My Big Decision

My Big Decision


  1. I don’t blame you for stepping back right now. When you come back, something that I think would be useful to go along with showcasing different properties is to show more of the process. How to finance the property in that country, including getting the loan, what the money down would be, renting out the property, fixing problems that come up with the different properties, do we need a rental agent and what is their role and cost, etc. That way you can teach people more of how to obtain the properties than just generically saying the prices and what they look like.

  2. Peter we love you both, we are here for your family, any help contact me I hope it turns out, well , grap a Clive would , and is pulling for you guys.

  3. you have to consider, that she may feel youtube is taking you away from her, or SHE thinks you care more about youtube, than you do about HER. most people do not hate youtube, there are tv shows, movies, comedy shows, cooking, etc, etc they have something for everyone, child-care, nutrition for new mothers,e, etc… the baby is sucking the life out of her, you got to put the life back in. vitamins, supplements for new moms, foot rubs, back rubs, rub whatever ails her! always SMILE! cook for her, find a recipe she likes on youtube and make it for her. you are a dad, maybe watch new dad videos or get a book about it.

  4. You need to keep property club about property. Start another channel to bitch about your personal life. When I saw the name Property club I tuned it expecting to be informed about property, I was shocked to see you airing your dirty laundry in public and putting your wife in a very embarrassing situation time after time. If you get offended by this you will never get to the top. But if you can accept the facts and others opinions you have a chance. It’s hard to hear but man up. Ok, I’m done, you can block me now. But remember these aren’t insults, they are words to help you self improve. Watch some YouTube videos by Jordan B Peterson, they may help you.

  5. Frankly, your biggest problem with the woman is she is crazy. Not bad, just crazy. She wants a rich man who is hard working but she doesn’t want you working on Youtube, doesn’t want you in the house, doesn’t want you to go to Thailand, doesn’t want….

  6. to get more views you need to write a keyword rich description and add tags, hashtags, etc. link to your site, or even your youtube homepage and put a subscribe link in the description as well. perhaps give away a free ebook on your site. perhaps ask viewers to subscribe at the end, PLUS more importantly, show another video you want people to watch at the end!!!!

  7. Hi Pete – for sure you don’t need my approval – but I think it is a great idea to step back and take some time to consider how best to have that wonderful life with your son and partner – if possible. I love the focus on living a great life in a lower cost country – but housing is only part of the issue as I see it – for sure there are other costs – as someone that has owned houses, bare land and condos in the Philippines and Thailand- I have made all the mistakes – but what about things like hobbies, people that would have common interests, healthcare, education and other aspects that would allow one to really live a “rich” life on a budget. Best of luck on your introspection and I look forward to your videos.

  8. Peter, great plan to take a break reposition yourself; on the channel, set goals and come back stronger than ever. Just as important is to do the same for your relationship and work out with Ariana how you both can fit you Tube into your relationship so that you are both happy with it. It may be that you agree that you will do just one vlog per week but improve the content.You might agree that it will just focus on property and not your personal lives. Either way you both must be happy with the plan. Let me tell you from experience mother and father living separately even if close by is just not a family situation and will be detrimental to little Pete.

  9. It needs to be about your marriage not the child. That is not how you go about fixing a relationship. First you need to accept responsibility for y’all issues and stop blaming Covid or YouTube. The communication between you two is terrible and that needs to be fixed. Your interest needs to be in the marriage and not property. Your work needs to come second.

