My First Year in the Philippines, Part 2of5

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  1. I posted this over at the Warrior Forum, back in 2008:

    The world is divided up into two groups:

    Those who divide the world up into two groups
    Those that don’t

    Just kidding.

  2. It depends on what aspect of ‘united’. On the one hand, Filipinos are united in their faith. Catholicism is a huge, uniting force here. Grocery stores stop everything to do a prayer at the end of the day. But politically, they’re not united at all. They work politically on a local, but not a national scale. It’s the main reason they depend on foreign investments and haven’t built up the country from within by encouraging small business, by Filipinos. Politically, not united very much.

  3. I think the Filipino are more tolerant if that’s the right word and they are undisciplined. Not judging just stating my observations. Americans are more in your face or direct about what they want or feel. Of course you can’t put everyone into one box.

  4. I’d agree with that. Here in the PH, being ‘direct’ is practically considered rude. But for us expats, being direct is how we avoid misunderstandings.. by being clear up front about what’s expected. Different cultures, for sure.

  5. I tried using notes and that just confused me so, instead I just turn on the camera and do very little editing. So.. always something spills outta my head I don’t even notice until later. ha!

  6. Most of the youtube clips i watched regarding my country is about food. For the first time, i’m watching someone just talk and i’m all ears.

  7. There is so much going on here too.. people, (food), shopping, sight-seeing, Filipinas (my favorite) and various social differences from the West.. my mind is alive with absorbing so many new things here. I love it.

  8. here in states sucks i want to go back in my hometown…. Im saving a lot of money and put a business there in the philippines… I rather died there peacefully rather died here in stress lol

  9. THe only problem in the philippines traffic and very humid well u can get used to there.. If you like humid weather… filipino are well very polite not like here in states.. rude people, mean people,, racist people u go a lot of shit out here…. It depends where u live… Im not bad mouthing u.s. but thats what i experience. I went there last may and i love it… The problem is the money is fast lol

  10. The Philippines is anything but Idylic. However, I’ve spent the last six months saturating myself with all things philippines, on youtube etc., and have come to some conclusions. correct me if I’m wrong.
    * For 3 or 4 hundred dollars, I can have a furnished studio.
    * For another 2 or three hundred dollars a month, I can pay for visa extensions and save for return airfare or other emergency needs.
    * For 3 or 4 hundred dollars and month, I can eat well, and maybe pay for a domestic (non-sexual) helper who may also guide me in how to not always pay the white guy surchage on every purchase. Oh and test my fledgeling tagalog or visayan.
    * For ten dollars a day or less, I can rent a good newer scooter and take a trip to do a recon for future tours. For less than 15 dollars, I can have a reasonbly roach free hotel with a toilet and a shower and adequate food nearby.
    * For 5 to 8 hundred dollars a month, I¬†can have a decent hotel every night for as long as I want until it’s time to move on to the next place and find even more serenity or serendipity. Though I want to have a sense of community and make friends, short or long intel missions will be needed to ensure I get the best possible combination of simplicity and ammenities before I settle.
    * For 1 or¬†2 hundred dollars…..or less?, ¬†I can have healthcare and not have to deal with the american Veterans Administration, trying to get half-assed doctors to act as though they care about my well being. For ten or twenty dollars I can have an office visit to have my medications refilled perhaps negating the need for healthcare altogether. Hmmm.
    * For less than a hundred dollars a month, I can have all the stuff I need to fight fungus, have purified water at all times, fill my prescriptions, and buy new flip flops.
    * for a bit more, I can do the occasional Island hop and extend the recon missions.
    I may even find someone who likes me enough to hang out with me, and relieve my
    american self loathing ūüôā

    1. @john hanna¬†You’re welcome. Go to¬†Henry’s website¬†in the Forum area. I have some good information there regarding condominium rentals that¬†cost little to rent. Some people buy condominiums to use as rental units and¬†a lot¬†of them are very nice up to western standards. Why pay for¬†$150 to $225 dollars for a 5 star hotel when¬†you can¬†rent a nice fully furnished condo that looks very much like a¬†5 star hotel with all amenities for¬†only a fraction of the cost.¬† Some good deals can be had if you look around for good deals. ¬†

    2. @john hanna You can have all those things you mentioned but even cheaper with knowing a bit more. For instance :
      For 3 or 4 hundred dollars and month, I can eat well, and maybe pay for a¬†domestic (non-sexual) helper who may also guide me in how to not always pay the white guy surchage on every purchase. Oh and test my fledgeling tagalog or visayan.¬† — you can have a domestic helper or maid for less than that. For about 150 dollars you’ll have a good enough maid to cook meals for you, do some light cleaning, do your laundry and¬†will go to the market for you to buy your meats, vegetables, fish, household goods¬†weekly or every two to three days. Just list the things you need and she will do those things for you. 150 dollars is about 6,000 pesos and that’s plenty already for her. Some maids only get paid 3,000 pesos here so you’re already paying double. Of course, she is a live-in maid with room and¬†board so¬†she looks after your place while you are gone¬†so¬†it’s like having a security person in your place.

      For three to four hundred dollars, you can have a very decent apartment with air conditioning out in the provinces of Visayas with the exception of maybe Cebu where it may be costlier due to the proximity to the main city and the development of infrastructure to that island.. You’ll pay about another 100 to 200 for electric though depending how much electricity you use.


  11. i ve seen many videos of yours and so far this is my favorite….. i m the expat type…..ahah …..already lived in 3 different countries for years, philippines will probably be my next….very probably, and who knows , maybe this time will stay for much longer….eheh….well done

    1. Since being in the PH, I’ve come across many expats who have been to as many as 80+ countries. ¬†Of them, many choose the PH for longer stays due to the English spoken and decent exchange rate. ¬†Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand rank up there for cost of living advantages and good food, but not as much English spoken. ¬†It’s all a pro/con trade-off, depending on what’s important to each person. ¬†Me, I love it here in the PH.

  12. you rode a fairy???? stop….don’t do it. LOL Just joking Henry.

    Well, have you rode on top of wooden cart pushed by an old man collecting empty bottles and old newspapers? hehehehe Just joking around Henry. It is what it is Henry. The Philippines. What you thought was impossible will be possible here. Just have a little imagination. hehehehe

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