MR2 Photoshoot in Bangkok

#MR2 #JDM #Bangkok
I spent my Sunday hanging out with car friends here in Bangkok, cruising and taking photos and I decided to take you ricers with me =P

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  1. I’m keen to see more Euro builds man. Haven’t seen almost any old E30’s or old C-Class AMG’s in your videos. Is it really hard to get euro cars over there due to import tax? Watching from NZ

  2. Nice vid! He is right. The Golden Triangle Motorbike tour 5 part series he did, is excellent content! I watched it twice! The island adventure series great also. HIGHLY recommend people watch it. A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.✌

  3. All you CAR GUYS are missing out on some AWESOME content from this Channel. Subscribe and go to channel, tap in videos, and in order you can see all Chads stuff. There is EPIC CONTENT on the car scene, drag racing, car shows with hot car girls etc. I came here via the condo cost tour and now I’m addicted to all his content. Best you tube channel out. You guys check out his older content. YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

  4. That Blue-Crazy-Wing-Wild-Looking-see-through-hood Honda is a 5th Generation Honda City mostly available in Asian Countries around 2009 – 2013.
    Comes in two variant, the Stock Motor horsepower for a 1.3L is around 98ps and for 1.5L at 120ps. 🙏😹

  5. You can’t go wrong with te37’s, they’re lightweight, strong, and gorgeous. Still I’m surprised we’re not seeing more Cosmis seeing they’re decent Thai brand. The volks must be at least twice the cost. Beauty MR2 thanks CB!

  6. Cool video, MR2s are rare in the UK now. The bar looked good. Sound advice about staying near a BTS/MRT station. So far over the last 9 years I’ve stayed near On Nut and Sena Nikhom BTS stations, Lat Phrao, Suttisan, Huay Kwang and Rama9 MRT stations, yeah I move around alot 555

  7. Ha! I wondered why you were so much in my neighborhood, realized you moved there from sukhumvit! I’m guessing soi 7 or 9. I’m on soi 14.
    Anyway lovely place to live…

  8. If you’re looking for some unique builds, I have a homie in Nonthaburi who has a 3SGTE swapped Camry, 5 speed, and if I remember correctly roughly 400 or so bhp with a half cage.

  9. I really almost shed a tear looking at the exterior of the closed Up Garage spot in your video. Guess the establishment could not sustain itself there in the Kingdom

  10. The MR2 ride alone was worth the price of admission for this video. 🙂 That Dope Honda Civic didn’t look like any rusted out Civic I seen driving around our urban areas. I like how you get in serious Photag mode and get those upskirt car porn pictures. We needed this eye candy of serious DOPE cars to survive another day of Lockdown in the 618! Represent!!!

  11. I know I already commented but I think the golden triangle tour was some of the most exciting videos you made. Not saying your other videos are bad but I was literally waiting to see what happened next with that tour. Just throwing tart out there.

  12. Hey I did my wrap at GT Premium Wrap! They do a pretty good work. Actually it’s faster to drive there than to take the train. There usually isn’t much terrible jam in these car workshop locations.

  13. In the last part of the video when you were filming the car along the highway, you could see that skipping of the front end that you were explaining earlier.

  14. Who could NOT like this VDO?
    Very cool subject and implementation !
    You were even near “my” part of town: KU (KU = Kasetsart University) !!

    Whatever the case, another nifty VDO!!
    Thanks for sharing with those of us unlucky enough to be stuck away from our Thai wives in Texas.

  15. Is it just me or does that kit make the mr2 (front end) look like a 80’s 300zx had a baby with a 90’s 300zx? Maybe just a second gen rx7?… In any case way more bad ass then any mr2 I’ve ever seen

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that yellow EK is a true Type-R coz it has 4 lug nuts. Type-Rs have 5 lugs. Cheers. 😊🙏🏻

  17. Everybody loves thunderstorms well maybe some of those house pets don’t but I hear there’s one coming your way may be a good story idea.

  18. ถึงจะโง่ฟังไม่รู้เรื่องก็เถอะนะชอบตรงไปถ่ายอู่ที่คนไทยไม่ค่อยไปถ่ายกันได้เห็นรถสวยๆที่ไม่ค่อยดัง

  19. Real nice to see you bring out the thai scene to west audience. I think it deserve more recognition out west. Can you make more video covering real south east asian car? Such as honda jazz, brio, and city like the teal one in the video. It would be great to know better the “local” car that they play with, i know it’s crazy out there. Keep it up my man, watching you here from Jakarta 💪🏽

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