MUST TRY Insanely Delicious $1 Sushi in Tokyo Japan!

If you wanna go to this amazing Sushi place just search for them on Google Maps and you’ll find one of the branches no problem!

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    1. That’s just fear mongering propaganda… You’d have to eat an insane amount of fish for anything to happen to you. Like an uneatable amount. Worrying about that is like not wanting to go for a walk becuz you’re scared of being hit by a car ahaha

  1. Here it’s expensive with sushi and I need to travel atleast 50min with train and then walk to get to a good place. Sadly even then it tasted nothing as the sushi I tried in Korea. And I wish we had the korean sashimi. Miss it so much but it doesn’t seem to exist in my country.

  2. Thanks for a great tip!!! 🙂
    Is it too much to ask, if I please ask you guys to do a video of cheap but good ramen in Tokyo?. You are the best, so I think you can totally do it. No pressure. Hahaha.

  3. Food tour here!
    If you ever come to Colorado for sushi. You gotta get it at sumo sushi.
    You can get a whole set for $8. That’s super cheap here and it’s the best sushi I have ever had!!
    Love the videos!!

  4. I watch quite a few YouTubers in Japan and this is the first time I have seen this place. What a hidden gem! Maybe they don’t want this place to get overcrowded. 🤷‍♀️

  5. THanks guys…it is 2.30 am and I need to go to bed but I want sushi. And where is the closest sushi place….like an hour drive away and is the place even open. Well of course not. But I will go to bed now and dream about sushi….

    1. You can talk in restaurants but it’s best to gauge how loud the other patrons are and type of restaurant your going to. I use to live in Japan and some places are just quiet and peaceful like that.

  6. Watching you guys eat makes me so happy! LOL The reactions are so cute! I’m definitely looking that up when I go back in April.

    Thank you guys! More food places videos please! 🖤

  7. Haeppy and Zander eating so slow. The look on Haeppy’s face. Taste better than sex look. I’m sorry, I’m scared of eating raw fish. Glad it was good for you.

  8. Please dip in soy sauce, or pour some drops of soy sauce to the sushi.
    Foreigners eat without soy sauce, but that is wrong.
    (Excluding sushi that has already been seasoned)

  9. I feel annoying commenting on every video but I’m literally going on vacation to Japan and Korea in less than a week and all these videos are like YES I MUST GO HERE so thank you guys again! lol

  10. Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper) is one of my favorites, and Anago (Sea Eel) can be divine. Shellfishes are also amazing and not something you can find often in the west.

  11. Woah you guys keep making me add new places to my list of places I need to visit ❤️ It’s been getting long haha I will definitely have to go one day. Same Xander, I think I’d have to work up my courage for some of the last ones 😂😂 they were all very visually appealing though. Also, I see you sneaked some slight “Japanese Lesson Time” in the beginning 👍🥰

  12. 방사능 천국에 가셨네. ㅋㅋ
    인천,김포 공항의 방사능 검색대 도입이 시급하다.
    기술 선진국 한국에서 방사능 검색대 하나 없다는게 말이 돼? ㅋㅋ

  13. the one thing i have learned while traveling is that if you’re polite it doesn’t matter much if you know the language or not, but it helps to try and learn for convenience for both you and the people around you

  14. In Noda Japan, there is a Sushi bar called, I Love Sushi. I lost my mind, over how good the Sushi was, some of the best I have ever had. Across the the KFC there’s a Sushi go round, the best sushi good round In Japan. So if you are in Noda Shin Japan, look them up, you won’t be disappointed. My first stop, everytime I arrived in Noda. Have a good time in Japan, Enjoy !!.

  15. omg someone actually got aburi engawa, there’s only 1 place I saw here within 100km radius, and then they didn’t even flame it right. Normal engawa is like chewy normal sushi, but with aburi engawa it really feels melting in your mouth.

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