1. The farm is starting to look like a jungle with all the rain you guys have had in the last few weeks. Time to hire a few workers to cut all the grass/bush down. Lush and green just needs a manicure. 🙂

  2. 1st. This video was private for a few minutes.
    On are farm roads we put big humps in the road to shed the water off them in specific areas.

    Technically it’s best for the road to be up high enough so water can’t run down it however for us hauling in that much dirt is not affordable so the next best option is shedding the water in different places to keep the road from turning into a river.

    You could do a hump in the road headed towards the pits / plateau and send some of the water to the left hand side into that old rice fielded. Then 7:28 coming off the plateau you could do a hump before and send it to the same place or along the plateau Edge where your drainage ditch is going that would keep some of the water from shedding into and building up on the road.

    Trust me a hump in the road is a lot easier to build then some other things. Also you could build a hump the shed the water from the pond to the left side of the road when you’re headed towards the plateau. And another hump when you get to the rice field on the left hand side. Just my 2 cents. Your drainage held up though so thats fantastic 👏
    Also a video on home-made phosphorus. https://youtu.be/J4_0v6dC_fM

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