you guys ROCK!

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  1. You have not failed brother you tried and believe me if that guy could have got you to the top he would have s for money but never mind carry on I’ve got meeting Thailand watching you meeting UK watching you keep going my mum respect

  2. You have made me look at Thailand differently,i had no desire to ever venture there but your videos have made me see it differently, beautiful,exotic and amazing place,rich with culture and wisdom. The Thai people seem to be loving and happy people.I have now added Thailand as a destination high on my bucket list. Your channel is now one of my favorite and truly look forward to future videos. My hobbies are listening and learning from fair dinkum people, big horsepower (whatever it be) ,having a couple of beers and admiring beautiful females ,you tick all the boxes.Thanks mate.

    1. Brendan DMellow things are business as usual except for a noticeable lack of Chinese tour groups. Flights are cheap and hotels are cheap, my advice is to take advantage of that and come.

  3. Subscribed today.
    What is the future like for the Ghost Tower? Will they tear it down to make a new condo? Will they try to continue to build the existing structure? (although it doesn’t look too safe to continue to build, so my guess is that they’ll tear it down first then rebuild)

  4. A locked door is easy bypassed by climbing outside to the 2nd floor , a rock climber it would be able to do it no problem but your not a climber obviously 🙂

    1. CB Media and when you come back home and missing Thailand you can get a little bit of Thailand in a bottle. They also have Singha but no Leo.

    1. @CB Media My plan was to be in Thailand this week but I had to cancel it. Before when I looked at your vids, I was gonna do like you, walk around Bangkok everyday, eat and enjoy. (I’m a Thai guy living in US)

      I never appreciated Thailand until after I’ve been living in the States for 5 years, then I started realizing that Thailand has so much to offer. Now I’m here in US for 20+ years and I’m jealous of you living there.

      When I retire my plan is to live the US from May to Oct, then live in Bangkok for Nov to April.

  5. I went there last year. It was the worst experience ever. You have to pay 500 baht to enter, then you have to climb like 50+ flights of stairs with no elevator. You constantly feel like someone is watching you and ganna rob you. Its a waste of money guys even if it was still open dont visit this place.

  6. Was fortunate enough to climb it 2 years ago when I first visited Bangkok. Breathtaking views, would love to climb it again. @wlq95 on ig if you wanna see some pics I got from that place
    If you enjoy urban exploring you should also check out the airplane graveyard in Bangkok, visited it recently and I think it would make for some interesting content. Entrance was something like 100 or 200 baht.
    Great channel btw, loving the car content especially, actually going to visit one of the car parts markets you showcased in your earlier vids, so thanks for showing some cool spots around BKK for petrolheads.
    If you know where they hold some modified car meets around bkk let me know, would love to see that too. Much love ✌🏻

    1. Awesome I’m jealous you were able to make it to the top. I’m gonna try again. The car meets are hard to fine because they’re all organized in Thai language. But you can go to a café/bar called Pit8 Motorsports cafe and you’ll see cars there 🙂

  7. Random timing, I just started editing my video from here! If you climb the bums house at the far end of the tower you can reach the second floor and take the stairs to the top. Video coming soon!

  8. I went up the ghost tower September 8th 2019…
    Paid ฿500; the guard was so nice he offered to let me go up another day without charge! (I took em up on his offer a few days later and went up again!)
    You guys can check my ghost tower video on my channel…

  9. Its not haunted……
    This property is bankrupt….(tom yum gung economic crisis…)
    But all the owner…cant sell it….also cant renovate it….
    ….they got stuck….and cant do anything to that tower….

    1. juanmangerita aaahhhh Thong Lo is the wealthy area of Bangkok but it’s close to downtown. It’s like Buckhead but nicer LOL the thing about Thailand is you have million dollars homes next to slums and $200 a month apartments. It’s not as separated as the US is. But yeah google search Thong Lo Bangkok and check that area out.

  10. I have several videos on my channel where my Vector robot was up there with my fiancé who went twice. It’s possible that they’ve quit allowing people since then, which was a October 2019.

  11. Hey CB- Looking to get some eye stuff done while in bangkok. Opinion. I’ll save 4500. Pretty much pays for trip. thanks. Close to website up and running?

    1. Website is done but unfortunately my design guy for my merchandise is backed up, he is the best I’ve ever seen so waiting on him to launch the website and merch line at the same time. Probably will be another 3-4 weeks. It sucks but it will be worth it.

    1. Yeah I saw some guys climb to the second floor using the exposed corrugated iron wires on the outside of the building then use the stairs from the second floor.

