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  1. I had a couple of fillings that popped out (damn Tootsie Rolls). The Thai technician in Patong claimed that I needed crowns. I don’t get it. The place was just a tooth factory ripping off tourists.

  2. I have very bad teeth. I have spent $30,000 so far in repair work. I didn’t want dentures. I am getting implants and veneers on the good teeth. I still have a long way to go. But cosmetically I’m looking so much better. I can smile with no missing teeth. I’m in America. Dentist work has gone ridiculously expensive and it’s impossible to find good dental insurance.

  3. Retired after 40+ years as a dentist, Thai wife, part time both countries. A couple of points, getting your teeth (even though you only have lowers) cleaned by a ultrasonic scaler only in 10 minutes cannot be thorough. It takes a hand scaler to remove all the fine calculus (tartar) on your teeth. That said, an ultrasonic is better than none, so congrats on getting it done. I’ve looked at the quality dentists in Bangkok, many either US or UK trained specialists and there fees are probably 3/4 what my fees were. No interested in a fee discussion, dentistry was a good occupation but the cost of delivering it in the US has become way too high. A very high overhead business. There are many good dentists in Thailand, I couldn’t do 4 fillings in 20 minutes, the fact anesthesia wasn’t necessary means they were tiny and shallow, but you’re happy so that’s good. Congrats on at least seeing a dentist, remember you only need to brush the teeth you want to keep!

  4. I paid for four caps 4 on the top and 4 implants cost something like $18,000 and something like $300 for cleaning but that was NJ my dental sucked but my health insurance was awesome

  5. I have insurance. $12 a month. Two cleanings a year are included. Still cost me about $150 out of pocket for two fillings.

    If you are having trouble around your gums or with flossing correctly I highly recommend getting a water pick. It’s what I have used most of my life and it’s great.

  6. Dental Hospital in BKK is a 5 star, 6-storey building that is amazing! 5000baht for a tooth pull, 3000 for cleaning. Still cheaper​ than the states!

  7. Hey Rob, yeah I gotta get all of that done too but I’ve had too many Doctor bills at Bangkok Hospital to pay over the past year. Hopefully I can get some work done on my mouth soon. I’m thinking about getting two implants because I have one bridge and I just had half a tooth break off. It was where I had a big filling and it just went bad. I’ve heard they are much cheaper here than they are in the U.S. so I just want to find out. I also want to have the cleaning and whitening done. Hopefully I can get all that before I move to Northeast Thailand and start building my new house.

    Have a good night and can we get this asshole to go back to phuket, please?????


  8. Had mine cleaned in Pattaya back in May for 800 bht ($24 USD) which seemed to be the typical rate. Just like you, easy in, easy out.
    I paid ^$35 USD in Cozumel in December. Both cheaper than US which is ^$100 for a cleaning with no x-rays or insurance.

  9. I am going tomorrow to have what few teeth I have left removed. I am living in Thailand and having it done in a private hospital. They will be putting me under as I hate going to the dentist, but paying the price now! So for all this reatment and the cost of the new dentures (Hollywood smile now) is going to be 110,000 Baht (GBP 2,000, USD 3,300), which is a lot cheaper than the UK.

  10. Much cheaper than anywhere else in the world Rob and now I get lots of enquiry about price’s and details. If you have any link’s from someone would be great. Cheers Mark downunder

  11. Same here in UK injection in mouth then after all done, you are then left with mouth numb and your tongue feels too big for your mouth it feels the size of a horses
    tongue lol. Unfortunately I have the pleasure of having a filling removed and new filling replaced on Thursday. Oh and by the way don’t try and drink anything hot after it does not end well lol . Stay safe take care Rob

  12. I had work done in pattays years ago way way cheaper than uk .plus they took x ray every time they did something well in pressed that was about 12 yrs ago ment to get work done 2019 but ended up to bussy lol filling here 2 wks ago £90 😢😢

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