My 2 Cents the Coronavirus, its impact and Thailand

In this vlog I give my 2 Cents about the coronavirus, its impact and Thailand. Please note, I have no medical experience and the content of this video, is just my personal opinion. Anyone who believes that they may have come in contact with someone that has the virus or is showing symptoms of the coronavirus should immediately seek medical attention.

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  1. Went to Walmart last night in South Vegas, maybe 1/2 the food was gone. No eggs, meat, no bread, no water, no paper products, very little cereal, and hundreds of items by category were gone. Sugar, spices, peanut butter, fruit medicine, so many things were empty. I expect this weekend will be the tipping point when the real panic sets in. Safety items, are 100% unavailable. The virus is one thing, but the lack of grocery items is about to turn into something serious.

  2. Great video Joe! Please be careful, brother! God bless you and Gift and family. Things are ok here in Myrtle Beach, SC. Just as long as ya don`t need Toilet Tissue hahaaha.

  3. Thanks for the update Joe, still hoping we can make it in May, seems like more normal people there than the panic cases here,lol
    Why the mask when everything i read says mask is only good for people with the virus and offers 0 protection from catching it?

    1. You are welcome my friend. In my opinion, not everyone knows that they are sick. So if everyone would wear the mask in crowded places, perhaps it will prevent viruses from spreading. Stay safe and safe travels. All the best!

  4. I have Been a preppier for years and have a stockpile of all emergency items. Medicines, food stuffs, ammo and batteries. The media in this country has a agenda and is not going to stop hyping this virus up 24/7 until people are stirred into a frenzy. They do the same during hurricanes.

    1. @Foreigner Joe Our news outlets are telling us its the worst thing to do as it collects germs from others and then when we touch it we come in contact with whatever its collected.. Either way stay safe. Love your vids.

    2. No I don’t have the virus. I’m wearing the mask because no one knows if they have the virus until they have symptoms. In my opinion, It best if everyone wears a mask along with washing hand constantly to prevent the spread of the virus. In addition, the wearing of the mask prevents you from touching your nose and mouth when out and about. Stay safe! All the best!

  5. Tecate MX all the grocery stores are full. A 99cent store in San Diego has no toilet paper. Tecate is not much of a tourist town so all is normal and NO ONE sleeps in the street as the police will take you away. I wash my hands with pine tar soap and hydrogen of peroxide.

  6. This is a 60-70 and usually older and up fatality rate. I am 53 and i believe i am under 2% IF i get it. Way too much hysteria and media BS. Unless you are way old or have a compromised immune system you have a better chance to get hit by a bus. Check out DR Bergs latest YT video on this with FACTS and what you can do to help yourself. SARS, EBOLA, MERS, SWINE FLU (2008-2009) SPANISH WAY WAY WORSE

    1. I don’t discuss politics on my channel, I leave that to the news media and politicians. My message is that we should not panic while putting precautions in place to hopefully avoid getting the virus. Stay safe my friend. All the best!

  7. When in Rome, do as the Rome’s, i can undestand that, i also agree that there is no reason for panic, if we get it , we get it, not much we can do about that, but be very careful and not fiddle with your mask as you then may bring the virus closer to your mouth, nose and eyes.
    Btw that mask is like an open door for the virus, only N 95 will have an effect for you, but if you think it look fancy, as they say, up to you ;):)

    1. Thank you 🙏 for watching my friend. I wear the mask 😷 in the hopes of not getting anyone sick, should I be sick myself. I would hope that everyone else does the same, while visiting places with large population of people. Stay safe! All the best!

  8. What’s with the toilet roll thing? My local supermarket only 6 packs left! I don’t get it. I do agree it is unnerving to be constantly bombarded with this but like you say wash your hands and be sensible. Thanks Jo and all the best with the move.

  9. Just came back from 1 week vacation in southern Thailand, quite happy with less tourists. I saw mostly European tourists there, the weather is perfect for summer.

  10. Way to much Panic and we can thank the Media for this. Not the Virus, but the media. H1N1 in 2010 Killed 12,249 Americans, 60 Million affected. Over 500,000 worldwide dead. Media said RELAX. COVID-19 has killed 5,000 worldwide. 40 in the states and 23 in 1 nursing home in Washington state. 80% of the deaths are of those over 65, health issues.There is only 1 difference from 2010 and 2020. I’ll let you figure out the difference.

