MUST have Rice – Philippines

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  1. I normally buy Jasmine rice. When I went to the sari-sari store they had about five kinds of rice and I got the one labeled Jasmine. But.. it was ‘ok’, just no way it was the real thing. I think someone got the bags mixed up. ha!

  2. Yep.. two of them at the end of the driveway there, and another down the street. Some nice girls there though, very friendly. ūüôā

  3. Keep in touch, you can reach me on Facebook via a search for ‘Reekay’. If you’re in the Cebu/Bohol area perhaps we can meet up for some lunch.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines My ex has me hooked on Jamsmine rice. Usually Thai I believe. Very flavorful, nutty, not real healthy though from what I hear. (Probably should get back to potatoes) But half of the food I cook these days is some kind of filipino dish. My pork sinigang is awesome and my chicken adoda too! haha

    2. There is (generally speaking) white rice, red rice and pink rice.  Red and Pink rice have varying amounts of the husk, which is a very good source of fiber, but is a bit chewier.  Myself, I prefer the pink or red rice over the white.

    3. There is they white rice, red rice and pink rice.  Red and Pink rice have varying amounts of the husk, which is a very good source of fiber, but is a bit chewier.  Myself, I prefer the pink or red rice over the white.

  4. WoW!¬† It rains it pours in my Islands.. We use to play in the rains when we were kids It’s exciting for us everytime it rains.. Too bad you didn’t¬†make it to the first store to get¬†rice for dinner..It’ comes in handy when you have friendly nighboors you can always borrow a kilo of rice.. Do some more videos of my Island thanks..Brings back lotsa memories..

  5. How convenient. A couple cat houses just steps away from your apartment. I guess, if you felt like a little girlie action one night if you’re alone, just go over and try to hustle up a girl LOL¬† Just go to a restaurant and get cooked rice

    1. Yep.. funny thing is that while I checked out some girly-bars over in Cebu, I never did see the inside of the two near my house. ¬†I kept thinking, “tomorrow..” ¬†Next thing I knew I was moving to Bohol. ¬† ha!

  6. They’re living it up at the Hotel California, such a lovely place, what a lovely face.
    They’re living it up at the hotel California, what a nice surprise for your alibis.
    Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice, and she says “We are all just prisoners here of our own demise, …..

  7. Why would any one live in a country where getting a bag of rice is like climbing mount Everest. When I need rice, even on a stormy night, I get in my car, drive to Walmart (open 24 hours) and get what ever I need.

    1. +ROB NAVAEI Henry chose a bad time to go buy rice. I’m sure they gave a weather report that a typhoon was coming. He should have stock up on food stuff. Also he went to the mall where there is a shop. Maybe it’s cheaper in there. I’m sure during good weather he could have bought that rice near his hotel without having to travel far.

    2. It has nothing to do with being snobbish but peple seek convenience. I like the fact that things that I need are easily available, but at the same time there are, I am sure things in Philippines that we do not have here in the US for example, while American women are getting wider and wider, the Philippino women look so perfect and I was trying to get Reeky to admit to a reason as such for living in Philippines .

    3. because in the philippines people are not as snobbish as you are(or seem to be), so it’s worth taking a trycicle,or walk under the rain rather than hearing the usual “america has it all” . even in the Usa you cannot avoid twisters, rain and earthquakes……

  8. At fast food restaurants, Filipinos don’t clear their tables and deposit their trash in the trash can like people, Filipinos included, do¬†here in America.

    1. +iliketheodds I think that behavior is common in Asia. When I was in Hong Kong I cleared my table. A Chinese friend there told me it is not a good idea to clear my table. She said the people who work there might get angry at me. That took me by surprise. Then she said the reason they did not get angry was because they see I’m a foreigner. In the Philippines I used to clear my table because it’s automatic for me so I had to try hard to not do it.

    2. @iliketheodds here there is an abundance of labor.¬† here, you don’t/can’t pump your own gas, an attendant does it.¬† you ‘can’ clear your table if you want, but people are hired and waiting for something to do, ready to clear the table so, that’s why most people just leave it.

  9. So Henry went out in the pouring rain during a typhoon to buy rice? A typhoon is similar to a hurricane. Once you get the weather report and you know it’s coming best to stock up on food items including water and canned goods.

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