  12. Well, Chad, after watching several of your videos I decided to subscribe. Most of them are quite entertaining, and you are an accomplished narrator. Plus, SE Asia is a fascinating place. You should be able to get 100K subscribers without a problem. I will be a loyal follower and watch for notifications, but also will let you know if something needs work. So far the only negative I might mention is the post where you were flying the airplane, and tried several times to be “funny”. Trust me, stand up comedy is not your forte… (though you do come up with witty remarks on occasion). 😏

    1. Hey Gilbert, thanks for being here and subscribing. If you knew me in person, you’d know that’s just me, I’m a smartass and always got jokes. Sometimes they are funny sometimes they aren’t but I’ll always be me, so that isn’t going to change. Hope you stick around dude, thanks for watching.

  13. My Thai VW gearhead buddy introduced me to your channel, I rather enjoy it Even though it doesn’t loom like there is an air cooled vw scene there at all. Your show is well done, fun and informative… enough so it could make it on a mainstream tv network Travel Channel.. at least in my opinion. Keep up the great work.

    1. Ken Walker thanks Ken! Check out my video called car guy heaven in Bangkok or something like that, there is a R35 GT-R in the thumbnail. They have one of the cleanest air cooled bugs I’ve ever seen in my life! Appreciate you watching dude.

  14. Very cool!
    I live about two blocks from here and I’ve been tempted. I did not see a guard when I was snooping around there late one night but now I know. Thanks.
    I started calling it the “ghost hotel” long before I knew anything about it just because of the look of it.

  15. thank you for the video chad . interesting to see . i have many friends there in thailand they told me about the ghost tower , its interesting to watch ,
    thank you for all your videos you put on you tube , great videos , take care bro

  16. These was an incident 2014 that Thai guy took a picture of inside of building then he posted on his Facebook that he had to go back he said something was calling him. Second time he went there he found a body ( hang him self in one of the room) he was scared running out did not remember what floor that body was at. Cop didn’t believe him so He posted this on the popular thai web of course a lot of people don’t believe him.
    Turn out there was a real body on 40 something floor. Took a while to find that body because this guy didn’t remember what floor which side of this building ( he was so scared running out of this building).
    It was big news because they di d post live on line while they did searching.

  17. Bro, ally law just posted a vid if them inside 😎 i think you night be able to learn the way in from watching them guys 😎😎💯💯🍻🍻🍻

  18. Brother ! can you use google translate app on your phone and let them speak through . I really want to know what they speak in Thai. I used google Translate app a lot when i travel in many country included while I’m travel in Japan no body seem to speak English there .it save my ass a lot of time to ordering food outside of big city

  19. I know some thai friends who were able to get up there just recently. It depends a lot on the guard, the day and if there is some construction work going on. But it is definitely still possible to get up! Btw. which camera are you using for your videos? Is it a action camera?

  20. Are comments part of the algorithm? As in, do you get higher ratings, or show up more often as a recommended video? Or even better payout? If so then I’ll definitely start commenting more.

  21. I would request you to delete the video . I have been following your channel for a very long time now. And there has been absolutely no mistakes in your videos till today. But this video shows that you are giving bribe to that Guard. It might get your channel in trouble and I really dont want you to do down to zero after 50,000!
    Just take it as a suggestion and if you wish we could catchup after corona! In thailand. Im just a regular to Thai 🌚

    1. I’d be droning the shit out of all the location’s I’ve seen you go to. Great channel and quirky commentary. Keep that shit up.

  22. 2:30 I think the more likely outcome is that there’s too many people coming here to take photos and vlogging their experiences that they decided enough is enough. And also the fact that the guards accept bribes to let the people enter. You must also have one hell of a stamina to climb to the top!

    Maybe if you kept your camera he might actually open the door for you. Based on IG there are still people going up

  23. I think in episode 2 of “Jake Whitehall: travels with my father” on Netflix, he also visited Bangkok and some parcour guys (Team Farang) took him to an abandoned half finished 42 story skyscraper with a great view too.

  24. I went 2 days ago and there was no one to bribe to let me in. There is an elevator shaft by the welded door that has a fire hose tied a level up. Saw a video where some people climbed it to get around the blocked doors

  25. Fun quirky vid bro … It’s got a tres goulish spooky vibe that place. Been to check it out some years back myself. I get how folks think it’s haunted Thais love and really believe in spirits ghosts, good and bad juju etc.

  26. so cool I googled this and found a youtube video channel “Oliver Nordin” from Jan 2020 FREAKIN DOING Parkour moves up top of this building….Hard to watch. Thanks for staying grounded hehe..

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