    1. Glad I am not the only one that thinks same as you..I also try to tell ppl about 1918 and the fake reporting of a virus during ww2…hell the flu kills line 50000 a year.. SMH..stay safe

  11. Hello Joe , wish you and Thai Lady Gift stay safe and healthy !!!… Look forward to seeing you in your new home soon ! Thank you for the Info .

  12. Joe… great take on this COVAD-19 pause in the world. It’s amazing to think that people didn’t panic last year when 25000 people died worldwide of regular influenza. This Corona virus is a typical event that will pass. I’m coming home on March 31st to Amnat Charoen near Chuck. I think it was a wise move for you to move south. You will be much happier and breathe easier.Definitely want to visit you in the coming months. Talk you later James

    1. Sorry james ..u are totally wrong …u will see death and chaos around the world very soon ..see Italy ..hundreds dying daily in hospital ..doctors overwhelmed…just leaving people to die as too many ill and not enough machines and medical staff becoming ill …it is a nightmare and is not normal ….read up on Italy if u doubt me.

  13. The grocery stores in Bakersfield, CA were wiped out last night. Canned goods, pasta, rice, flour, water, tp, cleaning supplies etc. Almost every shelf pretty much empty.

  14. Great vlog Joe and spot on with your views about virus 24/7 coverage about the virus is causing mass hysteria especially among the un educated shall we say , hopefully my flight will be leaving this Monday uk / qatar/BKK and Im looking forward to half empty plane ghetto class 555 im stealing that one , stay safe

  15. Hey Joe, been so busy lately I haven’t watched much YouTube. Miss you and Gift. I am starting my first day of a two week self quarantine from Paul and anyone else. I did one day of a major three day show where I sell my work. It’s a huge fund raiser for a very important cause. The recipient organization we raise the money for shut us down after day one. Because I kept my hands clean and usually gloves so I would touch my face. No one shared hugs like is very common for this event. But I don’t know who I was exposed to and I already now know two friends who may have been exposed and are being tested. One works at the navel shipyard. So I decided to get some food in the house since I haven’t had to for much cooking in the past two months. I’ve been teaching a class at our high school this semester and yesterday our governor declared every school private and public closed for at least six weeks. Washington state is the epicenter of the US outbreak and we have nearly half the Casa of the entire US and very nearly all the deaths. Paul and I both are in the high risk category not just because of our age but we both have underpaying risk factor as listed by the cdc. I’m pretty much just keep my fact checking with the CDC and the WHO. Paul and I are calm and not freaking out but yeah, this shit got real serious real fast and it’s creepy and I’m scared. I’m probably okay but if I get near my husband and I’m infected, I’ll pass it to him before I even know I’m sick. So taking extra precautions at our house. Next two weeks are gonna suck but I’m gonna do what I can to make the most use of my time and work to finally take my 20 year business on line. What the hell was I waiting for? A virus outbreak and a self quarantine?? Hahahaha!!! Love and long distant hugs to you and Gift. Miss you guys. ❤️🙏🏼

    1. I don’t believe that is what I said my friend. What I suggested was is to “treat it like a flu but if you believe that you have the virus go to the hospital” This is also the same recommendation that you see being made on the news. You can watch the video again if you would like, begin at the 6:00 mark. Anyhow, Stay safe! All the best!

    1. Well Joe that looks like a real pleasant town. I have been going to Thailand for quite some time and spent many seasons in Rawai, Phuket. Now it has become another busy city with lots of Chinese tourist buses. Thanks for the update on the Coronavirus. I assume all the bars and restaurants are still open? So keep us posted on the virus as it does impact if we are going to fly over there. Right now I am hunkered down in San Diego, mostly golfing and building a house. Stay safe and be thankful. Timothy

  16. Thanks for information. Seems to be a lot of panic buying of toilet rolls in uk . Hopefully coming over to Thailand in next few weeks. Hope things get sorted soon. Thanks again

  17. Thanks Joe for sharing, I’m currently stuck in Hollywood California,my wife doesn’t want to go anywhere because of corona virus, me I’m ready to go but I do respect her worries, I sure like the area by you and klauss that’s an area I would consider renting ,Joe you and gift have a great day my friend 🙏🏻👋

