Moving Chicks And Checking On The Azolla Pits

How to farm for profit in the Philippines, business ideas. General advice about farming and business, how to get permit’s and licenses. Life style expectations and experiences.


  1. Well I’m glad the chicken has made a comeback, hopefully the fostering goes as well.i also like the brooder shed an the chicken palace that was bigger then needed .it’s all gonna work out

  2. Awe, too bad about the little chickadee .. but you’re right Brian, you do all that you can but sometimes it’s out of your hands. Tried your best.

  3. Nice walk tour.
    Good point with the boards to keep dry.
    Def warp in the humidity quickly if not already?
    Little chickee is with its maker – you did an exemplary care.

  4. I’m so glad to see U back running ruffshod over the chicken operation I always thought there was alil money to be made there n I think it might happen if the world wakes up from this so-called pandemic My grandpa used to say if crap was worth something poor people would’ve been born with no butts!!😀 n I think that’s true of the common man!! Keep after it Brian U really getting a nice system going n sooner or later the workers will all be on the same page with U!!✌

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