The Old Man and a Bird

One day an old man was in his kitchen looking out the window. There was near blizzard conditions outside. As he stared at the scene from his kitchen window, he noticed a small bird being blown around the yard. The wind was too much for our little friend and no amount of effort would provide safety and security for him. As the man watched this unfold, compassion rose from within him and he decided to go outside and see if he could bring rescue to the little fella. So he got dressed in his winter clothes and proceeded out the door. The first thing he did was to walk to the barn, light a lantern, and leave the doors open just enough for the bird to see the safety and warmth of the place and hopefully fly into the barn for security. But no amount of effort on the old man would prevail. Then the old man thought to himself, if i could just become a bird, i could speak to the bird, and lead him to safety It was then the old man thought that is the same thing God did when he looked on the conditions of mankind and came down to earth as Jesus. Even though He did nothing wrong but to help, man decided that He had to die….and that is exatly would God had planned all the time. But still many will not go into the barn

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