News: 23 Fatalities Possibly Related To Pfizer Vaccine – USA Soon Requiring Covid Test For Entry

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    In this video I discuss, “News: 23 Fatalities of Seniors From Pfizer Vaccine & USA Soon Requiring Covid Test For Entry”

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  2. If 98 or 99% of the people are surviving the virus, then i would give the vaccine if they want it, to the ones more prone to it, and forget everyone else,,,, you inject the ones the who need it most. No one under 60 should take the vaccine unless some underlining issue is lingering. Yes, Variant more infectious, but doesnt kill you, We all have had the Flu one time or another in our life, and it doesnt kill everyone,, Something is not right…i just dont get it.

  3. My guess is they will continue to over report covid deaths and underreport and cover up the vaccine deaths. Just follow the $ trail, they’ll do what’s best for business

  4. Good video reekay. Believe it or not, vaccines only need to be 40% effective to be approved to slow the spread. So the sinovac vaccine may slow the spread but not sure how safe it is. Lots of distrust with the Chinese for some odd reason 😂

  5. In Denmark where I live all old people in nursery homes who have accepted the vaccine have got the first jab. Since it’s many of them are very old and fragile it’s only natural that a number of them will die every week and I think it’s very difficult to figure out whether they died because of the vaccine or because of other health issues.
    There have also been a large number of deaths form covid-19 in the nursery homes.

  6. My girlfriend was taken to the Noah isolation center in cebu sat . She has no symptoms so it’s mild or moderate condition so I’m assuming she is asymptomatic. The Noah’s isolation center is for mild to moderate covid-19 patents. So I was wondering can she get a vaccination after the 14-day quarantine there if she wants to pay for it what do you think? any info that could help sir?

  7. Thank you for update us Reekay. There is still a long way to go. Nobody knows till now if you are still infectious even you received the vaccine. Update from EU Virologists on that issue is: they will/have to find out 5 months after vaccination (the 2nd dose). Stay safe and stay healthy, you and Vee!👍🖖

  8. Thanks for all the updates,,,,,you think the public is really informed concerning the Covid virus or the antidotes that are being dispensed,I surely don’t as I don’t trust or believe any Governmental agency out there

  9. hi love this, i am from denmark and i can tell you we also have death from pfizer vaccines, and we also have people getting covid-19 after they have got the vaccine

  10. Can’t believe that the US is JUST NOW requiring Covid tests to enter the county. Other countries (like PI) have had that requirement in place for months. And yet the US wonders why there are so many cases here…

  11. For the vaccine to be beneficial you need to take a second dose in two months after the first dose. Is there enough of this vaccine available to administer the second dose. The more testing that is done the more cases there will be.

  12. I’m not too worried. A person who’s in their 80s already can’t take much. In addition, in any population, under any age demographic, people die from all kinds of things every day, like heart attacks, stroke, organ failure etc, so statistically, a certain number of people are going to die right after getting the vaccine. That doesn’t mean the vaccine caused their heart attacks, strokes, organ failure. All that is, is a correlation. Correlation is not causation.

    Most countries are vaccinating at-risk groups first, but there is a country, I can’t remember which one, that is vaccinating young people first. The reasoning is that, if young people are immune, they won’t spread it to at-risk groups. Immunity versus spreading etc is a complex topic, but I think I prefer that method over the way that the rest of the world is doing it. I don’t know, I don’t have a doctorate degree in internal medicine and immunology.

    Thanks for the video and the analysis. Always great info.

  13. Pfizer is fine for younger people. But for God’s sake it’s killing old frail people. The exact people you want to protect. How are older people supposed to put up with 100 degree fever and chills. The best vaccines for older people are inactivated viruses. They are not as inflammatory as are mRNA vaccines.

  14. People won’t be forced to take a vaccine, but if you want to go anywhere or do anything, without it, the options are likely to be limited. The Covid tests are considered to be highly inaccurate, by many doctors and scientists .Thanks as always for the information Reekay.

  15. Very sad that the Philippine government doesn’t pickup the tab to inoculate its citizens. With so many poor, they will have active cases for a long time.

  16. Since this is a global pandemic, then why would countries be charged for a vaccine? Wouldn’t it be better if the drug was dispersed free of charge to every country for the betterment of everyone? (Unless there’s a hidden agenda to this all along of course)

  17. More than 20 000 doses of the vaccine have been administered over the past few weeks in Norway and around 400 deaths normally occur among care home residents every week.

  18. Thx 4 the info I have a friend lives in the philippines and she doesn’t know she will take it or not but here in the states I’m unsure I will take it cause of the ingredients where can I find the info on the 2 vaccines

  19. We were warned about this beforehand. That there would be reports of elderly people dying after receiving the vaccine. Because a lot of these people were going to die of underlying medical issues anyway. The question is, how many elderly people died during that same period of time, that did not receive the vaccine.

  20. Theses vaccines have been brought to market way too soon. They really don’t have enough data on the efficacy and Big Pharma has immunity from any recourse

  21. This is a tough situation when the Government tells you to get the vaccine and you are not safe safe without it! Then you take it and 🤦🏼‍♂️.

  22. So, let me get this straight… Co-morbidities are NOT counted when they want to tell us someone died from Covid. Conversely, co-morbidities play a major part in those dying from the vaccine. Wake up!! We are in an experiment and are far from being told the truth.

  23. Thanks bro for the continued updates but ive got a question. Do you think the Phili will be able to purchase vaccine from other sources other than China? My bad 1 more question. Any thoughts on weather the Phili can do the same on incoming international flights so we dont have the 14 day quarantine?

  24. Does anyone realize the insanity of this? Or are you all just gonna whine because you can’t travel, you’ll bend over like sheep to take a very very poisonous jab, that’s not only killing people its damaging them for life. All over something that has a higher survival rate than normal flu. You will be forced if you want to do anything in life in the future. Dont kid yourself.

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