My Impressions of Iloilo City – Philippines

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    1. @John Strabismus ha!  some of them are.  an extra tip will get you to the airport on time.  but some of them.. ugh!  they take the long way home to rack up the meter.  

    1. @AHMED Cass even though i was there 3 days, i was busy editing the boracay videos and meeting up with Mike Philippines and a buddy, Tim.  That Saturday night I was just wiped out from the travel so I didn’t get to see the Smallville area.  Next time I’ll check it out, most likely have my g/f with me.  🙂

  1. Thanks for the look! It would be nice to see more of the city.  

    Btw: Have you been to, or know anything about Pamilacan Island? 
    I just noticed this video on the page with this video and it looks like it might be a great place to relax for a few days and get your impressions:
    Enjoying Pamilacan Island:

    Keep up the good work we love it. 

  2. I enjoyed our visit Henry.  The audio is fine.  p.m. me if you still want my compression software.  It handles audio quite nicely.  As far as the girls that are available you mentioned, there is one girlie bar in the back second story with dress code.  The discos and clubs have lots of single girls going there.  Really gets cranked up about 10:00.

  3. Check out Regatta or Highway 21 hotels in iloilo next time, 300 pesos a night (they might’ve upped yer rate at the pension house a tad bit cos yer a foreigner), clean, safe, upgraded, & accessible.  It prolly felt like a “sleepy” town because of the typhoon just passed through heheh otherwise iloilo is a fun, lively, friendly, safe, and a city with a rich history. I was there a few weeks ago and would love to explore Panay island when I come back.Iloilo would be the perfect homebase for me for its accessibility to pretty much everything I need and inexpensive. Town would be pretentious at times, but it’s the kind that puts a smile on yer face 🙂 Happy Holidays!

    1. @pinkchris king i checked out the rates posted at the Queen’s Penchant house on facebook and it also said 599p so, i guess that’s their standard rate.  next time i’ll check out the Regatta or Highway 21 you mentioned.  can’t beat 300p for a clean/secure room.  

  4. You have a strong grasp of your surroundings. You were right of your impression about Iloilo. Typically, reserved and very nice people. I came from Bacolod, but live here in Seattle now. I want to know  your first impression of my town. So, are you gonna take a shuttle bus from Bacolod to San Carlos, then ferry to Toledo, Cebu route?

    1. @Jean Hougron mactan, 2 years ago, was fairly inexpensive.  a lot of construction has gone up since then and rents are rising a little.  it’s still a good location to enjoy cebu without actually living in cebu.  consolacion is an even better bet, since they have their own mall and you can catch a jeepney to cebu easily enough.

  5. Yes, you so right. Iloilo city is not gear for bars,party and wild expats. We are really more focus on families and good education. We want to be known for the cleanest and safest family environment. More of business oriented people!

    1. @5Nala a very nice town.  probably too civilized for me at this point in my life though.  ha!  but my buddies Mike Philippines and Tim Spotswood really enjoy it.

  6. I’ll call you uncle ^_^ my family is from iloilo and I’m glad you visited. Means so much to me. IV been watching your videos for a long time and I am also from Southern California ^_^

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I was born in Torrance, California. But grew up in San Diego. Now I am currently in Hawaii. (: nice to be closer to the Philippines now.

  7. Do you take your computer with you while your away from Duma to edit your videos,  ? just curious on what to and what not carry with you while traveling there??  
    also another question is how much money you believe anyone should carry there?  i mean your talking about 15 bucks per day  times 3,  and food, then your trip on the ferry 10 bucks,   etc,,,, sounds like to me more than 100US bucks to have with you any given time??  is this correct assumption

    1. @BenFern kay i will take my laptop with me if it’s more than a few days, so i can edit videos at the hotel. as for money, since i have a local PH bank, i rarely carry more than 1,000p (about $20) in cash. the rest i either pay with my debit card at reputable places, or pull more from an atm as i need it.

  8. Velvetblue wrote –  “Gee, you haven’t even live there. You only went to my home town for few hours and you think you have the right to make such comments. What the heck….. I want to keep our island DECENT TO LIVE. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! It’s so conservative, nothing is really going on and  so on….. Excuse me are you looking for Las Vegas or SUNSET BLVD?  You are in a wrong spot MR. BLAH, BLAH!  You don’t know us so keep your mouth zip, and I don’t like to see your ASS in my hometown again!!!!”

    Well, two things are apparent.  You don’t listen very well and you have a chip on your shoulder.  First off, I wasn’t there a few hours.  I was there for several days and I spent time talking to locals who have been living there for more than a year to get their feedback.

    Secondly, I don’t have anything negative to say about Iloilo.  I simply said it’s a bit of sleepy (comfortable) town and a good place to raise a family.  I specifically said it’s not a party-town type island and yet you somehow managed to mangle that information as well.

    Third.. you are a sad representation of the people of Iloilo.  You are loud, accusatory, hostile and arrogant.  From what I gathered, the people of Iloilo are generally nothing like you.  It may be your ‘hometown’.. but you haven’t learned much from it.
      Do yourself and the people of Iloilo a favor, and learn some respect for other people rather than running your mouth off in an ignorant fashion.  Otherwise you will continue to embarrass yourself and your hometown.

