Municipality of Medellin, Cebu, Philippines
Municipality of Medellin, Cebu, Philippines


Medellin is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. It is bounded on the west by Tañon Strait, on the east by Camotes Sea and on the south by Bogo.

How to Get There

Medellin can be reached by buses of V-Hires (vans) from the Cebu North Terminal in Cebu City. Travel time is about 3 hours.

Municipality of Medellin, Cebu, Philippines
Municipality of Medellin, Cebu, Philippines


Sometime in December 1881 by virtue of a Royal Decree of Queen Isabel of Spain, the barrios of Kawit, Buanavista and Tindog were seperated from its mother municipality of Daanbantayan and the town of Medellin was created. It was named after a place in Columbia of South America called Medellin due to the similarity in the topograpgical features of both places.

BoMedCo Sugar Mill, Medellin, Cebu
BoMedCo Sugar Mill, Medellin, Cebu


Terrain:  Generally flat terrain which makes Medellin suitable for agriculture, 85% of the total land area is planted with sugarcane

Caves: Amigo Poy Cave is believed to have healing powers and Caidiocan Cave has bats.
Beaches: Fine white sand with cool sea water Sitio Pasil, Gibitngil – shoreline regularly changes depending on the wind direction

Sunsets: Romantic and golden sunsets in Brgys. Kawit, Mahawak, Gibitngil and Daanbantayan Flora: Vintage acacia trees more than 100 years old in Kawit, Curva, Tindog and Luy-a, also thick mangrove forest in Brgys. Poblacion, Tindog, Caputatan Sur, Luy-a and Lamintak Norte

Fauna:  Presence of Tuwabong (Chinese egret) in poblacion swamp, various fish species for eating, and various ornamental fish species for export

Rocks and minerals: Rich limestone deposits in Brgy. Antipolo, Maharuhay and Dalingding Sur

Underwater:   Beautiful and colorful corals in Gibitngil Island ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving

Mercedes Golf Course, Dayhagon, Medellin, Cebu
Mercedes Golf Course, Dayhagon, Medellin, Cebu


Church Relics of first Catholic Church in Brgy. Daanlungsod
Old bell tower of Poblacion Church constructed in 1956-1963

Government Buildings: Municipal Hall constructed in 1960’s and Renovated gavaldon buildings in the town center and Dayhagon

Schools:  Medellin Science and Technology school, St. Paul School of Medellin, Medellin Central School, Kawit National High School, Kawit Elementary School, Tindog Elementary School plus most barangays have their own schools

University:  Cebu Normal University, Medellin campus

Market Places: Medellin Public Market, Curva Public Market, Kawit Public Market.
Plaza: Medellin Rizal Park (1960’s) and Medellin Public Plaza
Cemeteries: Daanlungsod Cemetery, Kawit Cemetery, Bakyad Cemetery Cave with vintage bones and other artifacts also in Sitio Baybay a Japanese burial ground.

Airfield: Sitio Landing Air Strip – used as landing site during the World War II

Bridge: Dayhagon bridge – connects Daanbantayan & Medellin to mainland Cebu

Houses: Tumulak House – used as the first school of Medellin. Quijano ancestral house, Mangubat ancestral house and Salimbangon ancestral house all in the town center and the
Gimenez ancestral house in Tindog

Bitngil Island, Medellin, Cebu, Philippines
Bitngil Island, Medellin, Cebu, Philippines


Festival:  Sinulog Mardi Gras in bonor of Sr. Sto. Niño
Dance: Pastores sa Belen in Brgy. Kawit
Local Technology:Intosan- a sugar making machine which converts sugarcane into brown sugar locally called maskobado

Local Sports: Bato lata – children use an empty in can and slippers for the game. Syatong – played by two or more kids with the use of one long and a short stick. Luthang – a bamboo gun which uses wet paper as bullet. Ungo-ungo – Local hide and seek Buwan-buwan uses water as a marking on the road to delineate the boundaries for the game. Kasing – a top game. Piko – played with the use of a round stone and kicked within blocks.  Lantaka – played during christmas season which uses bamboo pole for making a form of cannon.

Beliefs: During wakes, the following are prohibited:
taking a bath in the house of the dead, cleaning using a broom.
During burial, bringing of food and other stuff from the cemetery is banned. Burial route should not lead back to the house. Taking flowers from the religious carousel provides healing powers and luck. Jumping over flames and smoke drives away evil spirits especially after burial.

Rituals:  Offering biko, puto maya and other food and drink to the departed ones during All Saints Day. Dancing Sinulog for the loved ones.

Culinary Arts:  Kiseo making in Panugnawan – uses carabao milk to make a kiseo. Bukhayo – a mixture of coconut and brown sugar. Balikutsa or Tira-tira made of brown sugar.

Healing Arts:  Tambalan – a local person who heals people. Miriko – a witch doctor who drives evil spirits away.

Fish Ponds, Medellin, Cebu, Philippines
Fish Ponds, Medellin, Cebu, Philippines


Musical Instruments: Various wind instruments used during the early 60s by the municipal band composed of government employees. Equipment: Intosan – a local sugar making machine which is composed of a large wooden grinder driven by a carabao.

Furniture:  A long table and cabinets made of hard wood in the Tumulak ancestral house.

Religious Items:
 Various religious items of Sto. Nino, Mother Mary, St Joseph, Baby Jesus. Jesus carrying the Cross, Pietta.

Weaponry:  World War two tank cannon displayed in BOMEDCO park.

Transportation: Vintage locomotive train and cane cart displayed in the town center and barangay Luy-a.
Work Implements: Lagting sa tapas – a tool used for the manual harvesting of sugarcane which is grouped into bundles and then carried to the truck or train.  Sanggot, kaw-it and sugong – tools used for coconut with (tuba). Sud-sod – a fishing gear used for catching shallow water fish.


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