Ocean 24 Resort, Hot Mineral Water Swimming – Philippines

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  1. It’s a little bit of a drive up the hill to get here.. but totally worth it for a day of swimming in fresh, hot mineral water. 

  2. Hi Henry, looks like fun!  Do you simply hold your mini stick camera in your hand when you make your videos, or do you attach the camera to something else?

    1. We can discuss it for sure.  We might not be able to put it on paper due to legal issues but we can discuss this on other terms. We help each other out and we all profit and gain from it. There are lot of this type of partnerships going on here in the Philippines. So it’s not unusual to see this. Did you see my previous email about the American from Badladz that owns two resorts? That is one example but there lots more here. You will see it. Some of them might even be fronts of laundering money from abroad LOL. Just my suspicions. Anyway, I wrote an email detailing the law and a link for more information. See the attachments as well. Thanks.

    2. Yes we’d have to talk about that Roland, as
      foreigners aren’t allowed to own land ?? If they have a Filipino partner that owns 60% of a corporation, and the foreigner owns 40% of the corporation that owns land–I think that’s OK?? It’s something you have to put a lot of thought into- Also I wonder if that is ok, I wonder if the 40% partner can own 50% of the “voting shares”- so that he has an equal say as to how the corporation is run. Voting shares are different than ownership shares. Maybe you can ask your lawyer about how that works over there with corporate law???
                                         talk later– Grant

    3. No problem Grant. Will do that. The case is still going through. As per my lawyer, will have to this step by step and it will eventually go through and the title will be cleared and clean. Will talk to you about it. If something is worked out, we can go through lawyers and how we will go this maybe through a corporation like the 60/40 ownership thing and get it done that way because there might also be some tax advantages. Will have to figure out how to avoid being taxed that much to gain maximum profit.

    4. @Roland Tuason – Hi Roland- sorry I haven’t been in touch lately, been
      very busy. I’m interested in what you said about looking for a developer
      for your Baguio land. I also have a guy from Vancouver who wrote me off
      this forum looking for a business opportunity so he can retire there. I’ll write
      you more about that, and also my ideas. I have developed quite a bit of
      land etc. Maybe something can be worked out. If you write me on that, wrire
      me at my gmail address-sorry I never got back last time- really busy. Glad
      to know things are moving along well- Grant

    1. No overnight lodging.  Most everyone brings their own picnic, but they do serve/sell BBQ after 5pm which is really good.  Chicken and Pork.  🙂

    1. Entry is about 40 pesos.  Renting the umbrella w/table and chairs I think was 200 pesos.  The cabanas with bigger table I think were 350 pesos.

  3. You da Man, Henry! For those of us whom have bodies that are bent and broken (after 25 years of playing cops and robbers) that hot water is a life-saver. Thanks for this post!

  4. I wonder if they still put chlorine in the water –coz it seems so crystal
    clear, and you would think that they would have to. Because it’s fed with mineral
    water from the mountains, maybe they don’t. It be nice to swim in a place
    like that without the smell of chlorine, and also the taste of it in your mouth.

    1. yes ..they put chlorine even it is fresh hot water..and every night they well cleaned up the pool…so nothing worry…and  this is where i live..

    2. I didn’t taste any chlorine and didn’t see a filtration system either.  Basically, fresh hot spring water constantly fills the pool and the excess runs off via channels built into the pool which drains out to the hot spring river below.  So the water is always moving and always fresh.

  5. As one of the viewers here posted– and I totally agree with him, and
    have read many times about the medicinal properties of natural spring
    water. I understand it’s great for healing problems with your skin, and many
    people travel quite far just to use them for that purpose only.

  6. Wow, a Filipina that knows how to swim! Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands and a majority of the Filipinas I speak to don’t know how to swim, go figure.

    1. At the beach, she swims three times further out than I do.  🙂  Her Dad was a fisherman so she grew up swimming from the boats.

    1. That would be great.  We are selling our home in Utah and going to move to The Philippines.  I am married to a filipina and have 1 son with her.  We will be in manila…uhggggggg.  But also have a place in the province, which is what I like better.  Ok talk later.  Salamat.

    1. @musica2015 it is truly my “getaway” place in the mountains to just relax all day. not much cell signal there so i just turn off my phone while i’m up there relaxing, swimming and eating. even a short nap sometimes. 🙂

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