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Left American and finally return to my home sweet home of Thailand.

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Other than the bat in the cave it was another fun informative video, I wish they had an ” in and out burger” in Ontario, Canada… I would make that drive

  2. In and out will be your amount of time in this life if you eat In-n-out burger a lot. As for TSA pre-check, last time I used it they made me take off my boots, and my belt. Screw that. Glad you made it back to Thailand.

  3. In and Out is the only thing I can agree with this guy on. Grew up in So Cal and miss it very much. No hamburger and fries in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia can compare. When I go back to California it is one my first visits.

  4. I see you took my advice and parked on that side street. I actually went there on Saturday for a large chocolate shake-I don’t know why they don’t put the large one on the menu.

  5. Contrast from America to Thailand.. NO COMPARISON.. Sandy palm beaches the ocean breeze and bars right on the ocean.. Paradise Rob.. Enjoy

  6. Go for “Well Done Fries”, that would help. I eat In&Out every week since it’s 2 minutes from my house. Animal Style Fries + Burgers is nice too, but you’ll get fat.

  7. Good to see you made it back safe. Can you do a video on going through customs and passport control in thailand? I plan to visit soon and want to be prepared. Thanks Seth

  8. I do have Global Entry and with that TSA precheck,,, I plan on flying to Saigon and TSApre does not apply in conjunction with all International carriers. If subscribers have TSA pre they may want to take it into consideration when choosing an airline whether or not they participate. Look up online ” TSA Pre✓® Participating Airlines ” for the list. In n Out burger is on my bucket list too. May try in Las Vegas or near LAX when I fly to Saigon

  9. In N Out is also in Texas. It’s pretty reasonable price wise to fly from Houston. El Pollo Loco is in Texas too. Totally agree with the pre-check and Global Entry. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Being back makes you happy, and both countries make me very happy. And southern Thailand is so much like the US now MsDonalds, KFC, you know what I mean. But go north or northeast if ya want to see Thailand, the real the old the original Thailand. And anything south of Nakhon Ratchasima is very western. Yep I love Thailand but I love the world, a dang exiting place. Try Iceland and their native food, now that is an adventure, not just a hangout.
    I know Thailand better than most, first trip there was 1971, yeah I know Thailand ver well, and have hundreds of good friends and family there.

  11. As a Californian, yes, In-N-Out is delicious, and yes the fries, not so much. I don’t know why. They use real potatoes. However, the burgers are wonderful and you will crave them from afar. Cheers Rob.

  12. Welcome back Rob ,I’m a subscriber from Hollywood California and Been in Thailand when you were gone and I’ll be back on dec31 from Vietnam hopefully when I pass thru kamala I’ll see you 👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇹🇭🍺

  13. Love to watch your videos. Watched all your videos, will be coming to thailand next year maybe in February or March. Hope we can meet then and have couple of beers and you could help me to getting around.

  14. Four words: Tee Ess Aye Pree! Nuf said, right!!?? Nooowwwww get APEC business travel card next time you’re back in the US. It’s how one Lives His Ass Off :-p. Hugs from Penang amigo. Sinapore tomorrow for ~20Hr layover. #mindTheGap ;-). Happy New Year young man !!

  15. Keep up the great work mate looking foreward yo watching your videos tonight cheers Trev when l come over have to catch up for a coffee or a beer

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