Night at Mike’s Dauin Dive Resort – Brownout Getaway 2 of 2

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  1. nice place, I like it!!!!
    you sound really upbeat and happy, that’s awesome!!!!
    so no brown out in Dauin???
    only Duma?????? that’s weird.
    and you know umbrellas aren’t just for rain over HERE!!!!!
    they preserve the wife’s skin out in the blazing sun ☀️ haha

  2. In another 5 to 10 years you’ll be traveling with a Small backpack. Unfortunately it will be filled with all of your over-the-counter and prescription medications. 😁

  3. Wow another video !!
    Yaayyy baby Zoe
    So cute looks more puti now
    Youre lucky man Ned

    Travis kraft would almost act like he wanted to charge to watch videos of his newborn

    4 eye dog= good luck

    Amazing filipinas just a few weeks later giving birth and they back in shape !

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