my WORST travel experience – Easter Island

This video is the opposite of everything that my channel is but with the development of this situation, I had to create this video to share my experience in Easter Island (Isla De Pascua) and to remind you of some of the best ways to keep yourself safe when traveling. When in doubt, film everything.

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  1. Maybe your girlfriend has something to do with it…if she speaks Spanish, why never she did not translate it to you or warn you, now she does not want to show face.

  2. I was attacked in similar way by UK Daniels Estate Agent who has nothing to do with house rented by us, I suspect could belong to agent or to council who gave to private landlord to rent it out to con people out of money. We had our furniture inside for the price of thousends pounds. The house we lived for years was taken from the landlord not legally means somebody just came and closed the door to our belongings and furniture, some we had never recovered and important work documents, work taplets etc….nobody pays us back. We had no appropiate notice given neither by the landlord or anybody else. The owner came suddenly bang the door saying he does not know them at all, but became violent and realese his anger on us threatening us he does not want to give this house to them, threatening us with violence if we leave. Later they put notice with Daniels Agent Estate address tel number for contact card if we wanted collect our belongings but when calling Daniels they never pick the phone up, after almost a week of calling and hundred of pounds spent they pick phone up, but told to call later and later again claiming if I wanted the belongings we need to pay now to unknown bank account hundred of pounds just for opening the door we rented out with not given notice but they claimed they are not in charge of it anymore giving us another number of another housing agent but demanded money from us. We lost thousends of ££££ £because of their wrong procedures.

  3. I turned off this video two hours ago. In my head I’m still hearing “I need your ticket. I’m not giving it to you. I need your ticket. I’m not giving it to you.”

  4. Chile es lo máximo! Y siempre lo será. He totally said she put her foot on the stone. He never mention that Felipe was asking for the tickets because he had to put a mark on it because they were not behaving good. Felipe didn’t behave the.right way but YOU NEITHER. Please do not try to be a victim you have to respect! in some other countries in Latin America Felipe’s reaction would be just a cute baby one. I has been in the tourism business for 10 years and this guys that’s look so nice are the worse. Why you never mention Katy ask for free nights at the hotel? WTF! If I would have a such a bad experience do you think I would stay there for one more night? Or do scuba diving next day? WTF! People like you guys are the ones the ask for free nights or a bad review on internet. Why you never went to the office and accuse him? That’s bullshit man! you guys ruined and you knew it. If I would have a that situation I would go right the way to the reception to avoid miss understandings and because I won’t stay there for longer. WTF! Do you think we are idiots in Latin America ? I would challenge you to brake the rules at the Vatican or at the White House or at the Louvre Museum. People that is in the tourism business know people like you. You might lying to all your follower but believe me. ISLA DE PASCUAS is and it’ll keep been most of the greatest place in the world. Thank you because now I want to go. You just want to ruin Isla de pascuas. Why you keep to said as a totally threat I will post the video, I will post the video, I will post the video. Posted and that’s it. If you really want to help people but that was not your goal. You as many just want it to get something from the situation.

  5. To be honest with you .The guy might have been wrong but when the main guy asked you “How do I make it up to you?” And you said “Scuba diving” that sounded like an entitled influencer to me. You should have accepted an apology.

  6. Man how come You’re saying You did everything right????? Are You stupid or what???? First You had responsibility to show the ticket, what where You scared of if You had the camera on… that the guys will brake the tickets??? YOU f… liar…..
    You were constantly saying: ” You’re not getting my ticket” try to pull that out in a airplane, train or any park in Canada…. You’d get Your ass arrested right away and get out with a nice fat fine!

  7. Easter Islanders have had their country ass raped for the past three hundred years. You got what your deserved. You don’t respect other cultures, you think you are the boss of every country you show up in.

  8. Thank you for this wonderful video. I would never visit that country called chile is corrupted and people is horrible. I’d rather go to Argentina there better people and treat you with respect.
    Chile is a disgusting place.

