My Apartment in Moalboal, Philippines

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    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I have a rice cooker and just dump all my vegetables and rice into it..turns out well enough for me but I also have a portable gas stove that uses small 230g cans (almost like a soda can in terms of size) for about $1.50 a can. 1 can lasts 2 or 3 days (3 meals a day, 20 minutes each time). The advantage is it won’t explode. I’ve had those propane tanks leak..not a problem if you have the windows open but I use air-con.

    2. It came with a dual propane burner but.. I really hate using propane/flame in this humidity.  I will put that one aside and later today get an electric ‘hot plate’ which puts the heat more efficiently to the pan without heating the whole kitchen.  Plus I hate having to deal with refilling those propane tanks.  It’s cheap, but I don’t like the hassle.

    1. I hope to eventually.  I’ve heard some places are being asked by the govt to stop, but i’m sure someone around here is still doing it.  🙂

    1. true, eheh….there is always a rooster in the philippines somewhere. once even in makati bussiness district in the hotel i heard a rooster in the morning. ahah

  1. You are so right what you do!….I have make all mistake it is..Simple life and easy life.Slowly but shorely…..Well like your style presenting Ph.Problems,,,,It is what it is only…..

    1. For now, here in Moalboal.. I am in a very small town that stretches maybe 6 blocks at the most.  The surrounding area is all province for miles around.  The nearest real supermarket is about 25 minutes scooter ride away over in Dumanjag.  And the nearest ‘big’ mall is in Carcar which is about 90 minutes away, over the mountain.  Dumanjag has a ‘mall’.. but t is just a supermarket and some household/furniture items.  No food court, no other businesses.. just mainly a supermarket.  If I do find myself in Cebu permanently ever, I would opt for being just outside the city limits.  I enjoy the city night-life sporadically.. but I wouldn’t want to live permanent in the city.

  2. Henry, you have made me very jealous now. I recently returned from yet another trip to Moalboal,. The word I got from friends who work and live in Moalboal suggested a rental place may cost me around 11,000 to 12,000 a month. And you find a brilliant place for around 8,000. If and when you have the time, I’d like to know more about that particular property. I’m Alex_GJ on the LBTS forum and would appreciate any feedback at all. My next trip will be in September. Regards, Alex.

    1. I shared a few drinks with a Steve from upstate NY. He was a divemaster in Moalboal and frequented BJ Bar. Surely they must be one and the same Steve? If so, I will pay him a visit in September. Thanks Henry.

  3. That’s a nice (adequate) place for $180 a month. Do you pay the electricity. What about Internet? Flushing toilet and seat are luxuries.

  4. One of the problems with acquiring a lot of personal items such as TVs, washing machines, desktop computer, etc, is when you try to sell them in these developing countries, people won’t give you a fair price for it. They will keep negotiating the price down until you are almost giving it away and then you decide it isn’t worth it to sell, so you just keep it or donate it to charity. It’s better to be like Henry and be minimalist. Otherwise you will end up being anchored to one place.. great if you have a wife but for a single man like me (or Henry) you won’t enjoy life as much. Plus, if you are gone for a long time people might steal your stuff. Travel light. 🙂

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Thanks Henry.    My wife lives on Mactan Island…there was a nice cement house next to hers for rent last your.   8,000 pesos..  2 bedrooms, indoor bathroom and shower,   wrought iron fence.   

  5. Reekay, if you are touring, it might be cheaper to get a top box and saddle bags for the stuff you can’t fit in the backpack instead of either doing without or keep on having to buy the same thing.

  6. Nice videos, Henry!. I have been to the Philipiines many times and am planning to retire there in about 10 years, maybe less if I am lucky. Have you thought about trying scuba diving? I tried scuba diving 6 years ago on my first trip to the Philippines and it literally changed my life! Fantastic hobby, especially if you are into photography! Philippines has some of the best underwater photography opportunities in the world. 🙂

  7. Have you been to Manila? I’m planning a September trip and was wondering if I’m gonna be hanging out for a month would it make more sense to just find a short term rental or stay at a hotel? Thanks for the vids!

    1. The environment in Manila is not the same as Bohol. Don’t get disappointed with Manila; before you go, make sure that you do a thorough online video research before your trip to Manila. I’m a future-returning ex-PhilAm born in Manila but am seriously looking at Cebu to live in because I don’t like the trash & environment in Manila. Also, be up-to-date with political issues there. I suggest watching Travis Kraft videos if you want to see more about Manila vicinities outside American expats’ communities. Don’t get culture-shocked like some people.

    2. most apartments want a 2 month lease, but it all depends on what you can work out with the landlord.  typically, renting for the month is about half of staying at a hotel.. so maybe offer a little extra for just a 1-month lease and still save money in the long run.

