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  1. Sorry for Muni and the rest of the family. After mourning take a long look at your reasons for running a feral puppy mill. Protect Maricel and Charlie.
    Again sorry for your loss😒

  2. 😒this is why I don’t have pets no more. They become close friends and family. I just can’t bare the loss of any thing that shows love with out judgement 😒

  3. I feel bad for Muni and you Brian; but i’m not surprised. I watched before when the dogs were playing with her. From my knowledge when a dog is wagging it’s tail playing it’s not playing to a dog he is hunting ready for a kill, dogs don’t wag their tails when playing as many people believe. They say oh he is happy he is wagging their tail 100% wrong, tail wag is ready for the hunt 100% or they wag for submission to the other. Not hard to tell just watch their facial expressions when they are in that state. This is also a lot stronger hen you have pact act like you have there, you have many dogs and they run the pact because they are dogs, you are top dog to them when you are there, if your not there you are 0 top dog because you are not there dog don’t think about the future they react at the moment. still love the vids lol lol

  4. You must have the patience of a saint to put up with them untrained dogs. They must cost you a fortune in the damage they do. I enjoy your site except for the dogs under everyones feet. Learning from your incubator vlogs, very interesting.

  5. Sorry to hear about your kitten Brian and marciel but you guys gave her a lot of love in her short life and she gave you a lot of happiness that is all any of us can hope for in the short time we have here love and happiness for bless you my friends

  6. Sorry Brian but too many dogs that aren’t working dogs… the “pack” deems it fine to kill, be it chickens or whatever. Feel bad maybe but they have to go. 1 or 2 is fine.. but a farm can’t have that.

  7. I am a cat lover, and Muni’s loss really broke my heart, So sorry you lost her, You did your best for her, She will never be forgotten….

  8. That’s sad Brian, yeah maybe you should have introduced the cat to all your dogs, let all of them sniff her so that they can have a idea that she’s part of the family. But it’s hard to raise one kitten with all dogs. Condolences to your lost Brian. May she rest in peace. In heaven now

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