My Apartment in Dumaguete – Philippines

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  1. Wow! I want that place! Is it still available, since you moved, and is it possible to get a good stable internet connection there? Not mobile but a hard wired DSL or cable connection?

  2. Seems like you stress alot about security and barb wires,  is theft a big issue there? 
    are people on the look out for foreigners to rob their homes???  And your buying things like Fridge and bamboo furniture, what will you do with that stuff if theres no good commerce between normal people or having a storage place to put that stuff?? just curious,,,,,,,,,

    1. Thanks Henry for your response. I appreciate it.   I been thinking about taking a trip there, so who knows maybe could meet up and you can give me the logistics on things there. thanks again 

    2. @BenFern kay I don’t really ‘stress’ over it, it’s just a good idea when you’re one of the ‘richest’ guys in the neighborhood.  Basic security won’t cut it, here you need strong security, unless you’re dirt poor and nobody would want your stuff.  I bought a fridge and furniture because I plan to stay in Dumaguete a year, possibly 2 or 3 years.  I might even make it my permanent home base so.. I consider it a worthy investment.  Otherwise, I’d have to consider selling it if I moved, not many places available for storage.

  3. wow that is so worth it!.. 180 a month!..I make that in one days work in really wonder what my retirement gonna be?..My wife and i plan to live in manila in few years..she from E. Samar…She come usa in few months….I heard the cable bill can be more then some rents?..And do u have to pay a tax to live there?

    1. @christian cresser as a non-citizen, technically.. no.  but there is tax in stuff you buy and immigration fees on a regular basis.

  4. This is interesting, just ran into ur vids, so ur from SoCal I see, what made u move all of the suddent to the philippines? Are u half pinoy? And do u work out there, just wondering how u survive

    1. Ok sounds great! Glad u like it out there,
      Its amazing seeing americanize people living ther and enjoying it, im originally from Cavite province but raised in Long beach Cal, havent gone back since 2000, but if ever I do go for a visit again, ill go davao

  5. Nice place i live in Moal Boal for 2 years love the reef and white beach Negros is nice i use the row my boat to it from Moal Boal, maybe a 3 meter boat if your into diving look at apo island, I have some very nice guitars i not wish to part with but some ar worth 300 too 500 K peso so i also not wish someone to get them will have too find a way to fix that..
    I want a island hopping boat this time that can carry a motor bike to different islands. thank for sharing

  6. I have already seen a few of the Life Beyond the sea videos
    that you show, I really like them a lot, very informative. I’m a
    widower of Irish-Norwegion ancestery that was married to a
    wonderful Filipina woman 31 years. I retired after 40 years of
    working two years ago, I am planning to move back to the
    Philippines in 4 years for good. I’ll have my monthly retirement pension & my social security. I will be selling everything I own
    here in Arizona. I spent half of my life in Southern California.

    I had been to the Philippines 10 times on 3 Westpac deployments
    when I was in the Navy & was stationed at Subic Bay, that
    was the best duty I had in the Navy. So for me the Philippines
    is my second home, and it was the very first country outside
    The United States & Canada that I got to see & experience.

    Where I plan to move to in the Philippines is in the Bicol
    Region on the island of Masbate which is my first choice, my
    second choice is Sorsogon province, and Albay province is
    my third choice to live out my live there

    1. Christopher O’Rourke i am from masbate. Any reason why you choose our place? It is not one of those favorite place retirees would consider. So i am surprised. Have you done your move? You can ask me for advice as to any i know. Hope to see you there!!!

    2. That’s live in sorsogon though nobody involved this place I hope you will like it. and enjoy it.. welcome to the province of the sorsogon bicol region..

  7. Hi
    I’m Marthi from South Africa. Getting married to Judivine from Palawan…Puerto Princesa.
    Nice I need that number on billboard….DINO……your apartment video..plzzz

    1. @tinus young i didn’t want to make the number public, but if you contact me on facebook (search: Reekay), i can give you some numbers to check out for lodging. 

  8. hello life beyond, how does the 2 months advance rent work? do you start paying the rent  after 2 months when you pay the advance rent? or do you  still pay the first month rent and then get the 2 months advance  when you move out?

    1. Sounds Good…  I am trying to find a service that is not “shared” and does not totally brown out in the evenings… I think it may be impossible to find in PH.  Some people do have Fiber and are pretty pleased… it takes a more direct route to the local node or station. Sky seems to have a professional level package that has some nasty speeds…  I will call and challenge them on it and see what they can guarantee… but those packages are about 250.00 – 300.00 USD per month… but if one makes ones living online, then that is a small price to pay for kick ass Internet.  

    2. @Aprille Shepherd i’d say within a km of the city limits is good for cable.  i decided to not go with them because (a) during my first 10 days i only got maybe 3 days connection and (b) they wanted a 1-year contract commitment.  Instead I got a post-paid 6Gb/sec plan with Globe, no contract and it’s mobile.