  10. I like you and your videos. I think you are genuine. I will follow you and your property videos if, and only if, you recognize and help us expats who must take tax into consideration, including for example, if you have a negatively geared property Australia, and must declare global income in your country of residence.How does that work? It is just so frustrating to hear all these figures about what could be, (rent, fees, costs etc.,) and yet no comment about the tax situation – because tax can be a real deal breaker. You have to somehow consider both countries and mesh them together to calculate tax. None of us can approach our local tax authorities for fear of opening a can of worms with our names plastered all over the can! But someone on YouTube, just talking about it, without necessarily any blood in the fight, could make the truth visible, could bring it out into the cold alight of day. So many of us expats would be grateful, relieved, and seriously willing to take suggestions of say, these Akiya houses seriously. (For instance, do you know that buying an old Akiya house in the beautiful Japanese countryside is perfectly feasible and yet, it may rob an Aussie of access to a federal pension? All because he or she didn’t check the rules first! If he or she moves back to Australia, what are the tax implications? You may think it is over doing things, by asking, say, if the owner can can carry over accrued depreciation costs, or losses incurred during renovations, or whether any rent collected must now be recorded on the Aussie tax forms? (Or should have already been recorded) But the authorities take a different view, and so do the lawyers representing these giant property companies that invest in international property. This is serious. The laws that screw the small backpacker type investor are often designed to mitigate against these giants. They don’t discriminate. So how about in Japan? Does Japan even have negative gearing, or a deprecation schedule? See what I mean! In the past, it was a free for all, based on the assumption that if no accountants can help, then the tax authorities of the countries concerned also won’t touch you. Not anymore, since 2012, with international tax information sharing agreements these authorities might decide to make an example out of the average poor guy or girl, just trying to get by, by owning a foreign property. They could ruin the poor person and get a promotion for it. I don’t know whether this is your thing or not, but if you decided to take it seriously, not only would I subscribe to our Channel, I would seriously considering paying you on a fee-for-service like basis. I’m not kidding. Buyers agents back in Aust don’t give a flying ¥&*( about how you will deal with tax in ten years, nor do agents anywhere for that matter.

  11. Don’t put your personal life out there. Real estate is very exciting right now. Markets are going to plunge. Payments won’t be made. Foreclosures will soar. The best buying opportunities in a long time will be out there. You can prosper, but keep YouTube as a second job with limits. Have time for your family.

  12. Nobody is going to be interested in a video of your travels without the dynamic of your life included it would be boring as can be. If your life wife doesn’t like what you have to do put bread on the table ask her if she can do any better. It’s her goal to manipulate you into poverty? Is she just trying to control you? Ask yourself these things very carefully my friend

  13. Relationships need to grow in the same direction. I guess it depends on what is important in your life, family, YouTube etc and if they can be balanced harmoniously? Whatever you decide Pete I wish you all the very best.

  14. Stand your ground. If she doesn’t like it don’t put her in videos. Remember your the boss. Don’t give that up. But keep in mind treat her with respect and be good to her.

  15. THE best thing a man can do for their child is to LOVE their Mother .
    Remember , love is NOT liking something or someone a whole whole lot !!!!
    It is a choice

  16. You should not air your dirty laundry. I have to take your wife’s side in this argument. You should stick to property, finance, etc. Your personal life is none of our business. And what you’ve done is just plain stupid.

  17. It’s great you want to be in your kids life no matter what happens. Hope you work it out. Try 2 different YouTube channels for different subjects.

  18. Good luck Peter….you definitely both need a break. When you’re ready, we’ll be here waiting for your next great video.
    I also think you’re in the right path to review properties in different locations mixed with some other informative and interesting material….somewhat like Anthony bourdain with property instead of food.

  19. Sure would be nice if you wanted to improve your relationship as much as you want to do with youtube. You remain a moron and lost soul. Wake up jerk!

  20. BRO! Make sure you check for radiation levels throughout Japan basically because of Fukushima and don’t forget World War II Geiger counters are very cheap these days it may save your life and the lives of your family, be careful !

  21. My friend, a little more facial growth and you could be mistaken for Tony Mokbel. (you did ask for comments) ps, don,t be so hard on yourself. Live the dream!

  22. Peter I refuse to offer and relationship or your life’s journey but I will say I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and really admire you as a human being you have a great vlog and enjoy ALL your content i will miss you but I have every confidence that you will come out on the other end as great a man as you are today peace be with you Peter and ill be watching for you

  23. I think you’re making huge mistake aiming for YT to be your main income. My wife and I have five income streams and if we wanted to earn from YT it would be 4th on our list of priorities. You should concentrate on increasing your income from your main job which I assume is the head of a call center and once you have stable and sizeable earnings and more importantly, reserve funds, you’ll have less pressure to produce high quality YT videos every week with all the cash to finance your business trips. Also, the fact that you think you’ll have more time with your kid when you reach 1 million subscribers, think again as that’s a whole lot more pressure and time to produce videos to keep the eyeballs rolling. Once you’re in this YT world it’s hard to get out and the privacy line gets grayer and grayer. There are far other ways to make money while working from home aside from YT. YT to me is like selling my privacy to the devil in exchange for money.

  24. I recommend vlogging about nature, beaches, and properties, maybe some cultural things and very little on family stuff. I don’t disagree with a little privacy. Best of luck mate! I enjoyed your channel thus far!