  18. @Foreigner Joe | Hello Joe, it is not the virus that scares me, it is rather the hysteria and panic of the people. Also here in Germany the racks were bought empty, especially toilet paper, noodles, rice and conserves. It feels like a bad science fiction movie when I passed the empty racks in the supermarket. And gradually I began to start thinking if supply is still guaranteed. Masks and disinfectants are also no longer available, a big problem for medical practices and hospitals. We are also heading into a shortage of medicines. Now public life is practically shut down step by step here too, almost like in Italy. Many neighbouring countries are closing their borders. It was interesting to hear how the virus is affecting people and their reactions in America too. What I do not find ok, however, is that Mister T. blamed Europe for the dilemma in America. I observe more and more a counteraction instead of a coexistence of the countries in the world, and Mister T. is a big part of this development. That too is much more frightening than this stupid virus. Stay both safe and healthy and succeed in your move to Pratchuap.

    1. Thank you for watching my friend. I also have two sons and two grandchildren that live in Germany.  I hope things get better soon. Stay Safe! All the best!

    1. John D.
      There was a fight at a local store over paper towels yesterday, you may not call that panicking but I definitely wouldn’t call it just being cautious 🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. Only giving my opinion on what I am hearing from family and friends. I am also just reporting what I am seeing on the news. I am also being cautious as I believe everyone should be, Stay safe! All the best!

  19. Unfortunately America feeds on Fear. For the most part Americans are reactionary and tend to not think for themselves. This of course is my opinion based on personal observation. This Coronavirus is real. The “professionals” don’t quite know how to react or to proceed. I do believe that basic personal hygiene is important, it always is and always gas been. Social distancing is probably sound advice. These people that are running out to buy Toilet paper and hand sanitizers are entirely overreacting. They seem to be feeding on some primitive need to stock up for famine or seasonal change. The Toilet paper is just a security blanket. I asked a woman at the grocery store why she was crying. She said “I’ve been to 4 stores already and everyone is out of Toilet Paper.” I then asked her if her family was completely out of toilet paper and her response made me laugh (inside). “No we have about twenty rolls at home.” She had 2 children I’m guessing 2 and 4 years of age with her and a husband somewhere else. I said gosh that’s probably 20 days worth, easy. My next question was obvious. “Why do you need Toilet Paper today?” “Because the news said that many stores were out of toilet paper”. FFS? Frenzy for no reason. People hoarding when hospitals and first responders are struggling with shortages. If people would just calm the “F” down and think. What’s the worst that could happen if you ran out of TP? Use a sock of wash cloth for crying out loud. Regular old hand soap that you already have in your house does the job and most public places have hand sanitizer or wipes at their front door. Why worry about something you have absolutely no control over? I’m excited and happy about your upcoming relocation. Awesome. Thanks Joe. All the best. Mitch

    1. Yes Mitch, I’m from Thailand and I’ve been living here in New Mexico for forty five years now and I never in my life seen such a state of panic.

    2. Hi Mitch, I agree. I hope people take the proper precautions but calm down and don’t panic, as it does no one any good. Hopefully, things will be better soon. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. The problem is that no one really knows if they are sick in the beginning. I think if everyone would wear a face mask and follow the proper sanitation procedures, it will reduce the risk of the virus spreading my friend. Stay Safe! All the best!

  20. Stat safe Joe. I’m in London now. Here they are expecting 60-80% of the population to catch the virus! I should be back in BKK in 2 months. Not sure why we didn’t catchup before I left? Keep in touch mate

  21. Same situation as that guy. I bought my plane ticket in December. Here in North Dakota a lot of the Walmarts are out of toilet paper and Lysol wipes. We cancelled all regionals and High School sporting events have been suspended for the winter. Sucks for our athletes, but I guess that’s how it goes.

  22. My trip from NYC to here was the same as his 2 weeks ago. For the most part from what I see it is business as usual here. Except for being asked to leave a small resort yesterday in central Thailand, as I was making the other guests uncomfortable as they were worried I would pass them them virus. It was rather funny to me and as a result found a better hotel at a cheaper price. Stay Safe Joe and Gift

  23. we were starting to worry about you two, so thanks for the update. glad you are doing well. we are confined to the house for at least the next two weeks in Washington. so keep being safe.