  9. After you fully finish your apartment with sofa, tables, bedroom suits, fridge, microwave,dishware, etc etc. And you decide to move elsewhere what will you do with all your stuff you purchased?

    1. I just returned from Cebu City about 2 weeks ago. I was there for 2 months staying in a condo-hotel type in Banilad area. I will be looking for a apartment myself for next years trip. I hope to stay maybe 4 or 5 months.

    2. @mistaeric i’ll likely do what a lot of expats do.. garage sale.  ha!  but from i’ve seen, it’ll most likely be a total loss.  i just think of it as renting for the year.  selling my fridge at even half-price.. very few buyers sitting on that much cash.  and payments.. fuhgettaboutit, never gonna happen.  ha!

  10. I love your videos. I was in the there for most of October to meet my fiances family in Aurora in Mindano. I loved it there Looking forward to seeing and hearing more.

  11. Hi Henry, I rented my two house for very low cost still Filipino’s asked for negotiation. one is 2k pesos two bedrooms with front balcony, backyard and lots of space in front and the sides. the other house is gated, car port, two bedroom for 5k. still thinks it’s high.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I’m thinking of going to Cebu and spending a bit more to have a temporary well equipped place that’s safe to do research. Trying to put things together from California just led to me passing on the whole thing last year. Perhaps I’ll pass the attitude test when I get there, and find a cozy, secure place for a round 500 us a month. A scooter to come. :} By the way, glad to see you’re travels have paid off.

    2. @rose those are very reasonable rates.  but i’m not surprised people still want it lower.  my ex/gf rents out properties and the tenants every month try to pay less and less, even though there is a contract/lease.

  12. I broke my Casio watch band in Dumaguete.     I went to every possible store there that could be selling watch bands.    No luck!     It is a very friendly and peaceful city.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. @Benjamin Generoso it is.. but even in the 8 months i’ve been here, it seems traffic is getting worse and worse.. mornings and around 5pm when everyone gets off work/school.  streets through town are only 2-lanes.  🙁

    1. lol…I thought so. I have about a 3-4 thousand dollar budget a month, so im looking to make it stretch. Is there a huge expat community where you live?

    2. @boatswainsm8 they guys who seem to prefer thailand over the ph are often guys who learned to speak thai and have a higher budget allowance for monthly expenses. i know a guy who spent 6 years there, eventually did learn thai, but had the worst luck in dating thai women. he came to the ph and prefers it here. in the end, it all comes down to preference. in the PH, english is spoken most everywhere and the women are very approachable.

    3. @boatswainsm8 no, foreigners are not generally allowed to have guns. there are some strict exceptions regarding hunting or private security, but by and large, no guns. as for “looks”, to have a secure perimeter around one’s home, in the ph barbed wire and concrete is cheaper than expensive security systems most people can’t afford.

  13. i’ve read and listened… It seems like with housing/utilities you could live with 500ish dollars(USD) a month… idk about food, my GF says its rather expensive.

    1. @Richard Carraway for a single guy.. $500 usd would still be cutting it pretty short. but if living sparse and nothing went wrong (medical issues), it’s possible i suppose. especially in a less ‘touristy’ area/island. or in the province.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines LOL tagalog. From Batangas Originally. born and raised. High School BNHS. 2002. Hehe. of course my apartment is different then urs. I live on a second floor of a huge complex. has one bedroom. kitchen. closet. bathroom. But! It also has a door for looking out side. Not a window. On the bottom lower part it has a safety rail. for keeping you in, and not from falling out.

    2. @International Video Tokyo i’ve met bud brown, cool guy. that’s about the only part i understood. (my visayan still sucks.)

  14. Hello mr.henry is 5k or 6k peso enough to rent a small apartment in dumaguete? As i will move to dumaguete next year to stay with my filippinay wife while studying,i’m a pharmacist so is foreigner pharmacist allowed to set up a pharmacy or to be licensed pharmacist by taking the license exam? Is pharmacy a good business in dumaguete? I been to dumaguete last july for 2 months it was really amazing and peaceful
    Thank you

    1. @BANGUS BALUT have you even been to dumaguete? obviously not. and 1,500p in manila is not going to get you anything more than a beat down boarding room, not a house. it’s true, you “don’t get it” because you’re talking about something you know nothing about.

    2. @kaka Mh from what i’ve seen and my friend’s rents.. i’d say 10,000p per month is more like the average in duma. maybe, maybe something very small (1 room studio) for 6,000p just outside of town, but not within town.