    1. I’ve been here 2 weeks and mosquitoes haven’t been an issue yet.  🙂  I see maybe one or two and swat ’em.  The ceiling fan over the bed keeps them from bugging me while I sleep.  All day I have the windows and door open for the ocean breeze.. at night I close the windows, run the air-con maybe an hour then shut it off with just the ceiling fan and mosquitoes still not a problem.  But.. in the province of Bohol.. lots of them, had to burn incense and use a mosquito net there over my bed.

    1. I pulled into the first bar I saw open and asked the American bartender there.  But if you know expats online, they often either know of a place, their wives do or expat friends can suggest places.

  8. Hi Henry…enjoy your vids and find them very informative. My wife and I will be going to Bohol next month, Was hoping to meet up with you, but seems our timing is a little off. But you gave me some good insight as to what to expect while in Tagbilaran..thnx and keep up the good work.

  9. Wow!  you have your own kitchen like, efficiency just don’t cook with too much garlic..your bed sheets and clothes could smell like, your cooking…and everytime you go out..pilipino people will call you Matakaw….Eggy Weggy in English  LOL

  10. Nice apt, thanks for sharing, and I truly hope you enjoy your stay in Bohol. The rent is fantastic! I’m looking forward to retire there soon and am seriously considering living in Cebu instead of Manila.

  11. Question, if I wanted to test the waters so to speak, could I come to the same one here place/area wise you are showing, and stay for a month or so? I want to experience it before I decide to live.

    1. That would be a good thing to do.. live here about 3 weeks or a month if you can.  Visit several islands, each island is different in regards to city size, beaches, province and tourist areas.  🙂

  12. Your really pretty Spartan there aren’t you Henry. It’s actually fine and it’s good for 8,000 furnished and clean. I used to rent out a small unfurnished apartment in Pasay City for my wife and my daughter but moved out of there awhile back. Im in Quezon city now at my father’s old house and hopefully in the future get a permanent place for my wife, myself, my daughter and my mother. Anyways, good place.

    1. For about 18 years I’ve been a minimalist.  I truly hate owning much.  Each year in the USA I would empty my closets and house of stuff I didn’t want or need.  I once lived about 9 months in a new apartment with no furniture except for a dining table and bean bags.  I just feel so much ‘lighter’ without owning ‘stuff’.  It’s the years I was married that ‘stuff’ really accumulated for the sake of the family.  Once I was single again, I stripped it all back down to the minimum.  🙂

  13. I smiled at one of your comments about snakes.They are everywhere but stay hidden unless you know what to look for.Snakes love chickens because rats love chickens

    1. @robin yates Since I get so many comments per day, I answer my comments through Youtube’s main channel tab.  But for some reason, some comments can only be answered by going directly to the video (like this one).  So I rarely make it to all the comments that are outside of the channel management tabs.  It might be because the comments come in via Google+.

  14. Hi Henry. I enjoy ur vids. I have a question though, Why did you leave Bohol in order to move to Cebu. Was Bohol too quiet , too  remote or did you just feel  like making a change ?? 

    1. I had been on Bohol/Panglao for over a year.  That combined with a breakup with a g/f on Bohol, I felt it was a good opportunity to do some travelling, see other islands and places.  So that’s what I did.  🙂

  15. I want to swim with all of the fish. Is it scary there. I am home in Charleston, SC and may move to the Philippines. I hear from locals there that I could be killed, raped, etc. Need advice and hopefully make friends with folks before going there.

  16. That’s expensive kind of   a house or apartment . They probably know that you’re a foreigner. you can rent my house there, a lot bigger but it is in Northern Luzon, 45 minutes away from Baguio.

  17. Brings up a question. How do u do laundry there? Obviously I’m still in USA and toying with the idea of the phillipines. Outside of a maid. Do you just wash in a bucket of water?

    1. @Gabe Gordon there are two methods, it’s just a matter of who is going to do it.  🙂  You can either have it machine washed at a place in town, where they will charge by the kilo and fold it when finished.  Or.. you or your maid can wash it by hand in basins at home.  I usually just do my own.

    1. @RVboy Junior yah.. the nanny thought it would be ‘fun’ to put makeup on him and give him girl’s heels around the house.  now he does it on his own.  smh.

  18. I just SPIT OUT MY COFFEE!!!!! I have watched this video several times and was so concentrated on the apartment I NEVER SAW what the little  boy LOL had in his hand. I always thought he was just waving! But when I saw it and then HENRY’S Comment (the tone of it) gave me the loudest laugh! Ladyboys in then making! (Probably a nice kid, I know) Anywhodoneit, I was just researching all of the MOALBOAL videos here thinking I might want to go and there *especially if its good for writers and kind of laid back) and stay a few months before heading back to Si…….well I’m not going to say cause I don’t want a million and three people headed there. Hehehehe (I know) But anyway, hint, the island all the Filipinos seem afraid to go. BUT I LOVE IT! Anyway, let me go back and watch this one again. Heheheh.