  24. there is no single hand sanitizer ,no paper towel, no kleenex tissue at all in stores …..People panic and buy groceries as well…lol…And that’s in San Francisco area

  25. Australia is the same the only thing not stopped is the shopping centers but I think the Government this is the last ditch response as the job loss would be huge and financial hit so they are putting that off as long as possible, Looking to visit at the end of May but also bought “For any reason” travel insurance just in case the borders are closed or Australia is one of the countries listed on Thailand’s list because getting tested for the virus is not possible for travel as the limited amount of kits but also you are not in the criteria for the test which effectively means a soft border lockout.
    Hoping to celebrate my 50th in Thailand just have to wait and see if that is possible or not between now and the departure date.

  26. Hi Joe I am glad that you are safe an stay blessed. Thanks for sharing. Corona is not a normal. the difference between corona and seasonal flu is from 60,000.00 deaths could go up to 45 millions death with corona. The WHO said last week half the population on earth will get and only 2% die. That means 45 millions. People still have no ideas what is going because the government do not want to make them panic. They just beat up each other at wall mart for toilet paper. The Who guy also said corona is ten times more dangerous than the seasonal flu. March 13 is ground zero for America. You know it is no joke when the whole USA lock down. Be good to yourself and take care of gift.

  27. The media cause a lot of the panic buying. Today 15th March headlines in Melbourne newspaper, “buy two weeks worth of groceries”, this is what causes the idiots to rush around buying up. Take care there.

  28. It’s the ultraviolet light that kills a virus. Thailand is now a ban list of countries by the US. So if you were to come back today from thailand today. I’m sure they would have you checked out by medical staff and tested. I had a cough for the last 2 weeks and when I called in to see if they wanted me to come in. They ask me a lot of questions and told me just to watch myself and stay out of large groups of people. I’m sure it’s just a respiratory disease that I pickup at the gym I go to,because everybody at the time was coughing.
    I had this before when I lived in thailand and would ride my motorbike down dusty roads. I live in Vegas and we get 40 million people a year in my city. That’s more then the whole country of thailand gets. We are starting to close down night clubs and just about anything were people are packed into large groups. People pretty much understand whats going on and it’s for their own good and are staying home.

    1. @Foreigner Joe All most all the top medical research scientist tells us that we are only at the start of this virus working it’s way through the world. They also expect a second wave of it to come by the fall of this year. As they say it’s going to get worse before it get’s better. I’m retired so I don’t have to leave home that much.

  29. Great vlog Joe ,i totaly agree with you is not to panic,Pattaya is really quiet and so easy to get around now. stay safe Bro catch up with you soon 👍🙏🙏🙏

  30. Good one. I agree, David – I feel safer here (living in BKK), came from San Diego. I’m pleased, Thailand doesn’t seem to be over-reacting. Enjoy PKK, we *love* it there. Peace my friend.

  31. I retired in Nov 2019 and it’s really funny how in just a few months I’m out of the loop. I noticed my facebook friends were all chattering back and forth about grocery stores and Costco being sold out. Sold out of toilet paper of all things? I went to my grocery store next door and it seemed like business as usual. The checkout guy made an odd comment as I was leaving…. he said “Be careful out there”.
    Ignorance is bliss I guess? I don’t watch the news on TV, I don’t take the paper and I guess I just didn’t know that I was supposed to be in a panic??? I wish more people would unplug and not be influenced by the Mainstream Media. We are all going to wake up someday and realize that we’ve all been fleeced by the MSM. And the sooner the better folks! Unplug!!!

    1. I hear you my friend, since I retired, I don’t know what day it is half the time. People need to calm down and just take the proper precautions.’ no need to panic. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. Thank you my friend. In my opinion, if people were to wear the mask now, it might help reduce the spread of the virus along with the proper sanitizing precautions. Problem is people can have the virus five days prior to showing any symptoms. Stay safe! All the best!