  25. Read between the lines, he is saying, he is going thru a divorce and will be back on YoTube by himself when he has got over the emotional pain of it all.

  26. Best of luck Peter in whatever you decide, I noticed I haven’t seen much of your u-tube now I realise why. I would like to move to Bali but you would have to trust another person for that, so that won’t happen, then the hospitals probably not our standard, in saying that just love Bali. I’m not even sure you get a pension from Australia to be an expat. Good idea take it easy and come back more refreshed ❤

  27. Well you have been jumping the gun and scare mongering about the Aussie market when it’s a global thing, I would be more worried about the market in the Philippines

  28. Good luck with the new direction and goals. It’s not my place to tell you how to live but maybe cut back on the drinking a little. Cheers Mate.

  29. great idea mate,
    appears to me arianne has a different outlook on life to you,
    education level,and also seems to me just enjoys eating out ,going on trips,and not that you have baby pete,feels trapped.
    she is not supportive of your u tube not does she care to learn about it,,
    just happy to get around live the good life and one big party,sorry to say many filipina are like her,,,
    stay strong be wise look after baby pete and watch your health,,you are not in australia,
    beware of your surroundings,,life will improve again ,so keep safe,,your not the first or last guy to

    have filipina problems,,,esp young filipina,,,

    God bless and be wise
    ossie from melbourne

  30. Log on to you tube pick up your PC shove it up your partners arse – buy a one way ticket to ho chi min and have a load of beers to check-in and when you get there have more beers pick up a couple of slappers in the Apocalypse

  31. Good luck , sounds like the right decision… Come back with a new focus and crush it. I think there will be a glut of condo’s soon from AirBNB people that are being squeezed,,, I am hoping to get a new project off the ground in a month or two , I’ll keep you in mind since they’re real estate related. (I sent you the Subaru swag a while back…).

  32. You’re on the right track mate. Take a step back, analyze, create a plan of attack and put it to action when you are ready to dedicate the time and energy.

  33. It sounds like she needs a plan. Instead of being a Pinay golddigger, she needs to have daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals. And not just how she is going to spend your money! Send her to her mommy’s tin shack for a month, then she will appreciate and respect you for everything you do.

  34. I wouldn’t let no woman control my life that’s why I’m in the Philippines. It’s a mans world in the Philippines and that’s how it needs to be.

  35. At beginning of virus outbreak you were ready to leave your family and go back home until you knew you could not afford it because your subscribers would have destroyed you… You fake prick…

  36. How about stop looking for sympathy from people you don’t know on your blogs(YouTube) and other social media……and work out your family problems without posting them and show respect and discretion towards your wife and child. STOP TALKING SHIT!

  37. Mate…family comes first….you neglected them to concentrate on youtube…thats how your wife sees it….good idea is to go offline from you tube for a week or two and concentrate first on your family…and put your thoughts into what you really want to do with you tube….I understand you want a steady income but you must understand your family have a nice wife and a beautiful baby…you are doing this for them too. so concentrate on them first and come up with fresh ideas on you tube..Once a week video is fine…good luck..

  38. Peter stay close to your wife…. understand the income thing…. I have to learn to do the same….but you can see she doesn’t want her private life being public ok…respect that sir…she is your priority… Craig Goldsberry/ O’Briant

  39. Peter listen to me….if you really love your wife….stay close her and work things out with her…talk about it with her ok…..she comes first….. Craig Goldsberry/ O’Briant

  40. I feel for you I’m pretty new watching your channel and just subscribed regarding the the family I married I have a Filipina wife I sort of know what you’re going think with your head not your heart your decisions going to be easy protect the family at all cost new subscriber Brian.. good luck Peter and the baby is cute

  41. I just keep hearing about your son…. concentrate on your wife…yes son too….but it’s family…. don’t forsake her please.. I wish I had your knowledge…. Craig

  42. You just have uneducated watchers and trolls. don’t mind them mate! Do what makes you happy. and lastly I agree your blog is out of control. I suggest you do different channels for different interest. Property should be property, family life is family life. Wsh you all the best mate!