  19. it is nice
    I stayed very close to the ocean when i lived there. would like to rent your old place.
    hate they have not fixed the tater problem it has been 14 years since i was there,not sure why the have this problem as the falls are not far and if you could make it to the top of the falls it has plenty of water.
    , Moal Boal was my favorite place in some places only a few meters to the reef wall and white beach was always fun
    had a 10 meter kite i would fly at 500 meters so every one that knew me that meant party tonight at the beach.
    Green Island also had no chicken the steroid fighting cocks so it was a pace i could fine some peace.
    Love it.
    Thank for sharing Henry

  20. Interesting videos.  I have been to Bantayan island last summer with my wife, To lease a land and built a house there,,,,Can you give me advises please? 

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines careful that little boy doesn’t grow up to be a ladyboy. from my studies that is encouraged in some families in the phillipines. My guess is prostitution. Lots of ladyboys work as prostitutes. Japanese and koreans love young boys.

    2. @Pierre Cormier btw.. a ‘day use’ pass at the resorts on mactan goes for about 400p (last time i checked) but part of that is ‘consumable’ credit towards food/drink. and includes use of the pool at some places. while the beaches at boracay are free.. lodging is about $85 to $150 per night depending on where you stay. moalboal is a bit cheaper with places going for about $30 a night.

    3. @Pierre Cormier easily.. my 1st choice for favorite beach is Boracay. yes, a bit pricey and it takes a few modes of travel to get there.. but well worth the trip in my book. my 2nd Choice would Moalboal. they have a nice, wide “white sands” beach that goes on for maybe a kilometer (?) and is rarely crowded. the sand is not as fine as Boracay, but then Moalboal is not as expensive either. i can’t say i have a 3rd choice. but either Dauin on negros oriental or Anda beach on Panglao or some of the resort beaches on Mactan would be my other mentionables.

    1. @craig vietor usually about $35 usd per month at most places i’ve stayed. but i only run the aircon at night, sometimes. guys who run the aircon all day get bills near $100 usd per month.

  21. Do you find local families living together in small studios like your apartment and paying far less? How do the locals live on 10000 pesos a month? Or is it both parents working together making maybe 20000 pesos a month or is it just one income?

    1. @Wang Wu actually, no.. they pay the same. not all filipinos are dirt poor. some own small businesses or have ‘family money’ from rice fields they lease out. so in my neighborhood, for instance, filipinos live in similar housing as myself and either own it outright or rent it at the same rate. those who can’t afford those rates live in a much simpler type of housing. (often nipa type housing)

  22. You mention something about (Nipa Housing) and the dirt poor living in them. Are they located all over the philipines like Davo city and mindinoa provinces? How much does it cost to build one of these type of houses?

    1. @Wang Wu i’d say about every province area i’ve been to has nipa type housing. cost can be as little as under $800 usd, depending on how simple it is.

  23. Hey thats great so this means foriegners can come to the philipines with some money and built there own nipa and start a family living like the natives.

    1. @Wang Wu sort of. a single man can come to the PH, marry a filipina and buy land in HER name, and then build a nipa hut on it (which can be in your name). but.. a married foreigner couple cannot come to the PH and buy land as husband and wife. one owner must be a filipino citizen. you can Lease land for 25-50 years from a filipino and build on it. but at the end of the lease the structure built on it goes to the PH owner of the land.

  24. I have experiensed some landlords wanting a 3 month rent deposit. Then when moving out it has been a bit tricky to get the deposit back. whats your opinion about that ?

    1. +Arnold Lacson his mother and helper thought it would be ‘nice’ to dress him up as a girl. now he puts on his own makeup. it’s not the first time i’ve seen boys under 10 years old dressing up in public as girls. i saw a few at the sundang festival in dumaguete last year in fact.

  25. Nice crib! You just answered my question about what happens to the items you buy……. betcha the recipient will be happy, blessings always ~ P

  26. to bad it wasnt an hdtv because then you would be able to just buy a cord to connect your laptop to your television and stream movies from there

    1. +Polar Bear that t.v., in moalboal, was nothing special. however the tv i have now in bacong is USB compatible, so i watch movies on it all the time now. 🙂

  27. When did you live last in Moalboal? How was the internet connection? Did you get PLDT or do Tethering? I stayed at the Blue Orchid just down the road on White beach but the internet connection was horrible last year

    1. i was only in moalboal for about 6 weeks. but the internet was not impressive. it’s pretty much out in the boonies as far as the nearest big city is concerned. at the time i was using a USB wifi connection and only getting about 600kbps at best. i suppose if i had been willing to sign up for a DSL (if available) contract it would be better. but my neighbor had the same slow issues as well even though he had a router.

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