  32. Hey Joe … thanks for your vlog. I am retired here in Thailand and traveled back and forth for, well, since 2008. And really like less people… so now it’s nice as the crowded areas (mall, movies, playgrounds, etc) are not crowded and my 10 year old and I are enjoying it. ( well I am) .. For your friend David… he’s right about commerce taking s hit and the President and his team just announced that the Government is using every resource to provide relief from this downturn and are working with insurance companies, airlines, and other big corporates to transition through this rough period. They finally got some nonpartisan participation and passed a bill to lift regulation and expedite the relief process to contain the virus and provide free medical to all and help all businesses big and small to stay in their feet. AND do you think he gets any credit from …. anyone. I try to stay away from political discussions to…so… my point with all that is I don’t think David will have trouble getting his flight back. Oh… one other thing…… when someone has the flu, usually the incubation period is the first 48 hrs and that when they’re contagious. If you blow your nose… always flush the paper and don’t throw it in the trash can which can keep the germs airborne. Make sense. And if we just practice good safe hygiene, as you have said many times…. this really is no different. Sorry to ramble on… good luck with your move.

    1. You are welcome my friend. I was happy to see the nonpartisan participation myself. Hopefully, things will get better soon. Stay safe! All the best!

  33. I hope you understand that the Corona virus is here to stay for at least the next 6 months to a year..viruses don’t care about the heat and the Corona is considered a very smart virus. In China the virus has come bk in people who had it before and thought all good but this time in a different form and shape and much stronger.good luck man ( if it was so easy a you say about heat and Corona, then people can simply stay home and turn on the heaters to its max,lool)

    1. Thank you for watching my friend. I believe what I said was at the 9:05 minute mark of this video “everything that I am hearing, is that the virus cannot survive very long in hot weather but I don’t know, I’m not an expert”. In addition, the following comment is what I wrote in my description “In this vlog I give my 2 Cents about the coronavirus, its impact and Thailand. Please note, I have no medical experience and the content of this video, is just my personal opinion.  Anyone who believes that they may have come in contact with someone that has the virus or is showing symptoms of the coronavirus should immediately seek medical attention”. Stay safe! All the best!

  34. Very good video Joe..missed seeing Ms Gift give her our best…. your info is spot on. Don’t panic and wash your hands often. News here is beyond crazy of which my husband and I are not part of but understand certain procedures everyone must adhere to, especially at our ages of 74 and 72 . basic hygiene wash hands stay away from crowds… Like Ron Floyd said we live in a small rural lake community ( Ron is our neighbor 11 miles away )so not involved in the rat race…please stay safe and keep posting these awesome video..

    1. Thank you so much my friend. Hopefully things will get better soon. If you happen to see Ron, pleas tell him that I said hello. Stay safe! I wish you and your husband all the best!

  35. I just left Bangkok to come back to NZ and could not find anywhere in Thailand to purchase a mask. So Joe, can I be cheeky to ask where you managed to get a mask from? I was lucky that I left NZ, before flying to Thailand, with a box of 150 masks but gave them away to people in need up in Chiang Mai area.

    1. Happy to see you made it home safely my friend. Gift and I picked up about 100 mask six months ago. I hope they last us until things settle down with this virus. Stay safe! All the best!

  36. In Australia the morons are buying out toilet paper and hands sanitzer.. Supermarkets now have a one pack per customer limit, tho fools are going in daily and buying up more with each family members.. The frail are missing out due to these fools!!

  37. HAHA, first time ever at the Thai consulate was last week. My Wife’s passport expires next month so we went to get a new one ($35). Your buddy seems cool, but total rookie move arriving at night. I guess he gets a pass since hes going to be there for a long stay. The rule is, Leave LA on a flight around midnight, and arrive in BKK before noon. Best flight is through Hong Kong. 🙂 Eat dinner an hour in, have breakfast an hour before you land in HK. Then a 2 hour layover and a short 3.5 hour flight and your in BKK. Check in around 1 pm at your hotel, shower and head out and have a full day, and night in the city. Next day you wake up on Thailand time. No Jet Lag. Just saying….

    1. @Foreigner Joe They were. My wife enjoyed going because its like being in thailand. 🙂 We have to go back to pick up the passport when it arrives, could have had it shipped but its an excuse to go have lunch with my kids in beverly hills. We will take some photos for ya. Any info you want, let me know and I’ll extract it for you. 🙂 Its like 15 minutes in afternoon traffic from Beverly hills fyi.

  38. Shopping day for us in Chiang Mai today,went out to Makro at Mae Rim. Definitely noticed the difference in the shopping attitude of a lot of Thais. Noticed lots of them stocking up on noodles and water,but the toilet paper shelves full. Anyway we stocked up on a few extra essentials just Incase things hit the fan. But the pollution will kill you up here before the corona virus gets you. Visibility would be about 500 to 700 meters. I am honestly starting to think it was a big mistake setting up home here,should have stayed in phuket. It might cost a bit more down there but you have to look at the big picture. It will be like this here for about 4 months,masks,windows closed,don’t really want to go out be the air quality is so bad. So anyone thinking of moving to Chiang Mai,really do your homework before committing yourself to this place.

