My First Year in the Philippines, Part 5of5

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  1. Loved your new set of videos, is there any chance to look around you place, inside your yard and your home, I do respect your privacy and understand if you dont. thanks NOEL

  2. I plan to do a limited video on my place after I do some painting and stuff. There are some crazy people here (everywhere, really).. except here they have machetes so.. trying to keep it as private as possible.

  3. Hi Enrique,

    Re: groceries: How often do you eat out vs. making food at home? How often do you have to buy food and how far do you have to go to get it. How do you handle your laundry? Do you DIY or have a hired house lady?

    From what I gather from your videos, it sounds like the Filipino people enjoy the relationship with their friends/neighbors. Do they see you as odd not associating with anyone and being so private? Can that be a drawback? Sorry for all the questions.

  4. It’s about 3km to town for groceries, and I’d say I do my own cooking about 95% of the time. I love to cook, besides.. no fast-food in the jungle other than live chickens. I usually clean my own house and do my own laundry. But a girl nearby needs a job so I offered her a job doing my laundry/cleaning once a week. She needs to clear it with her b/f first and we’ll try it on a trial basis. I’m normally very skittish about those arrangements, but also want to help her out.

  5. As for keeping a low-profile in the village, it’s the safer position for me. I do talk to the HOA gals at the office since they are the ‘hub’ of chisme here. By getting along with them, I have a voice on my side to counter the rumors. Latest rumor is I’m here hiding from the law in the US and that I fought 3 men in Cebu. Only the 2nd one is true though. I’m hardly hiding out with my own website about my life here. ha!

  6. I enjoy ur videos and I wan in Bohol may years ago and it hasn’t change much –I find ur videos interesting but I would have a woman around and be near the beach or pool !!!!!!

  7. It is very relaxing here. For now I’m just taking it easy and enjoying the jungle life with some trips to the beach every now and then. 🙂

  8. I am coming to Philippines for a 2 weeks holiday alone and will meet a few friends over there. I feel quite attracted to the Philippines and thus and coming to experience it myself. I was thinking what if i fall in love with someone here, how is it going to work out. I am from Singapore and I am only 22 years of age. My studies aren’t done yet and I’m entering the army soon for 2 years.

  9. I wish I could say, “Simple.. don’t fall in love.” But life just isn’t like that, is it? The best thing you could do with any girl you spend time with here is.. be honest about your time-line. Let them know up front that it will be at least a few years before you can commit to living here and -really- begin a relationship. Do as you will, but I will warn you that starting a long-distance relationship that continues over the net is very likely to bring some real heartache into your life.

  10. Yes.. Isn’t as simple as it is.. I read your words a few times and I will do some thinking and hopefully it will be for the best. I agree that starting a long distance relationship over the net has high chance of bringing heartache.. I experienced it before. Thank you Sir.

  11. I still need to do painting, put in some tiling and such. Might be a while but eventually I will do a tour of my place. For now it’s comfy and wonderful, just needs some finishing details.

  12. p.s. You can see a bit of the yard though in the recent “Hack A Coconut” video I did at the house. Probably recognize the background from some of my videos.

  13. ha!, no. I live in a brick home in the province. Very secure with bars on the windows, locked gate, etc. I feel very safe here with my stuff. Meanwhile, my house was robbed once and my car stolen twice in the USA.

  14. It has to be under someone else’s name since it includes real property. However, an expat can buy a condo since he’s only buying the structure, not the land.

  15. i have a american neighbor here in manila i often see him in the middle of the night walking to buy some midnight snack and i ask him are’nt he afraid to walk by yourself at 2am in the morning coz he’s a foreigner his reply was ” i feel much safer here than in chicago”

    1. I can’t go into all the details but, believe me, it’s got the makings of being a very interesting two years coming up.  Never a dull moment.

  16. what about guns or knifes for protection on the Islands ?
    Sounds like your a bachelor again. I was the same way when I first became single, but it wasn’t long before I knew I needed that special someone to share my time with.

    1. I’m content for now just being a single guy roaming the islands.  I do want a permanent relationship eventually but, not this year.  🙂

    1. Upon first arrival is as a Tourist for 30 days.  Before that expires, I renew for another 2 months.  (about $75 USD)  I can then renew repeatedly for up to 3 years and then simply leave the country for over 24 hours and repeat the process.  🙂

  17. I don’t know your name yet but I am very thankful to you by posting and sharing your experience in the Philippines. It seems like you know and more curious than me when I was born and grew up there in Bohol. Yes, you were right when you said that people there are living their life the same trend everyday. They haven’t seen the real beauty of the Islands, what a shame, but I understand why because I’m one of them

    1. My nickname here is, ‘Reekay’  (a mispronunciation of ‘Enrique’ ).  I love Bohol and will return here after my travels.  Although many say that Dumaguete or Palawan will steal me away.  🙂

  18. I think the perception is America is more beautiful than the Philippines which is not true. You cannot compare one country to another because they have different resources and unique beauty. I am just curious why did you choose Philippines especially Bohol. 

    1. Originally, I decided to move permanently to the PH because of a woman I loved.  But that did not work out and I decided to keep the PH as my ‘new home’.  I very much love it here, especially the province areas which is where I plan to retire (someday).  For now, I will be travelling the Visayas to know the area better.  🙂

  19. yeah I heard about Palawan. infact when I get there this summer, one of my plan is to go there. Dumaguete is ok too but its a small yet very active because of its University as well as the nightlife due to its attractive boulevard by the coast.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
      wow man, you had a wise fight 😀 lol mostly we fight just throw punch and kicks like a big smoky cloud in cartoons , love your vidoes take it easy be safe

  20. Hi how much would 20 bucks get me in the grocery store like cheese eggs milk bananas and some meat and donuts, wp from Calif, thanks,

    1. @wadep9916 if you go to the grocery stores that are in the malls, it’s about the same as you’d get in calif. the mall grocery stores don’t really have bargains on food. in fact, many items are more expensive like, peanut butter.. $5.50 for a small jar. (because it’s imported.) but.. if you go to the town ‘merkado’, the open market, you can get a LOT for $20. get as much as you can from the merkados, the rest from the grocery stores. merkados won’t have items like cereal, oatmeal, pasta sauce.. but they will have the basics of meats, rice, vegetables, fruits and some spices or chilies.

  21. Hi Reekay, thanks for Ur reply and good advice, the Merkadas, sound the best deal out there, 5:50 is a lot for PB lol, I’m single but like to cook food meat recipes in my slow cooker, my ex has a house in La, Union and wants me to live there whn I retire, in 10 yrs I hope, and I’m so fascinated with the culture back there I plan to visit first to see if I can adapt, I can handle dry excessive heat like 115 but I’m not used to the humidity,

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