Người đẹp ở khu ổ chuột. Sài gòn ngày nay.

Cuộc sống ở ổ chuột Saigon. The slum dwellers have a bad wrap so this is a video of them working.
Sorry no subtitles. 50 minutes is too much.

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  1. Appear to Work rather efficiently considering the lack of tools and machines.
    See the li’ Boy was Free Styling…lol I did it quite often When i was small too… So say the family elders.

  2. There are commercial onion peeling machines that will automatically peel over 100 onions per minute. Get them a machine and they can corner the onion peeling market, or at least cut their work day down to an hour.

  3. hi Troy,
    Good work, I am sure you have touched many people from your activities. I used to organized many charity work in HCM. Hope to get in touch with you . I am expat living here long term. Seeing people smile with hope is the best thing we can offer. Keep it up bro.!

  4. Cutting onions is theie job. They seem to be able yo do more. Team up, save and buy the bare necessities to open up a little food cart and be your own boss. I doubt its easy but I also doubt its impossible. Cutting onions isnt going to get you ANYWHERE. Youre just doing the bare minimum to get by

  5. ….those ladies busting their humps in that heat are some tough motherf@$kers . Good call by your donors and yourself. To hell with the “Debbie Dickhead Downers”. Stay cool 😎.

  6. Love your videos man. Gives us a true glimpse into daily Vietnamese lives. I hope this pandemic shit ends soon so I can head back. Amazing country.

  7. I don’t know what your subscribers are on about. If you live in a house made of corrugated metal and you peel vegetables for a living, you’re not exactly bill gates.

    1. Stefan C facts man. These people are poor. Maybe not on the level of beggars or homelessness but they are still poor. The small amount of subscribers that called them out are unaware of the lifestyle there.

  8. Seeing the familiar faces is great, it really adds a lot of feeling to the video. Someday I will be there just not making the videos…

  9. People complaining of no English subtitles crack me up. I find the jokey subtitles entertaining myself. Sure, sometimes I wonder what’s being said, but ultimately the man is out there making these videos, doing God’s work, and if he enjoys the jokey subtitles, then by all means. When you’re devoting as much of your life to helping people like Troy does, then maybe your preferences will be worth more than dog shit. Or, start donating some money and make your requests worth listening to.

  10. So around 39:00 mark. They said peeling the onions gives them 4K vnd (roughly 20 cents usd) per kilo. I believe they peeled 31kg worth of onions so that should give them 124,000 vnd which is a bit over $5 usd. My point being that haters should stfu and stop assuming bad in people all the time because that ain’t light work

    1. Oh and I believe 31kg was between the both of them where Ngan did 16kilos, so she gets 16×4000= 64,000vnd (~$3 usd). Correct me if I’m wrong :))

  11. Thanks Gordon and Troy. Donations were given to the right people again. I am glad the donations will cover 3.5 months of house rental. Mrs Linh is a straight shooter and a good lady. Ngân is so sweet..! Troy, thanks again for the great charity works.

  12. Xu exposed them by saying they’re different when you’re not around lol. Not saying Linh is a bad person but you can tell shes a hustler.

  13. Ngan should get a part time job that pays more or something even if its at a boba shop or a family mart. i mean peeling 20kg of onions for 80k VND aint really an efficient use of their time. she can even sign up with all the motorbike delivery services in hcmc and probably make more money than that. i know its a huge task but i’m rooting for Ngan to pull her family out of the slums.

  14. The baby’s face as you’re giving the mom the money cracked me the hell up! She was on the verge of crying but didn’t quite get there. Absolutely adorable!

  15. i dont feell sorry for them,i suppose its a bit like life on a council estate in england ,there buildings are more rustic but its hot there plus there in a city with massive opportunity them all seem happy and in good health ,amazing, good video look into reality in Saigon.

  16. “But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, *hoping for nothing again;* and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.”
    — ‭‭Luke‬ ‭6:35‬‬

  17. Don’t see why anyone would talk bad about Nghan unless they are jealous of her. Sure, she live in a poor community and may not have as much money as everyone and dress nice, but she is a humble person with nice personality, she is also hard working and never once she except any money given to her. She always deny it first and in the end only take it out of generosity.
    This is the type of Vietnamese girl you want to married, she will be the wife that will take care of you and love her family. Nghan, you shouldn’t care what other people say about you to let you down. In your heart and everyone know you are a good person.

  18. This reality show is more interesting and makes more sense than Keeping up with the Kardashians. And I don’t even understand Vietnamese.


  20. Ag the beginning there are no subtitles and I don’t speak vietnamese. So I made up my own conversation.
    Troy fell in love with the youngest grandma in Vietnam. He ask her to marry her. He doesn’t get on his knees because someone spilled some corona on the floor. She said yes! So for the rest of the video they are going over the prenup.
    The End.
    That look on the baby is priceless. She’s saying get this Troy dude the fuck outa here! He’s messing with my titty milk time!