    1. i was born and raised in Iloilo.. im an ilongga seeing this video and reading comments here are interesting. Well for those commenting against my hometown its up to u if you aren’t experiencing the mode of living and just having a tour or a vacation.. you still have a little knowledge of the place.. No need to compare iloilo and cebu.. they are different.. as for me Ilonggos are more conservative and preserve even more family oriented compare to other Visayans.. the way we speak is a reflection with those of Cebuanos.. i Appreciate those who are positive with regards to what they see and their point of view.

    2. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines hehehe Velvetblue is an excellent example of someone who knew so little of what’s been said and yet has so much to say, even though what he/she is saying is irrelevant to topic.

      When will these trolls learn that quantity of words used in their comments does not equate to quality?

  9. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  Great you had a chance to drop through Iloilo however I suggest you return and spend a little more time there, perhaps with a tour guide or friend that lives in the city.   Your first impressions seem to be a bit too vague and I can understand why you have a bit of negative responses in this feed from the locals.  I was there in May 2015 and looks as if you may have missed out on many of the popular things Iloilo has to offer.  

    Smallville  is an energetic place open 24 hours almost every night, a lot of fusion restaurants, bars, entertainment etc.  Right next to it is a Boardwalk called ‘Esplanade’  a place where people exercise and do recreational activities, I saw scooters, go-cart racing, and rock climbing while walking down this boardwalk.  It’s crowded even on a Wednesday evening after 8pm.    At Smallville, I had a few drinks at an outside bar called ‘Pirates’ and the cover band entertainment was very good.  Of course you should visit on Friday or Saturday to get a good crowd.  

    Next to the larger SM City Mall (they have 2 or 3 SM Malls there) is another new hang out similar to Smallville (I forgot the name)  but it’s a popular hangout.  One of the main tourist attractions in Iloilo is to visit Guimaras Island.  It’s not a fancy Boracay, but you can find many clear water and white sand, beaches, water caves, sea turtles, snorkeling  etc… If you have an appetite, there are plenty of authentic and fusion restaurants in Iloilo too, a few media magazines are calling it the next food capital of the Philippines.   Hope you get a chance to visit again.  Perhaps you may not use the word “sleepy” in your next review.

  10. Sounds good, that’s where i will be staying with my sweetie, planning on making my way there April 2016, i like the sound of it being slow paced and cheap to live. As i plan on retiring there.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I completely understand , since i’m not a party goer anyway sounds like a good place to live, regarding what i’m looking for, slow paced and layed back sounds real nice.

    2. +Garry Lewis it’s a nice place for peace and quiet, raising a family. people who live in iloilo seem to think that the term “sleepy” is derogatory. to me a sleepy town is exactly what you want to raise kids and enjoy life. kinda like ‘Mayberry’. single expats looking for a “party place” don’t generally think of iloilo as a hot-spot.

  11. Iloilo is quieter than Dumaguete? I don’t think so. Compared to Cebu, yes Iloilo is more quiet but Iloilo is much more busier than Dumaguete for sure.

  12. Wow, 600 peso pr meal is that the common price in Dumaguete? I’m probably a cheap Charlie, as that sounds expencive to me. I think I could eat decent, not top notch for something similliar in Norway, and here is concidered to have a high cost of everything. Its not meant as a flaming post , but pls tell me you eat at the best eaterys in town?  🙂

    1. Sorry I didnt pay enough attention to get it, that it wasnt in Dumaguete, and thanks for the answer. Boracay seems to be a no go zone for me then 🙂  and the price examples you gave here is way more reasonable!

    2. +Ove Todal as i mentioned in the video, 600 pesos is the average price for a meal in Boracay, not Dumauguete. in Duma i can have a nice, sit-down meal for about 250 pesos. but in Boracay it’d be about double that. Boracay is a straight-out tourist place, lots of S.Koreans with plenty of money to lay down so naturally everybody there raises their prices. but the rest of the PH is much more reasonable. just last week i had (at a resort in Dauin), lunch of chicken schnitzel with potatoes and a drink for 130 pesos.

  13. I have taken that fast ferry to Bacolod from iloilo I rhink it was 350 peso or something like that. The trip takes about an hour. I was in Iloilo for 1 day. I noticed that its actually a cleaner city than Bacolod. I stayed in Bacolod for 4 days.

  14. Ugly place, ugly people most are hostile to their fellow filipinos. People here still has this “Crab Mentality” which was influenced from the Spanish. This City was used to be the Spanish Queen’s favorite place. “Loyal to the Spaniards” as what they say, kissing Spaniards arses for centuries.

    It’s not worth going to this shit hole.

  15. The best time to visit iloilo city is on january, i invite you to come and experience DINAGYANG, because this is the merry season of the ilonggos, party everywhere will never miss. So mark your calendar january 2018 and experience the most tourism event in the country

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