My Favorite Philippines Tourism Promo Video – Great song!

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  1. Pro Tip from a Filipino to a tourist: DON’T TAKE UV EXPRESS, YOUR MORE LIKELY TO DIE THAN GET WHERE YOU ARE, take the Multi-Cab, or take the Jeepney

    1. are you referring to what we call the V-Hire? (white van for hire) if so, i agree. i rode one from Tubigon to Tagbilaran and figured we’d kill someone before arriving. highly unsafe, imo.

  2. Hello, I love the Philippines
    I truly would love to experience the landscape, culture, food (LOTS OF FOOD) and the people of this region,
    food is especially sweet halo-halo … I will visit the Philippines for the second time and test Filipino Fast Food … more than nice

  3. for me, this promotional video and music is well done, it actually inviting. this video made me love travelling the country and by far my experience is really great.

  4. I live in Philippines almost 5 years and i can say that they are good people. Many beautiful places there that we have been and i have lots of enjoyable mem’ries there, don’t judge the book by its cover, we are all the same, there are good and bad people. Im a pure korean and i choose Philippines

  5. Philippines is very dangerous country in my think because Koreans have  44% ratio of people have been killed in the Philippines from abroad.If you are a women, you don’t take a taxi alone, taxi drivers are potential criminals, actually, abduction crime was happened by these taxi drivers in Philippines. and then they threatened to kill their hostages for money.

    1. charlie syin you know what’s sad? This world is full of stereotype people. Well that’s fine because its the nature of our minds. Until you think something big or outside the box you’ll break it. You know what I’m saying? There are good and bad people everywhere. Take a look at Chinese tourist, which are known in the world as bad tourist because of their unusual behavior. But guess, what not every Chinese people are like that. Like Ms. Bing. She is Chinese but she knew the bad things her fellowmen are doing.
      Because our minds tend to understand what we only see and hear..not from what we experience.
      Same with this shitthole country called the Philippines. There are bad guys and there good guys. I’ve been living here for the rest of my life and have ridden a taxicab many times alone and lemme tell you, I even feel worried riding a taxi in Dubai alone because the drivers always asking for my number and want me for sex, and not even something bad happened to me in Manila.. So what I’m saying is don’t think every one or every thing is the same in this world just because you saw the tip of an iceberg.. Have a nice day

    2. I expent 18 months in Cebu Philippines and never had a problem, and I had my good share of nigthlife and fun in rural areas, so if you ask me is a very safe place in my opinion.

    3. So that’s why you already judge a book by its cover, you need first to see what insides the book for you to know how unique, hospitable, beautiful, happy, and welcome you are in that country, but instead to understand the whole situation in the Philippines you already judge.

  6. Visit eastern visayas tourism sites and help the region to get fully back on her feet after yolanda. Visit lake Danao in Ormoc and Kalanggaman Island in Palompon Leyte.

  7. This Video makes me Homesick for my adopted home…..But I will be Home to stay with my Beautiful Gift from God…Marjorie and the people and Country I Love and Miss So Much this September….I Really Can’t Wait. Mabuhay Filipinas / Filipinos and the Philippines as well.

  8. Hello sir,
    I would like to thank you for all your informative information about the Philippines and all it’s hidden beauty.  You have inspired me so much that I included your YouTube channel in my campaign.  I plan on meeting you after I have settled in.  Keep up the great work your doing for us.  Please use my campaign link if you wish.

  9.  “at ang ilaw at kalooban hindi kailanman dim” via Google Translate (your light will never dim) I love this video and will give the Philippines people hope that the beauty of the islands will once again be restored…heartfelt condolences for all the lives that were lost during the recent earthquake and Yolanda storm

  10. I used to watch it in anticipation of my visit here, over a year ago while I was still in the States. Every so often they play it on the ferry ride to cebu or in the terminal. I like the song and the videography is well done.

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