Mountains are Calling – Isaan Thailand Motorbike Tour Episode 6

#Isaan #KhonKaen #Thailand
There are mountains in Isaan Thailand? Lets go!

REUPLOAD – Sorry for audio issues, new laptop, new version of Adobe Premier *facepalm*

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  1. I started to watch the video, all of a sudden it seems it wasnt in sync , sound was coming 2 miles behind the scooter lol Good to have it back, cheers mate.

  2. DAMN….that truck was insanely overweight. Looked like a lumber truck in GA sneaking down a 2 lane road dodging a weigh station 🤔 And, Baby huey gets out of another pickle. You know you were sweating that upcoming forfeiture of wallet paper to the cops!!😂 That’s a good sign Chad. The tough beginning of this trip, is changing in your favor. I got my CB MEDIA brand theater popcorn ready😎🍿🍺

  3. YEEEEEE HAW! I love mountains, 1 section you was showing reminded me of a section in West VA, even my wife said it looked similar, but anxious to see what the mountains look like there. & on your pit stop, TMI! TMI! TMI! but any Biker that has rode enough in hot summer has had to get off his bike to readjust. lol

  4. Most Thai cops don’t speak English well, and therefore don’t want to deal with farangs. Unless you are balls to the wall breaking the law, they will look the other way most times.

  5. Glad you were able to get a satisfactory laptop. Glad you are continuing on! Wow, that scenery is fantastic! You always go the extra mile for your viewers. I appreciate it and I’m certain everyone else does! Looking forward to tomorrow,

  6. Hey millennial, maybe you can be less vulgar with your expressions and if you really need to talk about the size of your testicles you can instead refer to them as your private parts.
    You never know who is watching your videos, there is a rumor many females are attracted to you.
    Can’t blame you its the times you were born that produce
    People with no class.
    I am not mad just trying to give you some useful advice for your future as a famous
    Media personality.

  7. just want to stop by to say drive safe i agree with you Thailand road is notorious for being dangerous definitely stay far distance from those trucks. those Thai cops are nice he didn’t expat you and try to extort you they’re some people farangs give Thais a bad reputation for trying to accuse that Thai people like to take advantage for foreigner this video was testimony.

  8. You’re laptop was hacked and virused!!! It happens all the time in Isaan….. Small private hotels have agreements with local hackers!! Happend to me and i’m an IT professional, wipe it!!! forget brands, it’s spec that matters

  9. Mate I am really enjoying your Videos . My Fiancee lives in Khao koh and I am stuck in Australia. Keep up the great Work, Grad you got your Lap top sorted Check out the Wat on the Mountain in Khaem Son amazing Cheers

  10. Wicked video brother!!!!!! Have you ever considered renting an enduro type ride? Perhaps it’s not available but judging by your last bike trip it would likely give you the added suspension and traction.
    Thanks as always lad and Prost from Canada!

  11. Hey Chad, you should check out Fortune Town in Ratchada, you can travel here by MRT station. There’s many Laptop with competitive price.

  12. I can’t think of too many YouTubers who are out there making great content. I’m simply can’t watch people going shopping, filming a city with everyone wearing masks, and what they eat. Keep out of Bangkok and stick to the rural areas. Cheers. 👍🏻

  13. New to your channel, ty ty TY for your content brother. I visited Thailand decades ago and have been itching to get back. Your videos have magnified said itch. I can’t wait for these travel bans to be lifted. I think I’ve watched 30 of your videos this week! Regards from Minnesota!

  14. I am not mad I just think like the province is Isaan and the towns are isan or something just a question since you are there. Thanks for the videos:)

  15. GAPPED! Should have kicked in the Naaaawwwzzzzz
    I’m also surprised how lush it is. I always heard barren desert. Looks very much like Northern Thailand.
    Now upload the next video! 😛

  16. Lucky no police shakedown. I pulled over twice in Hua Hin recently – Police were checking for International Drivers License – first time I didn’t have it with me (it’s Huge and doesn’t fit in your pocket) the second time I had it with me. The Police were really nice!

  17. Never compromise, I think you’ll appreciate having a slightly bigger screen and more ram in the future. You should buy a very cheap one that can handle the bare minimum for editing while you’re on your trip right now and then once you go back to Bangkok, buy a spec’d out one.

  18. Rent 400cc large small bike for the trucks and such…or you might have to buy one like the Royal Enfield Himalayan… cheap Indian bike…think they have a new factory in Thailand so no import fees 👍

  19. I gotta ask, what kind of scooter rental did you get?
    Nice vlog dude, i been to Thailand many times but just night life and golf..
    I wanna start doing things like this, I always enjoyed long rides but what your doing is awesome.
    Ps: don’t get too close to the elephants. Lol enjoy bro

  20. The worst thing about driving along those Isaan highways are those trucks, especially the sugar cane trucks. When it was fully loaded it totally obscured the view, which made overtaking them more challenging, which meant spending more time tailing at snail speed. Good thing you were on a bike.

  21. You can max that Lenovo ideapad out to 20GB of ram total. Sadly it has 4GB soldered onto the board and 1 slot which takes a max of a 16GB sodimm module. I would max it out if I were you.

  22. An extremely free pass from the cop who stopped you dodged an ” on the spot fine” right there.
    A little bit to much information about the ” wedding tackle ” but only on a motorbike…😀

  23. You really do edit a lot out of your vids, went passed our place and didn’t stop for a beer and to rest up you oversized balls ha ha

  24. There is a way cool bat cave about 3 hours north or maybe northwest of Khon Kaen. Ask around and see if you can find directions. My hotel concierge knew about it. At sunset every day millions and millions of bats fly out looking for dinner. That area is flat, flat, flat, and then a huge ridgeline stretching off to the horizon where the cave is located. Highly recommended.

  25. Great report and you talk so enthusiastly fluent during your trip experience.

    Reminds me of my travel trips across north-east (isan) and north Thailand.
    Have travelled there about 30.000km during 10 years many visits.
    However did only with rental pickup car to feel safer as with motorcy travel.

    Also stayed many weeks at local isan farm, doing nothing than see rice grow and drink thai wiskey (beer was luxury).

    I suggest jouney city NongKhai to east along Mekong river is a very nice scenery.

    Be careful on the road by motorcy

  26. Lush is a perfect word to describe many parts of Isaan.Very fertile land with golden sunshine and beautiful trees.There is also a strong community culture unlike the West where more emphasis is placed on the individual. Another great video capturing some of the sights and the spirit of the place.Keep it up!

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