New Update on the “Situation” in Thailand

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We learned today that Thailand will be classifying businesses and areas of the country as low, medium or high risk in the future. More information:
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  1. That bench 😆
    The alleyways 👍
    Coffee girl 😇
    Up north or east 😎
    One death 😢
    The “situation” 💩
    Finally, I would suggest going to a low risk restaurant and washing down your lunch with a high risk beer 😁

  2. Wow dude when u walked in that grocery store with no gloves and no mask.. That’s a huge no. No in the states if u come here your going to have to break that habit.

  3. If a property in Western countries has high fences with broken glass or barbed wire or other security measures that means that the area is prone to high burglaries risk…so it’s a red warning flag to anyone thinking of buying property in that area..Common sense right?

  4. Hey, he saw my like then went and got coffee. Everyone hit the like button, maybe then he’ll go score some chicks…prolly not, damn virus

  5. Big Mick A….Then instead of glass you put up a removable live electric wire and electrocute the bastards instead..and if it does go to court just tell the magistrate I put the wire there to keep noisy cats out of my yard at night that keep me awake and who also smelly pee in my garden.

  6. Car meets should be low risk, everyone in there own car, park a bit away, and just check out all the cars. No need to ever get close to the person unless when casually talking.

  7. Pretty sure in America if you did that to a wall ANYWHERE someone would be able to sue you….. that’s what makes me laugh/sick in America is the fact that someone running from police could hop a walk like that get cut and sue the owner of the wall for getting cut and impeded from escaping the cops lol wtf.

    And it seems like the kids over there know not to touch the walls.

    Bro I would have Never known about those walls if not for your channel

  8. I worked in Thailand last high season, I fell in love with the place, now I’m stuck in England on lockdown dying to go back, and your videos are the best representation of real Thailand, been watching your vids since a long time ago!

  9. Fact 1: I watch a shit ton of YT vids
    Fact 2: most are crap
    Fact 3: never have I ever purchased any merch from them because they were not worthy of my money.
    Fact 4: I just purchased a T shirt from CB media

  10. The street cats maybe part Siamese. Most Siamese cats have a kink in their tails. The story I heard for that is that the Princess used to go bathing and didn’t want to lose her rings so she put them on the cat’s tail and the cat kinked the tail so the rings wouldn’t fall off. True story lol.

  11. Incidentally, train yourself not to absent-mindedly scratch your hip with your elbow out. I saw a guy with a massive smashed elbow. Stuff coming from behind is so close it’s easily done.

  12. In USA drs were told to record every death that was natural
    (Not a shooting or car accident or obvious like that)
    As a covid19 death.
    It’s hard to say exactly what the agenda actually is but I do know that fema has been Powered up in the USA and that papers for a 1 world Government have been signed which was explained in Christian Bible based movies over 20years ago about endtimes or the days prior to return of Jesus, you don’t have to be a believer to see that it’s almost been like basically a playbook… you get bored check into it.

    Stay safe over there and even if it’s something short like this video it’s still informative so it’s cool that you keep us posted bro .. stay safe

  13. You might like Udon Thani if you’ve not already visited there. It never was as busy or crowded as Bangkok and the people were very nice last time I was there.

  14. Glass on wall is a slight deterrent. But you just toss a blanket or jacket over it first. They should use razor blades pushed or set in out of site until you jump up there. It’s extremely effective. A guy tried going through my garage window. I had razor blades duct taped to the inside of the sill bottom’s. He received 2 misdemeanor’s and 17 stitches. Good to see you by the way.

  15. That’s the Millennium Hilton Hotel you pointed out. My wife and I tried out the rooftop bar a couple of years ago. iconsiam was under construction. if I can figure out how to drop you some $$, i would buy you a drink for you to go check it out…and maybe give a shout out to me in Asheville, NC, so I can embed the video on my blog.

  16. Glad to see that you are staying safe. Great idea getting out of Bangkok. What about Hua Hin area? Maybe you can hook up with Esquire.

  17. Hey Chad. As long as they are allowing us Farangs back in by November, I will be a happy camper. I was as you probably already know, supposed to be there right now. But I am a little glad that I am not. It looks hotter than hell right now. There is a lot of talk in places like your home state of Georgia, of opening up things very soon. I hope that opening it up does not come back to bite us all in the ass. I really appreciate the frequencies of your updates. I have started to really look forward to them. Thanks!

  18. Glad to see the channel doing well. Almost 65k subs already?! Even though you do car things, you incorporate other things that Thailand has to offer. Still waiting on the sex change homie hahaha!!

  19. Things are sloowly returning to normal. You can rest assured that global anger is building towards the CCP and their cover up of the virus.

  20. Chad, your thoughts on your state of Georgia lifting the stay at home rules already? The governor does not strike me as an intellectually minded or thoughtful man. How is it that Thailand seems to have handled this pandemic better than the U.S.?
    Peace, brother. Stay safe.

  21. I tried to read the front of the shirt you were wearing in this video. I got most of it, however not the last 1/4. I like the sentiment of what I could read. What does the rest say? BTW this was a fun video, because I have been lost like that in a strange city. Did it once in KL Malaysia and once in Chiang Mai. Unfortunately I am no longer able to walk that far, so those types of adventures are no longer possible. Now, I live vicariously through you. Keep on keepin’ on.

  22. Some people say the story behind those deformed cat tails is, that it has something to do with genetic mutation. Another story is: It is some kind of microbe or virus that latches on to the tail of the fetus in the womb and emerges as a deformity at birth.

  23. Maybe u could go to khon kaen, it is a nice city and it will reopen next week i think. I like ur videos and updates about Thailand, can’t wait to go back there.

  24. My wife went back to work on Monday, she works for an ‘Eye Doctor’…We have to get back to ‘normal’…Whatever that is now…TY Chad, Peace…

  25. The Thais need to understand that it’s the Chinese to blame ENTIRELY for this situation the world is now in. They deliberately lied and put peoples only life in jeopardy by trying to cover up the virus. I spend a lot of time on Samui and you can tell when a cruise ship has docked in Nathon because you’ve thousands of rude Chinese everywhere.

  26. Chad, you said it, “I really don’t know where I am going or what am looking for”, that’s about 90% of the world’s population at the moment, hope ya find the “holy grail” my friend, cheers;-))

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