My Monthly Cost Of Living In Thailand Now

In this video, I share with you my monthly cost of living after moving out of Bangkok Thailand, to Prachuap Khiri Khan near the mountains and the sea. Thank you for watching. Please like, share and subscribe. Follow me on Instagram at
Link to my first cost of living video
Link to my condo for 35,000 Bath a month
Link to my cottage by the sea for 6,000 baht a month
Link to Thai Girl Gift YouTube Channel


  1. Hi gift and joe from frank in the uk London hope you are both well just enjoying watching your latest blog stay safe love your latest blog

  2. Hi Joe,
    I went back to learn more about you. Are your Boys going to visit you one day. Your elder Son is a Carbon copy of his Dad. Nice of them to be there with you at your retirement party. Take care Godbless👍

  3. The difference of the cost of living between the United States and Thailand astonishes me. I live in southern California where everything is magnitudes more expensive. Congrats on finding a piece of low cost paradise there in Prachuap Khiri Khan!

  4. Very informative Joe, alot of similarities with you and Gift in age and lifestyle with my wife ( north of Chiang Mai) and I. You guys shine such a positive light on Thailand and I for one appreciate that. Keep up the wonderful vlogs, 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇹🇭

  5. Hi Joe and Gift, first stay safe . Go slowly, try to do without some unnecessary spends and prepare food at home with gift sometimes thai food sometimes other, which can be dinner and lunch at the same time. the important thing is to eat your fill
    Go step by step and good luck Joe.

  6. Very nice 😎🙌 I may also move out of Bangkok one day to a beach town. My current monthly cost are about 30K living in Bangkok 😭Hope you and Gift are doing well

  7. What a difference between Bangkok and Prachuap Kiri Khan is considerable. The more rural lifestyle is one I would prefer. The energy is much more relaxed. But visits to Bangkok would make Paul very happy.

  8. For the size of the cottage, the electric price could be considered high, but since you run A/C all the time, it’s really not that bad. People spend more than that is small homes in Georgia and Florida.

  9. 48 000 baht each month…..Jesus….it´s way cheaper in eastern Europe or in Vietnam or Cambodia…Thailand is not as cheap today as it was a few years ago……but you surely seem to have a very good retirement amount from Uncle Sam!:-)) Way more than an average retired citizen of Sweden….

  10. Love the video and the cost breakdown. my only suggestion is to put the cost breakdown in the description, but it’s all good. man I pay $900 a month total on gas/electric, garbage, water, cellphone, internet wifi, car insurance, car gas, lawn service, property tax, home insurance. That doesn’t even include the mortgage on my home. 20 more years of work and I hope to retire in Southeast Asia.

  11. Thanks joe gift. Very interesting I am come to live in thiland next year with my family thanks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😂

  12. Great Cost of Living breakdown Joe. You hit every line item that actually applies to me. Tremendously beneficial. Everyone can take this information and “massage” it to fit their own needs. As always my friend. Thank you for the video and very nice to see you and Gift. All the best. Mitch 🙏

  13. Thanks for the update Joe, it will be about 5 years before I can retire so I will have to see what the situation is at that time.
    Many blessings to you, Gift and family 🙏🏼
    Cheers 🍻

  14. Thanks for the info Joe, always doing great videos, we got approved for our 5 year Elite visa, just need pay the fee now, but waiting for announcement on when travel will open, still hoping for August. See you soon

  15. The difference in rent is crazy!!! That has to be like wow every month. That’s the highest electric bill I’ve heard in Thailand but it’s ok with the discount on rent!

  16. Hi Joe. Really enjoyed this video. My wife and I choose to retire early this month(we are 59 & 57) and can not wait until next year to come back to stay longer in Thailand. We were there 4 months ago and had to cut our trip short because of Convid 19. Enjoy your retirement and stay safe. Hope to meet you one day. Subscriber from Minnesota

  17. I assume you paid cash for your SUV. Many won’t be able to do that, so the monthly burn rate will be higher, if making payments. Of course there are less expensive vehicles, but any choice is still a major expense. Having a vehicle dramatically changes the quality of one’s lifestyle, if you’re not living in a place that has a lot of public transportation options, like BKK offers. Also, traveling around Thailand is a very different experience, if you don’t have your own transportation. Bottom line…if people are looking at living a more rural life in Thailand they need to factor in the cost of a vehicle or their life will be significantly constrained.

