News: Philippines Eases Travel Curbs For Tourists From Countries With Variants

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  2. All we need Reekay is for Taiwan to allow foreigners into their airport so that EVA will resume flights to Cebu and we can use the tickets I gotten my wife for Christmas and hopefully see you in Ayala supermarket in February…

  3. How do you feel about having been in the PH the entire time Reekay? IIRC, you came to Vietnam and at first you liked it so much you were talking about moving here but then changed your mind and went back to PH, right? Do you wish you had stayed here instead? I’ve only made a handful of videos about what’s happening here (need to do more!) but I have to say, I feel pretty lucky to have gotten “stuck” here! No covid to worry about and life is somewhat normal. What’s funny is that I was actually planning to go to PH instead of here back in March! But when I saw covid blowing up everywhere, I reconsidered my options and chose Vietnam and I’m glad I did. I love PH and miss it a lot. I’m looking forward to go back when I can but during this pandemic, I think Vietnam has had it the best.

  4. Thank you for sharing the information. I enjoy hearing from someone who has boots on the ground that really does keep up with things.

  5. Wow… this is the first government policy I’ve seen anywhere that actually takes into account that there’s an incubation period, during which you’re infected, won’t pass it on to others and will test negative. It’s generally regarded to be 7 days as a max, but 5 is pretty good. A step in the right direction, policies that take science into account. Hopefully it will become a trend.

  6. What’s crazy is that thousands of unmasked kids are allowed to spread the wiggle with no restrictions. Then we get our rights taken away. And what’s crazy is we allow this to happen.

  7. It’s not worth the bother to travel anywhere, not just the Philippines, as yet. It’s better to hang in until most restrictions are relaxed even though it’s going to take a while.
    All those single desperate western guys need not worry as those Filipino women will still be there to deprive them of their money when the time comes πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ

  8. And in a few days or less they will change their silly requirements once again. Other countries, even with 5x times more Covid cases and deaths, e.g. South Africa, just request a negative PCR test taken 72 hrs prior at the departure country. Those Philippine authorities come up with more and complicated regulations over and over again. Plus each province adds its own rules & regulations on top of it. They will only stop it once the last filipino is forced to beg on the street.

  9. Would living in a another country with a British Passport and being a resident fof 15 years make any difference traveling to the Philipines although I haven’t been to the UK since 2004 !!…I wont be leaving till September hopefully there wont be so much Protocol then

  10. Question: what if you take two tests, quarantine for 5 days, get endorsed, and stay in metro manila, not leave for the provinces. Do you still need to finish the 14 days?

    The spouses and minor children need a visa before entry unlike back in Dec where it was visa free.

  11. These government overreactions and gibberish press releases (if you can call this incomprehensible crap a statement) …..
    …. are just ridiculous.

    Just open the damn border.

  12. Hi Reekay,its becoming pricey and very confusing,basicly if you went for a break with your filipina for a month you would barely have time to enjoy it outside the compound as it stands,think i will wait till they relax some more stuff,i think a test at both ends and a shorter quarantine ,maybe 5 days total both ends ,will be the only way it will be worth travelling right now.great vlog.

  13. The headline is meant to mislead they do that to you read the article and from where I get from that is that you take a test soon as you get there menu in the hotel for 5 days on the 5th day you take another test it’ll probably take two or three or four days to get a result so you’ll actually be in the hotel for 8 days up to nine days if everything goes smoothly and then one day to travel so possibly get to your destination on the 10th day 2 stay for more days quarantine see your family members for only two days before your flight back and which you’ll have to quarantine and test when you get there doesn’t sound like a good option

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