Naomi Wu (SexyCyborg) and I send a Chinese computer to the UK!

A while back I asked my friend Naomi to help me track down an iconic Chinese computer for a YouTuber in the UK!

Retro Man Cave’s video about the computer:

Naomi’s channel:

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    1. @VivaHollandia32 And in this part of England (East Midlands) we hardly notice some Dutch, Flemish or North German accents. Afrikaners stand out by a mile though!

  1. I guess your not Arrested Yet that is Good because Actully You are the Investigative Reporter for us in California and the World. Can you tell the Girl with the Bear she is Beautiful for me! And would she want to move to Malibu!

  2. Chinese made computers from a Chinese Company, “Lenovo” is a piece of spy equipment, a gift from Red Commi Chinese Generals. It must be destroyed……..!

  3. someday you may warp up those vids as an English learning program. this footage is quite useful as daily practice, and I bet at the same time this helps local kids gain more experiences, which even valuable, I know them, most of them just as a pure student lives in the air, so they dk what is real mean about English is a tool. they are so derail from real life. Appreciated, Winston! BTW this also extends my view,even I spent a couple of years in Shenzhen but I am Chinese.

  4. Using those QR codes and wechat is all ways the CCP tracks everything you buy say and do, and then screw you via the social credit score. It’s fucking Orwellian!

  5. Hi Winston, I think you would agree with me, that Naomi must be a fun chatty woman to talk to all day, she definitely has that bubbly character for sure, she must be a great person to have as a friend, just look at that wonderful smile of hers, and that cute teddy bear 😀👍

  6. 🚨⚡💅💅🔰⚡💅💅🚨 wow Naomi is very nice looking nice and Perky I think I’ll check out the channel after all💃👅👍👍hahahahahahahallloll hot lol

  7. I like the reaction of the guy in the background at the beginning. At first he is smiling, but then he hears the words “chinese society, communist, evil look down on” etc 😀

  8. i watch your videos for the honest and helpful straightforward infor…aww who am i kidding, the clickbait got me here. i too predict this will be one of your most viewed videos. keep up the good work!

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