Negros Oriental South Beach Grill Restaurant

This amazing restaurant is located at San Miguel, Bacong, Negros Oriental, Philippines.  The design of the interior of the restaurant looks like a standard Philippine design at first glance, but some details bring excellence to this restaurant’s style. This mysterious restaurant is located 20-25 minutes from Dumaguete.

Based on customer feedback, it can be concluded that everything in the restaurant meets the highest standards, and the meals are very delicious. If you want to taste a delicious, delectable, yummy pizza, try a fantastic, exquisite schnitzel or taste delicious, stunning seafood, it is extremely recommended to visit South Beach Grill Negros Oriental. The beauty of the view and the exquisite taste of the food will bring you to a magical world. People have considered this restaurant one of the best restaurants in Dauin. Cheesecake and carrot cake, one of the special desserts of this restaurant, will lead your taste to the peak. Grilling and marinating the meat is not a job of every master and every restaurant. But the masters of this restaurant professionally do it.

The prices of South Beach Grill Negros Oriental are relatively more affordable than other luxury and high-quality restaurants. In this restaurant the atmosphere is great, the décor is beautiful and the chairs are super comfortable. You can also enjoy delicious homemade sauces at the restaurant. You can relax on the beach before or after your meal, relax under the bright sunshine of the Sun, and swim in the sea. All the waiters and chefs are professionals, the service is very fast and the atmosphere is quite romantic. The interior is quite exotic and you feel you are in the East Asian country. This restaurant has live music on Friday and Saturday every week. The interior is quite exotic and you feel you are in the East Asian country. This restaurant has live music on Friday and Saturday every week from 6pm to 9pm. You have the right conditions for organizing your own wedding, birthday, and other private events.

If you want to try the fast food here, then Hardy Burger, onion rings or pizza can be the most spectacular option for you. This restaurant is not only famous for its dishes and meals, desserts, but also one of the emblems of this restaurant: beer, wine, milkshake, freshly squeezed fruit juices. If you decide to taste some grilled pork, you will first be introduced salsa sauce and chips. At the same time, this place is famous for herb crusted chicken with a fondant potato dish. Every day here’s the chief`s special, for example, Pan-fried garlic shrimp with mozzarella, seasonal veggies. They have already offered a Starbucks coffee. Alongside a cup of coffee, you should taste the homemade peanut butter cookies.

The average price per person in the restaurant is $ 4-9, which is considered to be a very affordable offer compared to other restaurants. Because the pizza oven is located in the center of the restaurant, the stunning, fabulous smell of the stove covers the entire restaurant. They are very good at cooking pizza in eastern style: mozzarella, pepperoni, and corn. Fresh ingredients make the taste of pizza even tastier. If you are traveling with children, then you can offer Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse to them. If you are hesitant about choosing to eat something, then the staff can suggest excellent dishes. One of the top advantages of this restaurant is the offering of appetizers, which are as big as a dishes, before serving a meal.

South Beach hosts various promotions: for example, on Thursday there is a wine day and wines are offered at half price; Italian style spaghetti and macaroni are offered with special discounts on Tuesday; and on Sunday, if you buy a pizza, you can get another at half price.

Tourists who come to this restaurant after a short period will come back to South Beach Grill, due to the special meals available here, polite staff, high level of service, due to the excellent ocean view and being close to the beach. Even the owners of the restaurant are very friendly with the customers who come there.

To contact this restaurant you can only use contact phones and Facebook social network. Since the restaurant does not have an official site, you can find out about the menu and prices of the restaurant using only the contact information provided. The contact number is +63 977 379 4365.

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