(News) PH National ID, Scientists Against Lockdown, Bohol Tour Packages & PH Vaccine Testing

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    PH National ID.. https://www.philstar.com/business/2020/10/09/2048378/what-you-need-know-national-id-pilots-oct-12
    6,000 Scientists Petition.. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/irreparable-damage-over-6-000-scientists-sign-petition-calling-for-end-of-coronavirus-lockdowns
    Panglao Tourist Packages.. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1345140/bohol-eyes-panglao-reopening-by-november
    Vaccine Trials in PH.. https://cnnphilippines.com/news/2020/10/10/covid-19-vaccine-trial-november-ph.html

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  2. Reekay what would we do without you? You have covered all aspects of living, traveling, quarantines and many others in the Philippines. You have a heart of gold.

  3. I would never trust the Vaccines, we do not know what is in the vaccines. Funny how China has given the world the Virus now they want to sell us the vaccines. It’s all about profit.

  4. Hello Henry. The Philippines National ID card makes sense for all Filipinos as a way to track them when they travel anywhere in their country or internationally. The tour is a great idea for first time visitors wanting to get a feel of the Philippines during this pandemic so it makes good sense. As far as the vaccines, I believe many from the USA and other western countries will rather choose the USA vaccine. Great update!

  5. I’m sure others suggested it as well. I know I floated the idea of registering specific resorts as “quarantine facilities”. They could then allow short term visitors to pick a place to go and allow locals to join them in quarantine. Unfortunately, no bureaucrat is ever willing to sign off on an idea until they add at least one restriction. By the time several layers of bureaucracy have finished you end up with something more like house arrest, *EXPENSIVE* house arrest.

  6. Thank you for giving us real news. Expats (like an idiot I used to expect friends request from all of them I
    learned quickly not to) love to send me conspiracy theories that I never read. Real news, please.

  7. Thanks for always keeping us updated on thing bro. Ill follow your advice and not book the tour. The scientists thing doesnt seem like something that would work well to me. By allowing some ppl to go out to keep the economy running will have to go home and therefore infect the ppl “quarantine”

  8. Johnson & Johnson makes baby powder knowingly giving people cancer , The Chinese created this virus now thy want to sell the cure , Bill Gates can’t even keep a virus off his own operating system he’s poisoning children in Africa and India with vaccines don’t allow these criminals inject there poison in your body do your own research

  9. This Bohol tourism package really looks similar to the north Korea model where you are escorted by guards in a tour package all the time and you cant go anywhere by your own. Is this the model Philippines heading to?

  10. Thanks for the update Reekay, there is no way I will be a part of any group travel. Freedom to go anywhere anytime is key for me. Chinese people who like to be in big groups, following someone carrying a stick with a toy on on it, can keep that method for their vacation. Pharma to use Filipinos as guinea pigs for vaccine? , haven’t they suffered enough.

  11. I can see the hotels setting up their own rules with people at the resort having time slots to eat and to be on the beach. Call it a high end prison…

  12. Reekay, Yes, to the unstudied, the I.D. sounds plausible but I think you are not aware of the end-goal – global tracking, not unlike the German Nazi identification system for the people they wanted to monitor, you know, the inked, tattoos on the inside of the wrist. All for the uniform and orderly tracking of humans. You may be a provider of very relevant and timely information, but you are also a marketer and type of ‘carney-barker’, always trying to make a few bucks on the backs of naïve foreigners who feel they cannot do their own research. Good luck to you!

  13. Great info on the ID card. Didnt know about that coming out! Hey.. at least they are opening up the Philippines a little. a move in the positive direction. The Philippines is relies on Tourism for about 12.9 percent of its GDP compared to the USA which tourism is about 3% of GDP. so it makes sense the Philippines is opening up!

  14. Quick comment on the vaccines. Philippines won’t be the only country. They are doing countries simultaneously for example China has I think 20 countries participating, Russia has Philippines and Mexico. Interestingly, Philippines has an agreement with Russia to produce their vaccine in the Philippines.

  15. It sounds like The Philippines President wants to use his people.as the guinea pigs. Yet he changed his mind about him being the guinea pig. About the tour thing, you are right this is something the Chinese and Korean will go.fir.it but very unlikely the westerner. We like to go and do whatever we want and not to be told . Thanks again for keeping us up-to-date.

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