  9. even though Claudio asked to make it up to you, why did u ask for scuba diving and dance show tickets? I understand that Felipe’s behavior was so wrong and you did nothing wrong but it doesn’t mean that you have to be greedy. Really? If I were in your shoes, I would have put everything behind and move on, not worth it asking for Felipe’s apology. It won’t make any difference because Felipe won’t feel sorry anyways for his actions. U were supposed to let it go and move on.

  10. I saw the entire clip and as a fluent Spanish speaker and avid world traveler, guess what? I’m never going to Easter Island. It’s remarkable how well you were able to keep your cool with asshole Felipe. I’m quick tempered and had that guy been all over me I’d snap. He was definitely on a major power trip. Great reminder to always keep your calm, never be the aggressor and always record everything. Post this incident all over the web – and let it be known to Chile it’s out there for everyone to see . Thanks for posting!

  11. what a terrible experience and i feel for u when it comes to this kind of unpleasant experiences, rude ppl can ruin ur entire day. And the way u behaved was the correct thing to do, the patients u had was amazing . he is truly insane look at the way he repeats and once the tickets are shown why does he need it anyway.
    from the made up stories of theirs seems the lack of knowledge and the level of education and common sense and so much more. and with your evidence ur safe. Hope everything ends well 🙂

  12. Clearly he was using his POWER to terrorize travelers. Seriously need to find another way to earn a living! They hate foreign people they should not serve them! Crazy

    1. But on the flipside, I’ve seen some pretty arrogant people from wealthier countries who pass through with so little respect or manners and they toss their pitiful valueless antiquated coins at locals demanding lap dances 24/7. Those are the people who plant the seed of hate and therefore cause local people to be embittered. So they gradually lose respect in return, or you find a rich drug lord who you’d rather hide from for fear of being a witness should police require you to identify a line up of bad dudes. It’s really scary these days, the way travelers are targeted. That’s the scariest and good reason to stick with bigger more diverse thus safer locations. Stay home stay warm stay fed and blessings to all and protect your beautiful hearts from this ugly virus that has made us all sick and distrustful of ourselves.

  13. I wished to go sometimes in life there and was impressed by this island but after this video never thinking of going just because of horrible locals :/ I’m glad you uploaded video footage so they will be ashamed of all this in front of the world.

  14. I’m from Chicago born and raised. I have dealt with so many people like Felipe, especially as a muslim woman. It’s really sad how little accountability people hold themselves to, but there is a Creator. Allah sees and hears all. Justice will prevail. Oh, really glad you two got out safe & sound.

  15. it is a damn shame, & let’s put it this way, most are envious & will go out of their way to railroad you, if you are a yankee, gives some belief ” they ” can make money out of it! ANYWHERE!

  16. This guy needs to be fired!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll also be notifying my travel agent about this concerning issue. I see no indication of this place being safe.

  17. I believe u 100%. I think felipe should be held accountable. This is sickening behaviour. Don’t visit Easter island people.i think these people are corrupt at easter island. These are nasty horrible people.i think they wanted a bribe.

  18. With that dorky face dickhead I’m pretty sure if you come to Santiago worst things are gonna happen , you look like a fraternity dumbass

  19. You sound like an entitled privileged brat. And there are two sides to every story. I have a hard time believing his actions didn’t involve some provocation on your part.

  20. Man you are so brave, you handled the situation very well, the guy was very aggressive right from the beginning. Felipe should be punished. I wish you good luck bro.

  21. Good on the park ranger to finally get assorted Instagram and YouTube idiots in line. That estupida thought she was better than anybody and the rule not to overstep the barrier didn’t apply to her. Hope he takes you both to the cleaners.

  22. What a jerk! 🙄 so sorry this happened to you. I hate injustice!!! And I hate liars!! He probably wanted to resell the tickets… Horrible people! Yuk! I’m very happy you are both safe now.

  23. Omg the amount of times Felipe is mentioned in the Easter Island Google reviews is scary.
    Thanks for the video! This needs to be shared before something bad happens.

