My Summary on Earth 2 Dubai Launch

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  1. What I can’t understand is we have put in Millions of dollars and you would have expected that the E2 team would have over budgeted for the server not to crash…

    Seems like they were trying to cut costs again at our expense..

    I was planning for this for a month and ended up over paying in an area I didn’t want.

  2. Stop making excuses for the dev’s, ill prepared. Thought bots and server issues had been resolved, clearly not. Hope the dev’s sort out these issues before any Easter eggs and any phase 2 release. The whole Earth 2 concept is now in doubt, so no more money inserted from me until they get it right.

  3. I went for Abu Dhabi tiles in the end, as the tile prices for Dubai ended up being a rip-off in my opinion. They should be ashamed of what happened and most people ended up buying random tiles for the sake of it, a complete waste of real opportunity and a missed one. I invested about $60 and I am so happy it was not more than that amount! They suckered too many people in, now they cannot get out lol

  4. Don’t think anyone made money. It’s causing a massive amount of bad press. The main people the gamers are turned of by this. It’ll take a lot for it to grow from this today. Any capital people think they have is subjective. It really does solely rely on this drawing in the masses to be a success. I just can’t see it happening. And therefore people money will be about as useful as monopoly money if it doesn’t start to gain the masses soon.

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