  15. Hi Henry…..  what would utilities cost each month for an apartment like the one you got? 
               Thank you for the video…

  16. very cheap and good deal .. i rented apartment  in makati for 13 days its cost me over 28k   … thank you for uploading the video its give me good idea of it now

  17. Good video, and very useful info. Thank you. (sorry to hear about the break in !! )
    How much do you think  furniture the whole place would cost (on average for good quality furniture ; not expensive yet nor sh*tty) ?
    (full setting room with dinner table, double-bed and side tables, office-desk in the office room, few rugs/carpets here and there, fridge microwave, shower curtains, windows’ curtains, etc) ? Cheers.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines  Thank you so much for your prompt and thorough reply. I think I got a pretty good idea of how things are in the PH (thanks to your videos and couple of other people). I’m watching your earlier video right now (“My Apartment in Moalboal” ).

    2. @cooldesertknight for everything you listed, at a medium-quality level you’d find yourself shopping at the mall. i’d ball park it around $1,500+ USD. on smaller islands of the PH there isn’t much “middle” anything. there is cheap and there is high end. even in dumaguete you won’t find much selection in furniture stores like you would in say, california.

  18. Hi and thanks for the informative videos.  I wonder.. do you feel safe there by yourself?  Can you walk around without looking over your shoulder?  I have heard that Cebu tends to be less safe than other areas in the Philippines.  What is your opinion on that?

    1. @djttv i am more aware of my surroundings in cebu than anywhere else. smaller islands are not a problem. but anywhere, you don’t leave items unattended (backpacks, phones). i consider cebu safer than manila, imo.

  19. I just wanted to let you know that I watched your recent video on “Making Filipino food in California”. As a Filipino American aka Amerasians, I personally have never tried/made Lumpia with chicken…I liked the idea and will try it. I noticed that the vegetables seem raw? Also, the way you rolled them and used egg as a glue. Umm…I’m not sure who showed you that,but traditionally we use water. At least….that’s the way I was taught by my mother and grandmother. But I just wanted to give you a thumbs up for at least attempting and actually making Lumpia.

  20. Well I finally subscribed. The rents are very in line with Mexico. But here everything else is more expensive than in the US from food, eectronic, clothing to gas…all more surpriingly. Screwing poor Mexicans to the ground.

  21. My girlfriend and I are coming to Dumaguete the end of October to look for a house or apartment to rent. I understand the best way to find one is to ride around asking. Neither of us speak the local language. Do you think we should hire a local to go with us as interpreter? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Russ and Kritchawan

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I appreciate the advise.  What would be the best way to communicate with you off line?  I understand your time is valuable.  Have you considered a one on one fee based service to help other Americans to get set up there? 

    2. +ThePeeken considering the poor service at manila airport, i’d say fly in further south to Cebu airport. from there you can either catch a 45 minute flight to Duma, or take a 5-hour bus. flight is about $25. bus is about $5.

    3. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I am considering a move to the PI.  I am hearing great things about  Dumaguete.  Do you fly into Manila or Cebu from the States, then to  Dumaguete?  Cebu is closer, but maybe not the cheapest route coming from the States.  What route would you recommend?

    4. +ThePeeken yes, i’ve been happy with the place. neighbors keep an eye on things for me if i’m out for a few days so that’s a plus. i’ve been in dumaguete 18 months now, originally i’d planned on only 4 months. 🙂

  22. Dude what happened to the house you had built for you and your wife and why you never mention her anymore? Are you still together or am i missing some time zone ?

  23. wow i apologize i thought that was tou that made the house for he and his wife out of bamboo anyway ill be watching because ill be headed there to iloilo after the holidays i already found an Internet job to keep money flowing and i can travel with so i hope to see you soon maybe we can do lunch

  24. I might need some advice on getting the place and with your current price is very reasonable price and location is good. kindly write back to me, cheers.

  25. Thank you for this vid. New subscriber. Am looking to retire to Dumaguete in Summer or Fall of 2016. Very informative video. I am a smaller size town guy myself.

  26. How are utilities handled?
    Do you run around to each place to “open” an account?
    or via the landlord?
    Are there deposits for the utilities?
    Great video.
    Some may find these videos mundane, but are very helpful to see “real” apartments and living conditions.

    1. +Perry Jones most places i’ve rented, i get the utilities bill from the landlord and then reimburse him. the deposit is often last month’s rent and sometimes an additional 4500 pesos.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Agreed, right now in Toronto where I live it’s minus 20 degrees celsius, your place looks pretty good about now. There have been many times I have considered making the move. A friend of mine retired in Chiang Mai Thailand last year and once he got over the initial shock he found a place and has not looked back. He loves living there.

    2. +talos50 anywhere you are living as the “richest guy in the neighborhood”.. you need security. i saw the same thing in mexico and even the rural areas of southern california. i actually never took much notice of it, after a while it just blends into the background. most homes here have bars on the windows. most burglary/theft crime here is a matter of ‘opportunity’.

