My Bohol Neighborhood – Philippines

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  1. Holla!
    Enjoy the next few months of hot and humid summer season and make sure the kitchen pantry is full of supplies. A portable gas generator will come in handy as well. It’ s beautiful now but wait until the arrival of the first typhoon of the season. It is no laughing matter at least if you compare it to the storm we experienced here in Cali.
    Anyways, Holy Week is coming up you should go to a big city nearby and watch ‘penitencia”, its pretty gruesome the first time you see it. Ciao.

  2. Thanks for the reminder.. been wanting to see that. Only seen photos. The place I have here is set up to drain off the excess water, but I still have to get my pantry going. I see lots of sealed tupperware needed to keep the ants away from it. ha!

  3. Yep.. I went for a walk at sundown today.. totally awesome here. Big, full moon.. deep, blue sky and green trees. Loving it!

  4. Thanks, I try to just ‘keep it real’.. ha! For me the Philippines is just such a place of both relaxation and adventure. It’s all new to me and I imagine even after being here several years.. there are still SO MANY other islands here to check out. Plus I eventually want to make it to Thailand next year as well. I’ll be posting all future videos here so, just stay tuned. 🙂

  5. After we got settled in Cebu, we made the ferry trip to Bohol. I like the small town feel of Tagbilaran a lot. Reminded me of my childhood. Bohol is so humid but downright stunning, I would go back in a heartbeat. Please do post videos of Thailand if you make it. Hope you go beyond Bangkok. Mabuhay!

  6. Yes, I hope so too. Right now I’ve got a lot of projects underway. But looking for a break later in the year to do some more traveling abroad. 🙂

  7. Any idea how much to rent a small house for a month in Php? Thinking of doing an extended stay but don’t want to do hotel route. Thanks for your feedback.

  8. It’ll depend on whether you rent in the city or the province, and what island. For instance, a small home in Cebu for just one month, about $300 USD. (more if it’s in a nice subdivision just for foreigners) Meanwhile, over on Bohol or, another popular place is on the north end of Cebu near Bogo.. about $200 USD. And of course cheaper if you land a single-man studio. Mactan is also cheaper than downtown Cebu and only a 10 minute taxi ride to Cebu.

  9. It’s kind of a lot of factors. For one, I just love Bohol! It’s so green and tropical.. exactly what you think of when you think of living on an island. A Filipina I’m seeing also happened to be buying a house (this one) and it worked out well for me to stay here. But it is a bit isolated, as you can see. However I find it very relaxing even after 2 months. 🙂

  10. It’s SO peaceful.. I’ll admit, I feel bad for my friends back home doing the rat-race thing. Some people ‘need’ the city.. me, I can do either since I was raised in the rural desert of SoCal. 🙂

  11. Hi RC thanks for the reply. Gusto ko sa Bohol, eh. Pero good of you to point out a friend’s rental. Word of mouth is best sa advertising. Cheers.

  12. Tell me about the ‘race’.. fully caught up in it. Like the Police sang about industrialization and modern man…. “trapped in shiny metal boxes in a suicidal race”. I go home to the Philippines to recharge. Preserve sanity, what’s left of it. Life is good here in the PacNW, though. I’m sure many SoCal friends of yours will say the same thing. Neither good nor bad, just different in SE Asia.

  13. Looks like soon there will be mud!!! Now your mind can engage and put you place together in a way to minimize work later. Soapy water in a spray bottle will help you with the ants. They are small but hurt when they do there thing on you.

  14. I have no clue. Not even the streets have names. I only know how to get here by looking for the dead coconut tree that was hit by lightning and turning at that corner. : /

  15. Nipa huts have their pros and cons. If you’re talking about an upper-quality Nipa hut with a brick foundation, those can be some really cool homes! Some places here will allow you to design the layout and they take care of the rest. These are a bit more expensive of course. But for the long-haul, unless the bamboo is treated right after cutting, a basic Nipa hut will deteriorate after about 8-10 years and expect possible issues with the roof unless it’s corrugated tin. (contd.)

