Move Update & Prices of New Furnishings Cebu City Philippines

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Move Update & Prices of New Furnishings Cebu City Philippines

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  1. I think I read somewhere that the grassy field in front of your balcony will be developed later but it sure would be nice if they turn it into a park instead. Your new place is looking nice Chris but I don’t remember seeing the hoses in other people’s videos who had AC inverters installed.

  2. That place will be a lot better than where you were Chris, quiet and more private i should think? Congrats Chris and family, enjoy your new home. Bob and Lina. NZ.

  3. Hello again Chris and family in Cebu
    Congratulations. I wish the BEST of luck to you and to your lovely family for your new and beautiful home!
    May every day of your life there be happier than the one before. Best regards/Ned

  4. Cool place Chris. It will be interesting seeing how they develop that green forest outside your window. How do you cook Chris ? How does the complex get their water. Is it already piped in or do they get it delivered in tankers?

  5. Awesome video, Chris. I wish all that beautiful green vegetation stayed that way. No development to ruin the beauty. Love those big windows.

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