    1. Thank you for watching my friend. Come check out Prachuap Khiri Khan in about six weeks when I move there, no pollution and cheap prices. Stay safe! All the best!

  39. Hi Joe and Gift, Chuck’s video on CV words got demonatised by YouTube recently being sensitive subject mater. Anyway be careful and take care, it’s a bit crazy back here in USA.

  40. Hi Joe thanks for the video. Just so u know the mask u were wearing is not effective at stopping u from catching the virus. U need a N-95 mask for it to be effective per latest info. The virus particles are small enough to get through the surgical mask. Also disturbing 2 recent studies showed people presymptomatic were carrying a higher viral load than people with symptoms. What that means is people with the virus showing no symptoms had a greater chance of spreading it. Hope u kept your distance from Dave. I got this information from an ER doctor and a virologist that I have been friends with for years both highly respected and educated. I personally am not panicking having survived addiction, major heart attack and the sunomi I figure when God wants me he can have me. :<) my doctor friends told me to stay home because of my age 62 my chronic heart disease and chronic hypertension. They said don't be an idiot if I get the virus they give a 1 in 6 chance of ending up in the hospital on a ventilator for 6 weeks or dead. I also smoked for about 25 years before the heart attack when I quit that was 3 1/2 years ago. So I am self isolating for awhile. Sorry this is probably more than u ever wanted to know. Anyway hang in there best regards to u and Gift. Good luck with the move looking forward to your video of new place. Hows the car? Jeffrey Stecher Henderson nevada

    1. Hi Jeffery, In my opinion, if everyone wore a mask, it will help reduce the risk of spreading the virus along with good hand sanitizing procedures. Most people don’t realize they are sick until they start showing symptoms. Dave and I didn’t even shake hands. LOL! The car is doing great. Stay safe my friend. All the best!

  41. It all seems surreal at present.  There is ridiculous panic buying in the supermarkets in UK and went to the pub last night and there was only 1/3 of the people there that there normally is.
    I think the problem is that media and social media whip people up into a frenzy, and jolt people out of their previous comfortable lives and expose them to our own repressed fears of our own mortality to the point where some folk aren’t thinking straight and panicking.  Often think what our own grandparents who lived through WW1, Spanish Flu that killed 50M+, the Great Depression and then WW2 would think about it all – roll their eyes in disbelief I would guess.
    You are right about the virus not surviving in hot weather as that has been confirmed by a number of reliable sources.
    Retirement plans for me are on hold for me given the state of the stock market, but it will come back.
    Hope the move goes well – all the best.

    1. Thank you for watching my friend. Hopefully things will get better soon and the stock markets will perform well again. Stay Safe! All the best!

  42. Problem is the potential quarantine going and coming back. Australia just imposed 14 days with up to $19,000 penalty for breaking it.

  43. Things have definitely gotten a bit ridiculous here in the states, I honestly wasn’t paying much attention to it until I went to the store yesterday for the first time in over a week, the shelves were empty of most things and a fight broke out over the last package of paper towels 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m not around a lot of people other than going to the supply stores for work (Home Depot Lowes etc…) so I’m pretty safe I think.
    Looking forward to seeing your new place, I love the area. Many blessings to you, Gift and family 🙏
    Cheers 🍻

    1. Things are unfortunately getting bad all over. I just heard that they plan on closing the bars down here and who knows what next. 31 new cases here today. I hope things get better soon. Stay safe my friend. Many blessings to you and your family as well. All the best!

  44. These empty get a cheap flight and a whole row of empty seats…. you can lay down and sleep .. refuse all food ..job done.. good video Joe..

  45. Ok, I’m not trying to be political. I am just trying to explain why I think people are panicking. Yes, the media is covering it 24/7 but I think the biggest problem is we have been told two completely different messages. 1. It’s a global pandemic and 2. until just a week ago that is all just a big hoax. Someone was lying, I will let you guys decide who was I am not here to bash anyone I am just saying that when the information coming out is so conflicting, what else can we expect?