    1. mitch b .. yea the teenager normally don’t peel onion. She is still going to school and due to the virus , school is closed so she helps out. The lady in red is a pro at peeling.

  21. the way you talk troy..i am thinking you are republican..but not GOD fearing….it does not matter about politics! why wont you help those who have nothing!-you GODLESS MAN! I HOPE ONE DAY, YOU HAVE NOTHING AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE A “BROKE- ASS BUM” AS YOU SO PUT IT!- SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE..I USE TO BE BROKE AND HOMELESS SLEEPING IN THE PARK BEFORE SOMEONE HELPED ME OUT!

  22. the family are honest and so humble and hardworker.troy pls help them more .think you are like a fresh air when you visit them and i think you too you feel happy when they are around .

  23. I don’t like people who go to work and pay taxes then complain that it’s helping the poor. Your tax dollars are gone either way. You’re not getting it back whether it’s used for building bridges where homeless people sleep under or feeding the poor.

  24. Dont worry i just make up my own subtitles for the video as i watched it all…..this virus has me watching videos i dont even understand….

  25. Maaaaaan, when we first met winnie and fattt they totally painted xu as this villain, you can see what a sweet honest loving kid she is in this video. Didnt understand anything but still a great watch!

  26. Hi, I’m from Norway where we bathe in oil money, and getting fatter and fatter until we can’t walk 🙂
    Many cannot understand what life is like for a family like this.

    So I like these videos very well, maybe we can better understand what life can be like for a family in a poor district like this.
    And after watching your videos I think about what awaits these kids, In a world where it is getting harder and harder to create an okay life.

    I’m a little curious, Troy, can you find out if there is any other, bigger and better business this family can do if they get help to startup.
    I’m not a big fan of throwing money at these families, it helps here and now for someone suffering, but…
    I have a greater belief in helping them take the next step out of the situation they are in, maybe helping them to help themselves even better by maybe helping to start a bigger/better business or to enable some of them to get a bigger and better job / income.
    So they can give the children good education, good education is often the way to more opportunities to secure the family even better for the future.
    The worst thing is that these girls often become young mothers, and trapped in the life they have at the time.

    1. I know of a charity in sangklaburi; that helps families, by giving education, health care, holidays, food and shelter. They have also help with university fees; the children are mon and karen; refugees from myanmar.The charity is children of the forrest .org

  27. why you said to her that foreigner (white foreigner) always expect something in return when they give, not fair not true. I really enjoy what you do but that is a big lie.

  28. I know why troy only gave money to one little girl and the other. The last time that little went to the mall with troy and was very ungrateful. I think troy should have given the $ to the little girl in private so she didnt have to share it with the ungrateful little girl.

  29. Today, Vietnam still has many poor people not because they are lazy. They don’t want to work. It is because Vietnam had gone through too many wars: Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, and U.S. wars. Vietnam still on the map of the world today that is really a great achievement of people in Vietnam. I love my people because they are hard working people. Vietnamese people are loyal. What you do for them today,they will remember it for the rest of their lives. Then, they will repay for what you have done for them is by helping others who are less fortunate as them when their lives are better. That why Vietnam has an expression, “When you eat the fruit, you need to remember whom planted the tree”.

  30. Mate, I found your channel a few days ago and I can’t stop watching, your doing an amazing thing and your pretty funny bloke as well, I like the sarcastic translations haha. I live in Hanoi and would love to join you on a charity run sometime, let me know when your back around.

  31. HI Troy! nice to meet you! I am Dylan from United States! I just came across some of your videos! I really enjoy watching them! please keep up the good work!! I want to keep in touch with you after this Corona virus settle down or fully disappeared! ! my Vietnamese grammar is not great ! sorry that why I don’t type In Vietnamese! I would like to keep in touch with you and we can be friends!! if that cool with you..thank you talk to you soon!

  32. Please tell them to wear protecting glasses when peeling onions…prolonged work of peeling onions can do great harms to their eyes : tear dust and chemical in the onions can enter their eyes without proecting glasses and could cause them to lose eyesight or blindness in the long run. Your eyes are too important and precious to be neglected. Once you lose them, it’s irrevesible! Please tell Linh and Ngan to be very careful: wear protecting glasses and please take good care of their not do this job (peeling onions) all days long.

  33. How much would it cost to hire a translator to dub your videos? I wish I had a bigger family, it is so lonely in the West, where are my neighbors and friends? That’s right they are watching tv, eating too much, buying things that are used once and not thinking about anyone else. Well, not all are like this, however many of us poverty is not having a mobile phone or TV. Please be thankful.

  34. Troy, you’re a good man doing good work. As for the Haters it’s hard to tell what’s wrong in their hearts and minds. Don’t dwell on them keep up your good work!!!

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