My Idea For A Sluce Gate For The Shrimp Pond

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  1. I built fish ponds for the state of New York . They raise Rainbow Trout . They had the same type of dam with the boards sliding down in the concrete groves . The only difference was we had a ten inch pipe in the bottom with with like a cork or a plug in it . The new plugs were made of rubber the old ones were made of wood . They had a chain attached so you could pull it out with out having to get in the water . But we had a constant flow of water and the water only flowed one way . We didnt have to deal with the tide coming in and going out at the same location at different times of the day . I would guess you would want to refresh the sea water in the pond at high tide .

  2. Look forward to seeing placement. Too high and cant drain the pond, too low and it will go over top. Grabbing the popcorn. ๐Ÿ™‚ hard to see how what is there is set up so a genuine interrst in how it turns out.

  3. You probably could drop some sand bags around one of the ends for an additional seal… Maybe you should make an extra or spare gate board while you have it all measureed…

  4. Looks good Brian. Simple concept of a gate valve. Very affordable. Made me think of a butterfly valve with the inner tube seal. Where there is a will, there is a way.

  5. I suppose zinc oxide paint, is like finding ducks teeth locally.
    Nice idea buddy tho, basically, it looks like the gasket would be the part, that would wear out most, cheaply and easily replaced though.
    Would suggest adding some weight to the top of the board, to press it down a bit, couple of sand bags slung over the top?
    Add Sahara waterproofing to the cement mix by the way!

  6. Over engineered
    You shouldn’t have cut into the barrel. How are you going to seal it.the rubber tude will only create a seal half way up.You should have made the gate on the end of the barrel.
    Why havent you thought about pitting a gate on the end of the concrete out let pipe. Theres even holes in it already to bolt on a hinged plate.
    All full of ideas but unfortunately no idea

  7. Great job on this idea. Now I want to see how you are going to net the shrimp and transport them. Youโ€™ve already said the track is too midday for a vehicle, so I canโ€™t imagine a loaded vehicle on that track and I can imagine carrying cartons of shrimp to a loading area. Maybe itโ€™s time to see where the estuary meets the sea.

  8. Looks good, in theory it should work. No erosion undermining the gate too. I liked that โ€œstand pipeโ€ idea as well but thatโ€™s a lot of 12 inch pipe minimum and expense.

  9. Tatay has a hammer drill used for drilling in concreate. You could drill some holes in the concreate and hammer some rebar pieces to wedge in the barrel good and tight.

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