  16. As for brick homes, some are basic cinder-block homes (which are ‘ok) and do the job since earthquakes are not a major deal here for the most part (unlike California). Better are the reinforced cement homes built more to USA code, which a lot of pre-fab contractors can do here. Again, better the quality, higher the price. But here a 4-bedroom home, good quality, can be built for less than $50k USD.

  17. Henry, how safe is it in your neighborhood? And when you leave to go into town how safe do you feel about someone breaking into your house and stealing.

  18. Very safe actually. The community is small, about 20 houses spread over 15+ hectares with only one road in/out of the village.. so it’s pretty only residents here. The road isn’t “on the way” to anywhere else, it ends here.. kinda like a huge cul de sac. The only reason I’ve taken precautions when walking late at night along the jungle road is rumors of nut-jobs looking to rob pedestrians. But zero reports of it actually happening in my area.

  19. cool neighborhood dude! i really enjoy your videos 🙂 can you please do a video about the bugs. i am so so very afraid of spiders and most bugs that issue is worrying me in regards to taking the leap of faith. is there a difference between city and country bugs? how big are the bugs ect. have you already covered this on your web sight? anyways thank you po for including us in your life 🙂

  20. I’ll try to cover that in one of the next videos. I did two videos on just the ‘Giant Spider’, but I’ve learned to cope with the bugs. 🙂

  21. Umm you said giant spider ohmygoodness you didn’t say big you said GIANT!!!!!??? I’ll look through your channel for those. Going to be a challenge to watch. Looking forward to the bug vid… Which is a first. Thank you po!

  22. Two places to check are Sulit(dot)com(dot)ph and Craigslist-Cebu. You’ll probably get cheaper prices on Craigslist. If you plan to look for a fiance/wife.. don’t date women from the same city. She’ll find out, I guarantee you that much, and then the real drama begins. Visit my main site for articles on Relationships In The Philippines at LifeBeyondTheSea(dot)com.

  23. Yep.. even in California the red ants didn’t hurt like the ones here do.. and they’re smaller. But when they bite.. you know it. I’ve found that applying spray alcohol numbs it fairly quickly. Spraying the alcohol on the sink drives away the ants as well.

  24. It’s been 2 weeks since the big quake and things are now about 95% back to normal. Businesses are open again with very few exceptions. Area around Loon is still kinda banged up with broken bridges, but functioning. Lots of repair construction going on everywhere, debris slowly being removed from streets in town. Looks like it’ll be OK from this point out.

    1. @sn9696 Correct. It comes in handy when and if you encounter a snake in those areas which are the natural habitat for snakes. Especially if you have chickens because chickens will attract snakes as food for them.  

    2. @grimaldi25
      No i’m not, i’m telling him to carry a bolo knife at night when he walks, many filipinos do this.. Where do you live, have you been to the Philippines?

  25. Just wondering how did you extend your visa or get permanent status?  Any advice from you or any expat would be welcome.  A back up question.  about how much do you spend monthly for living?  What would the average Filipino spend monthly?  Any  answers welcome.  Thanks

    1. How do I get around having to buy return ticket?  For travel visa it says I need to buy return ticket or forward destination ticket.  Do I just have to bite the bullet on A ticket onto Indonesia or Thailand?  What do you recommend?  I am coming in April.

    2. Once you are in the PH on a Tourist Visa (good for 30 days), within that 30 days you go to the nearest BI (immigration office) and pay about $75 for a 2-month extension on your existing Visa.  You keep doing that and can renew for up to 3 years now.  (it used to max out at 16 months).  After 3 years, you need to leave the PH for at least 24 hours and then re-enter.  As for monthly budget, for me $1,000/month as a single guy more than covers all my expenses very well.  For a married guy, it’d be more of course.  Also, living away from the city is much cheaper.

  26. I will pay you to be my mentor on entering the Philippines and living like this. I am a disabled Marine and have an income of around 1000.00 a month. I have so many questions. My friend who has money just moved to Manila and there is no way I can afford that! But sorry I wave money first. Would rather have a friend. But I think a little extra income could help you which would help your neighbors! 

