Most Of The Moringa Seeds Are Up

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  1. Hi again Brian. Glad to see you’re leaving the rice hull compost on top.
    Another suggestion I’d like to make is that you frame your beds with bamboo, at least one deep. (Would obviously be better if it were 2 high. You can split the bamboo pole in half. This way your compost won’t wash away and you can control the depth of compost in your bed. You can also put a thinner layer of compost in the walkways as this will not only condition the soil and lessen compaction, it will retain moisture and also stop you from having to walk in mud.😁
    Hope this is of some help.

  2. One thing that I’ve learned from your channel it’s good to diversify, Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!!! speaking of which I’ve heard tell that Peruvian Gamefowl chicks are selling for $2,500 pesos each in the Philippines

  3. Rice hulls must be combine with the soil if you will just dumped it above the soil of when it rains it will be washed away…so combine it with the soil..

  4. Hi Brian, was wondering about aeration in your veggie plot.
    Have never seen an old fashioned garden fork over here in the stores/ markets in the Philippines. For spiking the ground at least 6 to 9 inches deep
    But would be good for aeration for the roots, the soil, must be very compacted. ?
    Have seen them on Lazarda

    Might be a good investment, ?
    Would also say, regarding your ‘ run off problems, you might consider using banana trees cut lengthwise, lain across the contour, they last a couple of months!,
    Would allow water, time to soak in ect.

  5. As bad as the soil is I think you need to go on a 2 or 3 year soil rebuilding program. Some active mulch piles worm farming etc then maybe some above ground grow boxes for peppers and other table needs. Its going to take a plan.

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