  46. Well, I live in bangkok 4 years now Joe. Was in phuket last week for 6 days in crowds. I live directly across the street from a Mall and MRT station. My life aint changing a bit. I wear masks outside when the air is bad, not from fear of virus. I feel safe. I will be happy when this dies down, as the mind infection is worse then the virus in my opinion.

  47. Greetings from Thailand. I kind of agree with most of everything you said except for finding a NICE cheap place to stay. My wife and I spent a month recently in Vietnam, 1 week in Hanoi 3 weeks in Da Nang. While I was able to secure decent places for reasonable money, it took a ton of searching and many of the websites are lying with there call to action by claiming LAST ROOM at this price, only to find out the place is 3/4 empty. It remains the same when we searched for places on our return to Thailand. I’m of the mindset that places are jacking there prices up because tourism is way off. I looked at the Hotel we stayed at back in Jan in Chiang Rai and it was more then double for the same amount of time. Lastly, like your buddy from LA said I to am concerned about airlines cancelling flights so I book a flight back to Canada a full month earlier then my return ticket ONLY because I am not rich enough to stay if there is no leaving in May. I believe, I’m safer here than Canada at the time being, but I have to get back to work. Be safe and be well.👍😷😎

    1. I think that we are both right my friend. I usually check out hotel prices on google maps. I just looked in both Bangkok and Pattaya, there are some good hotels with decent prices, but some seem to have much higher prices in the same location, so they may be trying to make up the difference due to low tourism. There are great deals still to be found for this being high season. I usually stay away from the hotels that say only one or two rooms left. I believe that I just heard on the news today that some hotels in Pattaya are only at 20% fill rate. I wish you continued safe travels. Hopefully things will get better soon. All the best!

  48. I wanna come to Thailand but I think I’m going to seat this one out for a while.. I think Australia is getting ready for lock down.. I just taken my sister and her 2 year old son in my house . So I have to have his wellfair in mind.

    1. @Foreigner Joe for sure Joe, let us know when your heading this way, we have friends at the moment and also in may, but if we don’t you can stay with us, be great to live stream and some drone footage, stay safe guys

    2. Hi Tony, Happy to hear that my friend. Gift and I hope to head your way some time later this year, maybe we can do a livestream together. Stay safe! All the best!

  49. Don’t worry Joe your pension checks from the US government will still arrive on a timely manner unless this thing turns into a depression worldwide very very unlikely all the best my friend

    1. I’m fortunate to have my pension my friend. I just hope that things get better for those that are less fortunate very soon. Hopefully, the world will have this virus under control fast. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. The problem is that some folks may unknowingly have the virus including you and I. In my opinion, if everyone wore a mask when available, when out and about along with washing hands, keeping a good distance when socializing and just practicing good common sense, we may be able to reduce the spread of the virus sooner than later. Thank you for watching my friend. Stay Safe! All the best!

  50. That mask ain’t gonna help shit. U need a full face mask with FFP3 filters. Or u can use a half mask with the same filters and goggles. IF you are sick your maskt might help a little bit when coughing. Anyway… I’m in Sweden but everything is still kinda normal except for the lack of toilet paper… WTF…

    1. The problem is that some folks may unknowingly have the virus including you and I. In my opinion, if everyone wore a mask when available, when out and about along with washing hands, keeping a good distance when socializing and just practicing good common sense, we may be able to reduce the spread of the virus sooner than later.   Thank you for watching my friend. Stay Safe! All the best!

  51. The best thing that might happen is people become aware of good practice , and the common cold and normal flu are reduced on an ongoing basis into the future. And perhaps people staying at home with family becomes a new habit as well. 🙂

    1. Hi Richard, I agree my friend. I listened to your most recent video on the Stock market 201 …Don’t jump the gun 👍 some good advice. Stay safe! All the best!

  52. The most effective thing to do as far as your keeping your hands clean is you wash them with soap. The oils in the soap are more effective in breaking down the virus structure. Stay safe everyone.