  27. Do you see lots of stars at night time  there too?..Cool tour man!  except, for the creepy old guy that comes out at night to stalk your  house..It’s a good idea to own chickens and roosters in the yards..You get free eggs and snakes can’t surprise you in the morning. Why did that chicken cross the road? LOL  And you should own two cats in the house just incase the snakes sneaks through..Do they have fiesta events in your location or wedding events? If you do..You should shoot it!  They usually have lechon baboy… It’s a whole roast pig,..a tradition. and share bro!  Thanks..for taking me, back to my Island..I miiss it a lot..

    1. @bj drawh yep….snakeskin boots, belts, shoes, wallets, ladies handbags, and suitcases. hehehehehe they might try a new one and make them into upholstery for chairs and couches.

    2. i read up on that an they were suppose to be in the northern islands ,an not the southers ,but they can swim ,,the only good snak is on belts an boots lol

    3. People keep telling me about cobras but, been 2 years and haven’t seen one cobra.  In fact the only snakes I’ve seen were hit in the road.. a gopher snake and a green boa.  (both non-poisonous)  I have heard that Gamaras island, just off the coast of Iloilo has lots of cobras.  Got that from an expat who lived there.

  28. Hi Henry,
    like all your videos.Thanks for posting. I was wondering if i’m not too indiscrete(maybe i am in this case) how much you pay per month to rent your place. Salamat Luca

    1. Rents on Bohol are anywhere from $150 to $250 USD per month, depending on the area.  That is for a nice, clean and secure apartment.  Pension houses are cheaper, but nowhere near as nice.

  29. an old man sitting in the bushes in a corner at nighttime is pretty creepy. LOL But he just might be doing his business, you know because he doesn’t have a working toilet in his house. hehehehe But that is a nice quiet area where you stayed. It’s scenic and I noticed, no air pollution which is very nice. The only issue here is no paved roads if you had your motorbike to ride on to get to town.

  30. Native chickens are small. I could eat one whole by myself. hehehe Try some Chicken Rice soup called Arroz con Pollo or try some chicken tinola soup. Also try chicken apritada and chicken inasal too. With rice or potato salad or pasta salad. Delicious.

  31. It might be a good idea to keep some anti-venom vials in your hut, and maybe something to tie your arm or leg (whichever is bitten).  Suck the blood out of the bite as soon as possible.  You should have a motorcycle at your disposal so you can get to the hospital quickly……….(hehehe…just kidding,but I have now scratched Bohol off my list of places to go in the Philippines!)

  32. I was many time in Tagbilaran and like to see news from the new mall. Not the mall where is MC Donalds inside. The other one. Still finish?
    Show more movies without so many speaking. Thanks  Frank

  33. My wife and I took a tour of Bohol in 2004 and we loved it.We took the “Supercat ” ferry out of Cebu City. I highly recommend visiting Bohol .With all the beautiful scenery and the chocolate hills you will not be disappointed.

    1. +Jeffred Requillo i moved from bohol/panglao around march of 2014. i traveled to moalboal for a short stint and then have been living in dumaguete for 18 months. from there i then moved to bacong. 🙂

  34. I like the area ,the fence around your house as well as the trees and countery quite. Cobras !!!!!!!!! Ok Reekay cobras !!!!!!!
    Ha’haha ha . Ok I have to do some recerch on cobras ‘ are you talking about the Ford mustang cobras or the snake .ha’ha’ha’ha’ha .
    Good video ‘ Thanks
    Take Care .

    1. a neighbor told me that the ‘chizmiz’ in the barangay is that i was walking the province late at night because i was in league with the spirits out there. that would explain why nobody bothered me much.

  35. Hi Mr. Rekay. I enjoy watching your videos about your travels in the Philippines. I might be visiting Bohol for a few days. Does one need a Dengue shot?

    1. no. there is a dengue shot which has only been out for about a year. it was found to be best for those who have already had dengue and caused issues for those who have never had dengue before. personally, i would not get the dengue shot. most people live in the PH their entire life and never get dengue.

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