  18. Thanks for sharing the cost for living in Thailand .l don’t have any plans to move there but income for me is not an issue I have comments here keep me in the US .have a good weekend and hope gift medical is nothing more than a check up

  19. Hi Joe. Very informative. To be honest : not for me, because I am usually on a holidays budget when in Thailand 🙂 I spare before my trip and usually pay my hotel room before so….i consider my spent money as “extra” with a limit. I am used to live one month “expat” holiday in the wild wild north east village 🙂 so I can guess approximately how much to live there., which is about 1000 EUR a month minimum, including 10000 THB for montly room rent, food, caring products, electricity. This is about what I really need with my lifestyle. In Issan common product sprice is maybe 1/3 less what it is in Bangkok or tourist places (check it next time you visit northern provinces). For an expat, you must add all the money required for visa and insurances. The big shots on the budget are for the “extras” : transportation, and hotel rooms. But surely, budget is not the basic question…the most important on is … for what to do? as you pointed out.

  20. hi,,another interesting video,,hope your both ok and everything is ok with gift with the hospital,,i think the amount you spend and the lifestyle you live changes with each person,,its all about having a happy and healthy life there even more so when your retired,and keeping mind and body stimulated,think youve got it right,plus it can be different if your married and maybe have your own place,,which there are ways for a westerner to do so you can protect yourself for the future,you never know how life is going to turn out,,(plan A B C) but i think where ever you retire you have to keep busy and that doesnt always mean spending money,i also think where you live in thailand makes a difference,,i think where we are in Buriram its not expensive to have a nice lifestyle,but if you lived say in phuket it would be a lot more,,anyway good video,waiting for gifts next one,,,stay safe and well

  21. That’s one hell of an electric bill Joe! I take it you’re running just one aircon unit? I wonder how much per unit your landlord’s charging, I guess it’s swings and roundabouts when coupled with the very reasonable rent though.
    Actually your rent is better than reasonable!!😜😁

  22. I agree Joe if you can find a good Thai girlfriend ,NOT A BAR GIRL ! With a good family because thats important as you know , They are part of the deal . A good girlfriend will save you more than the extra to pay her way, just make some ground rules from the hop. I was there last winter for four months, I stayed with my girlfriend and her and her family in Isan for about a third of the time , no AC LOL ! The rest of the time I hung out in Udon Thani . We did a little less than a month of jumping on planes trains and automobiles first to the North for a couple weeks then later to the South on the Islands and it cost me way under 10000 Canadian . I drink beer but don’t hang out in the bars so if your frugal it is very cheep and doable ! Next time I come I hope to check out the area you’re staying in now . The ocean, mountains and 7-11 what more do ya need LOL ? Chokh Di Joe and Gift .

  23. Good video–WE Hope Gift is well !! Boom and I can live in Thailand for Less, But That is tourist Time So I dont have some of the expenses ! Randy + Boom

  24. tahnk you Joe for yet another informative,honest and impartial video. I do hope Gift is OK…..Could we be seeing a little Gift one day? take care both of you and keep well.

  25. You might want to add the cost of depreciation on the car ( and scooter ) next time … It really is a monthly expense it just does not feel that way 🙂 Rough guesstimate is it would add 500 or so a month to your total and that’s a pretty significant boost from the lower number. ( almost 50 percent for the single number )

  26. Great job Joe. Enjoy your life while you can. One question. Were you running the car a/c during your video? Had to be hot outside. 🙂

  27. Hi Joe, another informative video thank you much. Also you mentioned Gift has a YouTube channel, what is it so I can show support. By the way, you mentioned in one of your videos that you’re originally from Jersey, what exit of the turnpike — LOL. I too am Jersey, exit 5.

  28. Again, another great video…. great to hear your costings… Ultrasound? I sure hope Gift is ok… too much western food! Thanks for the link to Thai Girl Gift’s channel.. she rocks.

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