    1. Seems like a place I gladly would live at. The house looks nice. Dumaguete as you describe it seems to be a nice and just the right size.

    2. the biggest selling-point of the duma area (duma, valencia, bacong, dauin) is that there is a balance of the things i want and need. there’s a mall, not as big as cebu, but sufficient with a cinema. there’s a social hub. there’s the cooler hills in valencia just 15 minutes away. there’s a line of resorts along dauin. bohol and siquijor are just a short ferry ride away. the city is big enough, but not ‘too big’. it’s hard to beat, in my opinion.

  27. Reekay, I’m researching a possible visit to the Philippines to see if I can hack it and I’m finding your videos very informative. Thank you, brother.

  28. Great video! Thanks for sharing this information! LIke the part where you said you don’t need cable as you don’t watch TV….YOU ARE SMART! and the part about making sure where the sun will be beating down? I made sure of that when I purchased a condo in Bangkok, Thailand.

  29. Nice place ,we are planning to move in may or june that our contract ends ,in  Paraniaque , ,we are a couple, no kids ,so ,we don’t need something big , I will appreciate   your knowledge  about the place ,, we also being in  moalboual (Cebu) ,,not to stay for long ,like we want ..1 year ..I think Dumaguete could be the place ,,Thanks ,I prefer furniture ..

  30. I sure enjoy and APPRECIATE your postings . I am happily married to a Phils woman and we are working to get her to Canada but my heart , when I can afford it is to be there . I enjoy and learn from you so I wish you the VERY best , Johnnie C

    1. about 98% of the time, it will be 220v. (unless an expat wired in 110v) you can get adapters at the hardware store to fit your 3-prong plug into the 2-hole socket.. but your appliance has to be 220/110 compliant. (most laptop cords are). but small items like alarm clocks will just fry up in a minute or so. literally, they will smoke and even catch fire. so make sure your appliance can handle 220v. you ‘can’ get a step-down converter, but i bought two of them here and they both self-destructed within 3 weeks. (cheap chinese stuff, yet cost about $90 usd)

  31. Seriously, is there no place within the Philippines that you don’t have to have barb wire to feel safe? The houses, apartments and condo’s all have one thing in common, they look like prisons.

    1. there are plenty of places here and there.. with no iron bars, no high fence and no barbed wire. i’ve seen them. i wouldn’t rent there, likely to get robbed at some point. but at some point you have to choose between security and aesthetics. or.. vacation long-term somewhere that doesn’t have local crime. (wherever that is, let us know.)

    1. from that apartment i moved it in a truck (1 trip) to the new place. but since then i gave it all away and now i rent out furnished places only.

  32. I love your videos and you are very attractive. You have a good head on your shoulders and know your way around the Phillipino culture. I hope you find a lovely Phillipino Lady who loves you truly!

  33. WOW!!! $180 a month? that is just unbelievable. I am just renting a SMALL room here in California with no private bathroom and I am paying $350 a month. My room is considered a very big DEAL discount here.

  34. Great video! Even though it’s 4 years old I really like the place. I’m sure by now that you have even more experience what what’s out there in Dumaguete but, like the price and how well maintained it was at the time. I’ll be looking for a place there soon and I hope to possibly have some help and direction from you on where to look. The question I have about the area is where do you find a really good internet connection?
    Thanks buddy

  35. i know this video is very old, but i am planning to move to dumaguete …what can i rent an1/2 bed rm apt for now it doesn’t have to be in town

  36. Great videos as always, very informative and very helpful for those intending to live in that country including myself. Heading there by the end of next year (Nov 2019) from Sydney.
    You might have done it, but would have been great to see the move to the new place and how you went about it and see the new place all furnished and done. Keep up the good work.

  37. Hi. I guess most rentals are unfurnished. So could you cover maybe getting and costing of all the things you need in an apartment.
    Then you gotta know your staying for a while huh.
    Moving furniture can be a pain at best of times.

  38. This video is fairly old. Do you still live there? It’s a very nice place. If I was there in would I be able to find a three bedroom place as nice as that for 15k peso per month. I will be a single father of two sons that can share a room but i intend to hire a live in maid/housekeeper to help me with translating in a medical situation. I don’t need technical assistance from an actual nurse just someone to be around to do the things I’m unable to do. For a live in person who I would feed and give an allowance for incidentals I can afford from say 500 to 650 per month. Is this realistic. I need someone who is live in but the actual work is not going to be maybe 30 hrs. Like getting kids to and from school helping with homework. Shopping with me and sometimes without. I dont need a slave just basically everything a wife would do but obviously a professional relationship. She will have her own room and time off for her boyfriend or family. I don’t know if this is something you know about or if someone else can comment that would be great. Thanks really appreciate and enjoy your content and like your channel

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