  43. An example of why expats should never purchase a property in the Philippins, you as a foreigner have no legal rights to the land,you may own the structure but not the land it sits on,there are many instances of foreigners purchasing a house and soon after the wife decides to end the relationship,the property than by law reverts back to her and you lost your rights to it,in other words the expats are royaly screwed,most cases she moves in her family and or her bf ,,,,Rent ,its the best decision you will ever make

  44. Listen sir,
    I love your YouTube channel. I like the topics and discussions you enjoy having. Trust me, your relationship is not over. I have been to the Philippines 6 or 7 times, I have experience dating filipinas, and have been engaged before. The problem you are having is that you two have bad communication. To me and my eyes she is trying to tell you something. Another thing is she is testing you. Before you decide to leave her I recommend you get professional councelling. I can read her expressions and mannerisms, if you leave her she will find a new guy. Even now she is probably talking to other guys. Trust me, don’t leave her now unless you want a painful break up. Get professional help in your corner and work it out. This girl is the type that will hold your kid as a weapon against you. Get the professional help and put the relationship back into proper perspective. God bless you.

  45. Good luck to you mate I think your going to need it. Your in the Philippines buddy either get yourself another filipina like most other guys do there’s plenty of them there or stay with her and get yourself a filipina mistress like most Filipino guys do. Cheers

  46. The best thing you can do for your son it to love his Mom unconditionally and of course-marry her legally!..contentment in a relationship with each other is the best for your peace and happiness. Grow together even if, in defferent direction/individually support each other life and happiness. Put God first and family second…

  47. Bottom line, if she isn’t on board get rid of her. Yep easy to say because I did and pressed on with my dreams. A good woman will support you and be by your side. Where would she be without you? Life is short and you deserve to be happy, trust me, get rid of her.

  48. I watched your videos for years not all of them but couldn’t figure what your channel ..I thought you were entertaining most of the time . I thought you came across as being a guy who had his finances in order and semi retired. I know that investing in Asia has many many red flags that you didn’t bring up on your videos so I would never take your advice on real estate seriously. Its best to invest in property in your home country and just rent while you are in Asia the rents can be cheap. The prices in Manila to buy or rent are the worst in SEA per SQ Meter that’s a fact…. The real estate laws in Australia and the USA protect its citizens that’s a fact…Not so in Asia..please remember that its a fact… :0)

  49. Best of luck to you, your wife and son ! I lived in PH for 9 months, and even stayed about a week in your neighbourhood in EKH Subic Bay Freeport ! Great area, youtube isnt everything ! Family is ! Your a level headed and sound guy, your very genuine ! I appreciate your videos ! I wish you luck in all your future endevours ! best wishes and cheers from Canada =)

  50. 6 AM in the morning, no shit, perhaps think about stuff before you hit send.
    Your partner is dead right. YouTube isn’t some where to air your dirty personal laundry.
    You’ve a long way to go to improve the quality and content. Currently it’s unprofessional jibberish.

  51. There is nothing consistent with you on any matter. You’re immature, you speak about nothing except me, me, me. Looking back at your old videos they simply show you as a daddy’s boy. If you want to balance your life, try growing up.
    You are never going to make it on youtube, that’s a fairy tale, a figment of your imagination of a immature mind. I don’t know your wife but from all tales she needs to clean house starting with you. All this talk about youtubing is bullshit. Travel, vlog, show the world it can be done, bullshit. Go get a job! Grow up. You want us to learn how its done from someone like you? hahaha You can’t do it yourself much less have any credibility left with any of your viewers. Even one says your kid doesn’t even look like you.

    Turn the video off in your head, stop boozing, get a job and take care of business. I fought in the Vietnam war with some great Aussies, but I can’t remember any of them being a full fledge pussy daddy’s boy like you. You’ve lost your family, your youtube viewers and you still babble about teaching us, You need a shrink, pal.

  52. Follow YOUR dreams mate. None of us are getting any younger. That’s my advice, for what it is worth. Twice married. Twice divorced. Never again. You only have one chance at life. Don’t live it for someone else’s dream.

  53. In whatever you decide to do, bro, I support ya. I think ur great.
    However, relationship and your business stuff aside, the thing that always comes to mind when your situation comes to mind throughout the day is YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH COMES FIRST AND YOU ARE FUCKING THEM BOTH UP BY DRINKING ANYTHING AT ALL WHATSOEVER RIGHT NOW 🙂

  54. I always follow you specially the properties you are posting in YT. I think Ariane just really wanted to have somewhat privacy , as you others are not that grateful and there are lot of bushers. I read a comment in one of your videos and its really bad to hear people talking that way about her, hence they dont really know her.
    Perhaps you can focus more posting on properties instead since your account name is Property Club. In that way you can put privacy to you wife and son.

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