  24. Was thinking of going there but now I’ve changed my mind and I’m going to Cuba instead just because that guy went to the hospital I never seen a thing that would put him in the hospital

  25. If this guy Felipe was a ranger in Australia and had this type of attitude, (only a fraction of it even!) he would have lost his job the next day, no matter how “local” he was!
    Rules in the workplace are rules no matter what, you treat your customers with respect or you lose your customers, it’s as simple as that.

    What a way to deal with tourists! 🤮
    What a way to lose money!🤑
    What a way to show lack of manners and what a way to police the place like in North Korea 🇰🇵 🤪😖
    Best advert for tourism there: don’t go to that frisking island, the locals are psychopaths!!

    I always dreamed to visit that island, but if this is what THE LOCAL MAFIA puts on display and this is what they do to “encourage” tourism, as far as I’m concerned, they can STARVE like their ancestors, thank you, until they remember how to read the rongorongo tablets again!

    There are plenty of other places on this earth that are cheaper and offering better services than this and I’d rather give them MY MONEY than to these jerks!

    Gosh! How disgusting!
    🤮 they really deserve a slap in the face for that kind of attitude.

  26. Geez.. You guys give tourists a bad name.. You should respect the locals and not be so demanding, especially asking for an apology, this is just ridiculous!! Acting like you’re such big victims is BS. You should leave the island and don’t go back. Thanks for giving the rest of us coming behind you a bad name.

  27. Well.. let’s see the video where you were at the line and he was whistling?? Why don’t you show us that? All you do is give us your side of the story and expect us to have pity for you. Maybe you shouldn’t have been stepping on the stones idiot. You just can’t do what you want. This is one of the most fragile monuments in the world , why don’t you show some respect and respect the boundaries set out by the national parks for you! I can understand why the guy would have been upset, because you were showing complete disrespect for these monuments and for this culture. So, show us the video where you are filming along this fence. Why don’t you show us what you were doing. Bunch of hypocrites. In my opinion the truth is usually in between both stories, so although they might not have been as bad as you are making them out to be, I can almost guarantee you that you were not as nice as you are making yourselves out to be. Just by the way you were reacting in the clip and the way you are arguing in this video tells me that you are disrespectful. Easter Island is really not a place to get into fights man, even if there is someone who is not being as nice to you as you’d like. You still need to respect the fact that this is not your home and that you can’t do whatever you want and that you are just visiting. I hope you’ll think twice before visiting other similar destinations in the future. Plus, you’re making a big thing out of this. You should show us your videos and maybe say how the local situation was intense. Anyways, I don’t believe you for a second that you are as innocent as you are making yourselves out to be. Next time, don’t step on the damn monument. Idiots!

  28. Don’t tell him that he’s the one being unreasonable. You’re being an asshole. You clearly were outside of the boundary like he said, and as the ranger, he has every right to demand your ticket. Also, you keep saying how video is the truth and how you’ve shown us the whole story, well then, where the he11 is the video and the photos you were taking when you were at or near the boundary? Man you are such a hypocrite and to act like you didn’t have to listen to this man who is doing HIS JOB is absolutely disrespectful on your part and you if this is how you behave when visiting sacred heritage sites, then you don’t deserve to travel! I for one, will absolutely not be watching anything that is published from your channel again.

  29. First of all you both have a fault! One he should of been kind when asking the ticket and 2 you should of just shown the ticket when he ask. Just because we do not know the past our life. May be he thought you were a threat and he try to protect himself. Just saying!

  30. For crying out loud, get a real job like everybody else who can’t afford to go traipsing around the world to third world places. If you want to go to a sh*t hole where people speak Spanish you could have just gone to Mexico.

  31. Not giving him the ticket was just what he wanted man!! Like this he had an excuse to keep bothering you. You should give him the ticket and than you could go and make a formal complaint for his behaviour. Never get in this ego fights.. there are some crazy people in this kind of jobs. They want power to do that kind of things!! Just take care.

