My 10-year plan struggle #shorts

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This is a video about how I struggle with my 10-year plan. The daily routine of thinking about what I am doing with my life, an hour before going to work, is mentally exhausting. That hour before work is when I think of what I could do to improve my 10-year life plan. I love living and working in Thailand as an expat.


  1. Don’t give up on your goal and deviate from your plan. Just modify the plan as you need to in order to make it happen, but always keep your eye on the prize. Speaking from experience, my goal of retiring really early and living in Thailand started in 2011. Less than two years to go. Yes, I’m a patient person…lol

  2. JC keep it up. Work first the rest will follow. The job is what allows you to live the dream, so make sure it is part of the dream. That way it will never feel like work gets in the way.

  3. 10 year plan is a great idea. Its a big (huge?) picture visualization of what the mountain top looks like. How do I want to feel? What opportunities are available to me? erx… I would invite you to envision 10 month, 10 day and 10 hour plans. Looking back 10 years ago, at that time, I had No Idea most of what exists around me today would be possible. I sold myself ridiculously short. I didnt think “big enough”. These shorter time frames allowed me wild successes in the interim.
    I would argue you could allocate 10 seconds every 10,000 seconds and ID 10 behaviors you are engaged in where you either met or exceeded your own expectations… Prior to leaving the office.
    Sure, Eat the Elephant one bite at time but I’m stoked I had apple pie and ice cream in between each bite and still “lost weight” ;-).
    Hugs brother.

  4. Buy gold and wear white. It’s a Bible proverb for riches. It’s worked for me but takes patience. No haste in it. And you need to keep quiet about storage.

  5. Life plans can be changed or modified. And u seem to be disciplined to fight thru the down times. Luckily you there instead of America at this point in time. Be safe.

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