  53. Joe your friend is correct the news is blowing this up and some are panicking and of course trying to make it a political thing . The stores here are stocked for the most part except for Toilet Paper , hand sanitiser and some cleaning supplies , but food is ok . The run on TP is so stupid …our parents used diapers on us and they washed them with bleach …so I told my neighbors to buy about 30 cheap washcloths at Walmart and do the same , but the younger generation doesn’t want to do anything the hard way . I saw this during my 27 years as a cop too in South Florida during the hurricanes buying . Anyways I hope Gift and you are doing well …here in the US we will survive because we are Americans

    1. Thank you 🙏 for watching my friend. Unfortunately things are changing here on a daily basis as well. Hopefully things will get better soon. Stay safe!

  54. Hi Joe, I hope you and Gift are doing well. I have lived in Thailand for three years now and have traveled back and forth from South Florida twice a year for four years prior, I love Thailand. What I have observed here regarding the Corona Virus is that everyone is doing their part, for instance, I am a gym member (Shark Gym) LOL (I had to give them a plug) and each morning the young staffer sprays down all the equipment then the cleaning lady comes along and give everything a good wipe down, they have small squeeze bottles of hand sanitizer for sale, 20baht, at Makro they take your temperature before you enter the store, and just today I was at Sringagarind Hospital in Khon Kean for my monthly visit and everyone was wearing a mask and using the hand sanitizer provided. Yea I think Thailand has the right perspective about this Virus. Don’t panic and be thoughtful of others and most of all be safe. See you again on your V-log.

  55. Not usually a conspiracy theorist but China has gone very quiet with few reported cases. Trump has recently pushed them into a corner with tariffs and they were suffering economically. Just makes me think. Great vid.

  56. a whole flock of hundreds of sheep are controlled by a single dog and fear they have of it . the poor thais will really suffer from this stay safe and healthy joe n gift catch up with you guys when safe   regards

  57. The United States response to the carnivorous has been an embarrassment. The White House went from likening the virus to a Democratic hoax to over the last 24-hours crying to all that will listen that the “sky falling!” Meantime our testing program is on par with some of the world’s third world countries. The toilet paper shortage makes for a good laugh but the U.S. isn’t the only country to be experiencing this phenomena.

    1. Things are changing quickly my friend. I would check with the airlines, the current travel advisories and Thailand’s current travel restrictions, before making any plans. Stay safe! All the best!

    1. Things are changing fast on a daily basis my friend. As of right now, I hear clubs, bars, massage parlors etc. are closed in both Pattaya and Bangkok. Stay safe! All the best!

  58. People are missing the point by paying attention to what’s happening in stores and why people are panicking. The only thing that matters is keeping the hospitals from being full an overrun, whatever it takes to accomplish that should be done. If the health system is overrun, then anyone that needs care for anything may be denied care because there are no rooms available, no resources available for critical care or no doctors available. Once you’re at capacity or over it, you can’t treat everyone anymore. As of now, if you go into a hospital, there are many rooms already being used before the virus was ever known. So we have to try and slow it’s spread to keep the hospitals from becoming full an overwhelmed. Isolation as much as possible is the only way to slow the spread since many infected are asymptomatic. Testing is important but doesn’t matter as much as isolating, if you test pos with mild to moderate symptoms, you’re told to stay home an isolate yourself til you self heal, only when your getting more sick do you need to be admitted to the hospital, so even if you’re not tested and you have symptoms an feel sick, just stay home til you self heal, the treatment is the same for all sick with or wirhout a positive test until you need to be admitted to the hospital.

  59. We are in MUCH better shape being in SE Asia than among the crazy Americans in the U.S……vietnam and thailand did a great job quickly responding to the virus; the US gov’t lied and lied and laughed it off, until it got to the point where now it is so widespread that it is now out of control….i am very happy to be in Da Nang…..hope you and Gift are doing fine…..Army, hoooah!

  60. Have you heard from David in the last few days? Based on how bad things have gotten, is he still planning to stay 45 days? The U.S. State department is urging everyone to come home ASAP, so I’m wondering what his thoughts are on that.

    1. David returned to the states shortly after I posted the video my friend. He sent me a message saying that he is happy that he did. Stay safe! All the best!

  61. Joe, your 2 cents advice was spot on my friend 👍 It’s common sense hand 🖐 🧼 hygiene! We are beginning to see some improvements locally where I am and the infection Curve seems to be levelling out! There is light @ the end of this long tunnel! But the fight goes on 😷🙏

  62. Hi Joe. We almost bump into each other late last year. I went to the same Auto Show and the Park where they let you get the free bikes with the entry fee.

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