No Alcohol sales Here! Also A bike review. Great day in Thailand

Vlog#833 Today We will go out with some Thai Men friends and see if we can ride to the Province of Mukdahan that is closed. I will give a review on my Twitter bicycle. Great day living in Thailand. Oh and NO Alcohol sales!
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  1. That bike your friend has is$$$$ but I guess that’s his hobby. Enjoy bro
    PS: ” Chinese bamboo verrey strong “” Jackie from Rush Hour

  2. Hi Chuck, just wondering if you un-subscribed me? Cuz for some reason Youtube says I am no longer subscribed. Ok, if you hate me. But I doubt that. Just wondering?

  3. elite TREK manufactured bikes are the common choice for Ironman competitions in America and Canada. The competitors must also run and swim!

  4. Chuck, the numbers in Thailand are about the lowest in the world. My question is
    Has anybody died in Thailand in the last two months from anything other than the virus, do they even mention. Who died from old age.?
    That about confirms to me
    That no country was spared from participating in this
    Manufactured hoax of the NWO. To castigate a country
    Like that is really the tragedy.

  5. Do you have padded biker pants. I gotta get some as my butt gets sore.
    Wife off get finally get some beer. She called and said it’s being snapped up fast. Cheers

  6. Hey Chuck and Paige, Looked very peaceful on the road without the usual traffic. It’s the same here in Roiet. Traffic has been next to nothing up until yesterday afternoon around 1pm. Macro was so packed we just went home. I returned at 5pm and all was quiet again. Thanks for answering my question about flat tire issues. I’ve been considering getting a bike and that was one of my concerns. I’ll certainly upgrade the tires. Have a great day. See you tomorrow!

  7. haven’t heard of other problems w/the hero7 but the stabilization is off the charts fantastic. You seem pretty fit is that DNA or you get that from biking?

  8. Hey… gday Chuck and Paige… nice ride and the traffic looked like it was picking up a bit as the day started to come alive. We used to put these small high frequency dog whistles on the Harley to try and fend of dogs and deer in advance …… didn’t know if they really worked but so cheap and small, why not…. if you could find them anywhere … might help a little.

  9. As one who has spent a few years living and cycling in your part of the world, the cycling aspect of this video was particularly enjoyable. Must be fun riding such a nice light bike. Recently I’ve been enjoying the way my new e-bike (at a hefty 27 kg) levels out the local hilly terrain. Big difference between cycling in the heat of the tropics and cycling in my temperate neighbourhood. Makes sense for you to get out early in the day when it’s still relatively cool.

  10. I’ve recently started cycling more regularly and it’s really enjoyable, especially as we live in quite a rural area without much traffic. I’m learning that it would probably have been better to start off with a new bike as I’ve been getting 2nd hand ones that turn out to need repairs, but luckily nothing too expensive. Nid loves her new little Red “Turbo” bike which we bought from Tesco, which despite having no gears, scoots her along at a rate that’s fast enough for me! Thanks Chuck!

  11. Good to see you are still able to keep riding there. The parks in Bangkok open today so I will start to ride again. Was interested in your bike light that scares dogs. Can you give me some details about it?

  12. What is the dog-deterrent gizmo you have? I use an air-zound. Runs on compressed air from my bicycle pump. Super loud. Scares the crap outa the dogs and anyone else around including me if I accidentally lean on the button when un/locking it, which seldom happens now.
    I have a mountain bike. I find it is sturdier for the roads I’m on, going up/down curbs etc., but I’d never be able to keep up with you guys. What’s your cruising speed on that?

  13. Alcohol sales Chonburi (Pattaya) today , All the Supermarkets and convenience stores stocked their shelves yesterday in readiness.

  14. It’s a nice bike, Cool you make it personal for your needs.
    When i see this video i got a idea about biking from my home in Khon Kaen to you’r place

  15. Last 3 years i traveled through Thailand on my roadbike for 5 weeks. I like it there, good food good people and nice moutains. Especially in the north. Every year i come back , the more Thai people i see on roadbikes and they alwaysride along for a little while. I hope i can could me back in January.

  16. You should sign up for Strava app, for exercise app. Then we can follow you on your bike rides. The saying here is “if it’s not on strava , it didn’t happen.”

  17. the bike looks good; yup, definitely a good way to stay in shape; i personally don’t like clips either; anyway, looking forward to your next video

  18. oh….when you fell with you bike …..IT WAS FUNNY…might not have been fun..but it was funny! 😀 thanks for sharing brother

  19. Chuck nice bike!…..I prefer a suspension mtn bike myself but to each his own!

    I worked with a guy who builds his own Titanium frames annually, as he not only rides it 8 mi ea way to work daily but does the annual 206 Mi race from Seattle to Portland (STP) a 1 or 2 day run (your choice) that is limited to 8,000 entrants! (new limit going fwd from last years 10,000 limit) Sadly this years run usually held in Mid July has been canceled due to COVID-19.

    Be Safe my Friend…

  20. damn, no alcohol, haha ​​the virus is much worse here but you can still buy alcohol here, no problem, probably the farangs have more character than the thai people not to drink it in this difficult you doing a bike ride, so I can see something of the country and the surrounding area, because I miss Thailand a lot now. so thx for the gread vloggs that you make for us during this difficult time. I thing europeans can not go out of europe this year..haha i always like to hear te old women talk ,its always funny ..btw food looks good..So like always i did enjoy the vlogg and 👍up again from me Chuck

  21. Twitter bikes are just a bike from China .. not Germany. Depending on how tall you are a size 50 would seem a bit on the small side. You also have way too many spacers under the stem. This can be very dangerous as the expander plug will not sit below the top of the headtube and you run the risk of shearing the steerer tube off and having a massive accident. Just a warning

  22. Nice blood pressure 👍 was it that good before you took on biking or did biking improve it? I’m at 150/105 so need to do something I guess.

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