Nhi’s first birthday celebration ever.


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Restaurant featured:
Emoji Pizza. Number 1, Hẻm 4 Hoàng Dư Khương, District 10, HCMC.
Best pizza I’ve tasted. Better than 4Ps.


  1. You are a great man Troy! You and all the generous donors!! The look on her face counting the money is priceless. She of all people, working hard selling in the streets, knows the real value of what she has received. Beautiful people. 😊✌️

  2. I wanna say this is poverty porn but these are substantial sums of money and not something small like a bag of rice (even though anything is better than nothing), something that can change a person’s life forever (a very long time!) Love you guys, I’ll donate a bit too

  3. You can see they are eating for pizza for the first time. But why in the hell are they eating with knifes and SPOONS?! Just use your hand lol

  4. This is a good video to wake up to, first thing in the morning. Start the day out with some feel goodness.
    Granny musta had some chicken if she was complaining about her knees later… Is that computer floor in their house? Looks like it anyway.
    Thanks to Troy, Storm Wolf, Thai Tran and Kevin Wong for helping this fine family out.

  5. Thank you Danny, Thai Tran, and Kevin Wong for your generosity. What a great way for Nhi to spend her birthday! Nhi and family will remember this for the rest of their lives. With all the money you gave Nhi, no wonder that she’s eating pizza with a fork and knife “like the upper class”. Great job Troy!

  6. Wow that was such a generous donation. And to think this is all due to the persistence of the viewers to find Nhi as we recall she fibbed about remembering his mobile number and just brushed him off. Sensational work stormwolf in supporting a disadvantaged child’s education. Plus other contributors

  7. Just look at her looking around the restaurant and her face beaming with excitement and thinking ”i Can’t believe i’m here ” and then she sits and watches them prepare the pizza’s 😭😭😭😭Nhi’s mum not eating but just wanted her daughter to enjoy 😭😭😭😭😭And then to the toy shop ..The Kichen set ….of course 🤦‍♂️(she will be cooking the best noodles for miles in 2 years time ) Id be happy to be related to this lovely family ,As for the donars ..well… what can say what’s not been said already ..Bless you all and you to Troy ..keep your batteries well charged mate 😉Happy bithday Nhi ..Can’t help thinking the young lad wanted a pair of top notch Trainers instead tho 😁

  8. Thanks Danny, Tran from france and Troy for helping Be Nhi become a millionaire in VND 😁. I bet she will never forget this day

  9. I belive that Nhi has an unforgetable birthday and when she grows up she will bring the best memory of this mankindness, thank you for your gift Mr Dany, Thai Tran, Troy !

  10. You plus donors equal= dreams come true!! Its heart warming to see how well behaved and polite these kids act. Mom needs huge shout out, she struggling hard to keep family feed and she granny are doing a wonderful job. Thanks to the folks that made this happen for Nhi and her siblings.

  11. Papa Troy making children happy again, aka the Vietnamese Santa Claus except he’s a thin Asian dude instead of fat old Scandinavian looking man, keep it up the good work champ!!

  12. thanks for everything Troy, Danny and Kevin. it was my first donation and certainly not the last. a magical birthday for a fantastic family

  13. I really hope the Mom is simply being humble. It’s sad that she didn’t even eat and she didn’t seem so pleased to be at the toy store. My worry is that she is so humble, she will stay poor and probably give the money to someone else instead of just flowing with the opportunity. It may sound corny, but Troy is a fucking angel and what he is doing is better and more effective than 99% of charities around the world. Keep spreading the love and happiness bro!

  14. American’s are NOT Imperialists, Corporations are!!! Average working American’s are like everyone else. Work, savings, family, friends. We HATE the Government and definitely Imperialist anything. We believe in our Constitution. When have you been with an American Family Troy? Come to Michigan, we will treat you like a King, not like an Imperialist. Much love.

  15. Stormwolf’s letter made me tear a little. You can sense the sincere heartfelt love and empathy. Troy, Danny and everyone else that contributed are doing magnificent work. Awesome job!

  16. It really hurts when you shit on Good Americans who Donate to your cause. Please think about this, Many Americans give more to donations world wide as Christians to All walks of life than ANY other Country. FACT! Why? Because we’re “Imperialists”? No, because like you, we care too.

  17. I grew up on 18 hard work farms as a Foster Child. Hard Labor for free. Much abuse, it was hell. When I was 18 I joined the Navy to escape poverty and leave my pain behind me. I am NOT an Imperialist.

  18. This is exactly how it should be for these kids. Big respect to Stormwolf, Thai Tran and of course Kevin Wong. Not forgetting you Troy! Without you this would not be possible.

    You are not only changing the lives of these kids and the other people you help but you have changed me as a person since I have stumbled across your videos a few months ago.

    Please can you go check up on Vi and her mum? I hope the worst has not happened but considering the state she was in when we last saw her then im afraid that may be the case…. WE need to support Vi even more so due to this as that very poor family has just lost 50% of its income if her mother dies, not to mention the emotional toll that will take on Vi..

    Vi and Co Binh next please Troy.

    You are the man, keep it up mate. I’m just some random 27 year old from the UK but just know that there are people all around the world rooting for you and the people you help.

  19. Questi stupendi bambini hanno perso la parola per la contentezza……chissa quanti altri giorni altrettanto felici ci saranno nelle loro vite…..Un grande grazie ai loro padrini benefattori che con un piccolo sacrificio hanno fatto una grande cosa…….💕❤

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