No Duckweed, Done With The Azolla

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  1. You can check the box. The driver will not take it back if it’s no good. It’s your responsibility to contact the seller and arrange returning it, if that’s what is agreed by you and the seller. The driver has no say over Shopee or Lazada policy. 😉👍

  2. Hi Brian, being those fields used to be rice fields, there are numerous cereal fungi that could have thrived there and littered the land with spores, just waiting for someone to come along and add the magic ingredient, water, to bring them to life. In the absence of rice to attack, it might have settled for your azolla. Without a lab to tell you what you are fighting and knowing the best, specific way to fight it, you’re waging a losing war. There’s even one rice fungus that appears to have the ability to mutate and make itself resistant to chemical treatments. It’s said to be the cause of the destruction of enough rice to feed 60 million people every year and has yet to be eradicated anywhere it’s developed, worldwide. You’ve given this your best shot with the resources you have. It looks like it’s just going to require a lot more resources than that.

    By the way, I wouldn’t put a whole lot of time, energy or money into planting any cereal grass in those fields until you can find out for certain what this fungus is, because many of them are just as happy eating wheat, barley, rye or any other cereal grass as they are eating rice. Equal Opportunity fungi. 😉

  3. Hi Brian. What I see that multiples is the dogs lol. Sorry don’t mean to be funny. But you have a lot of dogs. Can’t you get in the dog business. You can maybe have a good behavior school for dogs. And sell them. After you teach them. Well good luck Brian. I really love watching your videos. And Mariel’s. And Charlie is so handsome and a cutie. And red too.

  4. Brian off the subject, a Brit in the Philippines says you have a child through a lady. Name Miss M and your only paying like $140 a month to help here and Mariel would divorce you through that, and she was gone for several months because of that. Also you are a loser any truth to that.

  5. Slot of us looked for a cure on different sites an still had no effect on getting better.gotta know when to holden an golden.started good but on to the next adventure

  6. The Azolla project was announced on the 1st of April, I thought it was an April Fools joke and said so, but Brian replied that the joke was on me. Well it’s been a very expensive joke Brian, I’m glad it’s your money, and not mine.

  7. Hi Brian. I study a little bit about the Azolla here is the information if you still want to try something fresh and new .1 sq meter to 1 kg of cow or chicken manour in your case is caraboa dong and 3gm of salt do not add any dirt that you dig out of the pits mix and stir it good let it set over night and then put the azolla in with in a week you should be able to start harvest and kind of watch and see around 15 to 30 day if it start get less production ad some more dry chicken or dong and salt but only 20% from the first time.And look at your azolla pits it look like some rain run off into your pit that can over fertilize. that why it start killing it. However you can treat it with salt 3gm to a sq meter. what ever you do try to avoid the rain water run off from any soil the will add fertilizer than you need. make sure water in the pit around 5 to 6 inches. This is from the commercial Azolla farm in Cambodia.

  8. Of course, I know nothing about fish farming, but it just seems that if you made just one or two large ponds to raise the fingerlings, it might cut down on the disease factor…

  9. what water do you juse deepwell water? hardness of the water is also important, it should be lower than 7 PH, deep well water is usually very hard water, mabye you caen check det

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