  32. At the end of the day bro. May be 200 dollars for the ticket and a big flight. Just give him the ticket and show his boss and get a new one. Not worth the confrontation.

  33. I would have left the island right after the incident ….. even if it had cost me the money. Who cares for other stuff ….. the bad taste anyhow wouldn’t have allowed me to enjoy anything even remotely near that place ……

  34. DUDE. he asks for your ticket but you were being the biggest pain in the ass, if he tore it, you would have it on camera but instead you try and disobey the local authorities in a national park? should have just given your ticket and not rebelled

  35. I was expecting to see videos of how far your GF went to prove she really didn’t step on or cross any borders.. My experience, when asked for any compensation, just say thanks..

  36. When you’re in another country, you have to respect their laws. Our American rights don’t apply in their countries. They have the right to refuse service to anyone. If they want to ban you, that’s their right.

  37. 19:25 i understand you had a bad experience but dont fucking make it sound like a fucking tom cruse movie just because u are in a foreign country that doesn’t mean a fucking mexican cartel is going to attack u fucking dweeb

  38. Even though you’re in the right, the detail is unnecessary. When you’re young there’s a tendency to try too hard to prove you did nothing wrong. Best off just sweep this under the carpet and avoid publicising it. Sorry for your experience, definitely stressful and a shame that it spoiled such a location.

  39. This reminds of when one child yells “don’t touch me”, and the other, holding a finger a millimeter away protests “I’m not _touching_ you!”.Ok… so your girlfriend wasn’t _past_ the barrier, she was just _on_ it. Turns out that the world hasn’t quite agreed on whether “on” a barrier constitutes penetrating it. Football, hockey, tennis… they all have their own rules for whether a foot/puck/ball has to be _over_ a line or merely _touching_ it for a given rule to apply. So, the safe thing is to just stay completely clear of the barrier. Now, I realize that this would have diminished the cachet of your Instagram post a little, but, in the larger scope of things, it’s not going to cost you any followers.
    Now, I think I get where Felipe is coming from. He probably deals with hundreds of ego-tourists per day, and probably at least a dozen, each day, who think that the rules can be relaxed a little for them so that they can #LiveYourBestLife. At this point, he’s probably thinking “I’ve told you a _thousand_ times, already, to stay back from the barrier”. Now, in your defense, he shouldn’t have come up to you in such a confrontational manner. Even though, from a docent’s point of view, every YOLO-ing, selfie-stick-toting, drone-flying vlogger seems like the _same_ damned person, each one of you is a different person, each one who possibly hasn’t gotten the memo on how to respect cultural sites. _He_ probably feels like he’s telling the same, damned person who just won’t listen. Granted, if he can’t stay cognizant of the fact that each one of you is new there, and that you’re not deserving of the ire he feels from the last thousand people from last week, then this probably isn’t the gig for him. Being a docent requires a lot of patience and a short memory… but you could have been a little more mindful to not test either.
    So, in the future: Don’t tap on the glass to get the animal to look at you for a photo. Keep your hands and feet inside the railing (even though there’s space to poke them through), and don’t even step _on_ barriers.

  40. im sorry to see this kind of behavior, obviusly , this person was under the influence, and Im planning to travel to Easter Islad, I live in the border between Mexico and U.S. Juarez, El Paso. im going a be extra careful. Regards

  41. What’s the point of arguing like that though? Why withhold your ticket, when genuinely the only thing that is at stake is your pride. You need to stop acting like an innocent bystander when you are an instigator too.

  42. Cathy climbed what!? Now I want to hit him with my iPhone with power pack on so you know it would be a mighty 👋. I’m million miles away but that is one Island I won’t be visiting. I thought they were nice people as seen on TV 🤣 he was a terrible person!! I will admire the statues from YouTube. Imagine how Cathy feels! She has been through a lot and this man called her an idiot! I would’ve clawed his eyes out!!! I’m hurt for you both! Things will get better. Nuff Respect

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